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Relation of Productivity with Income Earned

How productivity is directly proportional to income earned?

Increased productivity gives a direction to successful start-ups!

Productivity doesn’t just boost your skill and talent, if you move on a right path it can also raise your income. The main problem is universal system make it out of line. Productivity is what you have capability to do it in more efficient manner and faster. But that approach just open up the areas we are already in. At times, our productivity gains leave us frustrated, discouraged and crushed, instead of getting us ahead.

Relation of Productivity with Income Earned

Doing things over and above does not fall in ‘True productivity’ but making it correct and right comes under the definition of productivity.

How Fake work can hamper your business?

Plotting your mind in identifying and investing a time which gives productive result to your business. But, sadly with producing income a business has bit to do. Infact, sometimes what happens is-

Work, the people do doesn’t achieve any outcome and even most of the work employees do becomes of no use and fails to succeed the organization strategies.

Just imagine! Half of the routine work, organized meetings, and draft documentation fail to achieve the results and drive revenue for your business.

The problem we find out is identifying unproductive work or activities on which we devote our time and completes faster but doesn’t even give results. So, advice is to focus on the producing activities, contribute there and put your efforts for making your organization successful.

Three moves where productivity step-up income

Whether you work for your own or for Multi-National companies, there are three mantras to be kept in mind and to follow of improved productivity which breakthrough the income for a great stroke.

  1. Adding Value- Mostly, workers put their 100% efficiency and hard work but don’t even know that whether it has any impact on business or not. So, on a bigger picture note it is to be kept in mind that focussing on high-achievers which have a real value can help you and your business to reach their goals.
  2. Generating revenue- Whether it is about launching new products, making more sales or satisfying the client, Income producing activities help you to generate more revenue to your business, if you can identify where to focus properly. Also, it increases the chances of bonus income, larger commissions, performance appraisal and higher receivables.
  3. Saving time- Unproductive work might takes time but the right work saves it. Cutting the busy time schedule and low return activity you can devote and invest your hours in high return and producing tasks even logical based work which saves time for rest and recharge.


Productive Impact is directly equated to income achieved based on the above three strokes, if utilized. Boosting your income welcome an opportunity to invest in the lives of others in the form of charity for needy people, new jobs, new products and services. So, in all do your work ethically with moral standards which ultimately provides opportunity to others to help them. Maximize income for greater productivity.

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