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GeM Portal

GeM Portal

GeM portal (Government e-Marketplace) is an online portal launched by the government through which Government–it issues tenders for various day to day needs of different government organizations, public sector undertaking and departments. The main aim of introducing GeM portal is to enhance transparency, efficiency speed in public procurement as well as employment. By registering through this portal, the seller as well as buyer can buy or sell their products to the government.

What is GeM portal?

The Government e-Marketplace (GeM) is a government e-commerce portal. It acts as a one stop shop to facilitate and enable easy online procurement of the consumer goods & services that are needed by various government sectors. The main objective of the GeM is to ensure transparency, effectiveness and promptness in the procurement of supplies.

GeM is a portal where the buyers and sellers can register their products either through direct purchase or auction. The department contacts the registered person and gives them the bulk order. Through this process government has extended their hand towards the vendors who wants to do business with government to meet up the different needs of government at the lowest price.

What is GeM portal

Through this portal the buyer can search, compare and then select the one. He can use filters by adding the specifications, quantities and other details of the required product. The sellers can list their products according to the requirement of the government. The prices can be changed according to the changing needs and conditions of the market. Seller can keep a check on the supplies, payments as well as availability of the products. The sellers can also do bidding regarding the products through this portal.

GeM removes human interference in seller registration process, payment process and posting of order. Being an open platform, GeM offers no entry barriers to bonafide suppliers who wish to do business with them. At each phase, sms and e-mail notifications are directed to both buyers, his association’s head, paying authorities along with sellers.

GeM is a completely secure platform and all the documents on GeM are e-signed at various stages by the buyers and sellers. The details of the suppliers are verified online that helps to strengthen due diligence about the reliability of suppliers who wanting to do business on GeM.

 Why opt GeM registration

Why opt for GeM registration?

GEM registration helps to authorize the manufacturer, small dealers and service providers to enter the wide and interactive online platform, where they can directly sell their products & services to various buyers from the government departments, organizations and PSUs. It enables the authorised governments to buy the goods and services directly from the private traders and manufacturers instantly and hassle-free.

How GeM is different from GeM startup runway?

GeM is different from GeM startup runway

Government e-Marketplace (GeM) is an online procurement platform for government ministries and departments, and the most widely used channel for public procurement. Small medium enterprise, startups accepted with DPIIT and other private companies is eligible to register on GeM portal as sellers and sell the listed products and services directly to government department.

On the other hand, GeM startup runway is a new initiative launched by GeM to allow startups to reach out to the universe of government buyers by offering innovative products that are unique in process. Recognized startups can outlook the GeM startup runway on their GeM dashboard, where they may blowout awareness about the goods in which they deal by completing a form that describes their product as well as intended buyers (ministers of government department). The “GeM startup runway” is a unique concept initiated by government e-Marketplace in partnership with startup india, to promote entrepreneurship through innovation.

Benefits for DPIIT recognized startups on GeM

  • Requirement exemptions: Startups are exempted from tough principles of selection such as requirement of previous experience, prior turnover etc.
  • Pilot projects: The chance to work on trial orders with the government, making them more likely to take chances on a new product.
  • Feedback device: Buyers can rate the listed product or service on portal.
  • Flexibility: It provides flexibility on choice of products that must be innovative for the publishing on the platform.


For Buyers
  • Good catalogue of products.
  • It helps buyer to explore, compare and then select the product.
  • To buy products online anytime.
  • Makes transparent and comfort of purchasing.
  • Customer friendly dashboard for purchasing and observing supplies and payments.
For Sellers
  • Helps to direct reach out to all government divisions.
  • It provides a shop for advertising with minimal efforts and auction on products or services.
  • It helps to change the process as per the market conditions.
  • Seller friendly dashboard for selling and monitoring of supplies and payments.
  • Provide identical procedures of buying.

Documents Required For GeM Registration

  • Details of main business
  • Registration proof of business, certificate of incorporation, GST certificate or MSME certificate
  • Pan card, Aadhar card and other address proof of applicant
  • Nature of business and list of product and services to be sell at GEM portal
  • Mobile number & active email id

Procedure for GeM Registration

Manufactures or traders and service providers can register as follows:-

  • Process_1

    Create a GeM user id and password through the seller account at GeM official portal.

  • Process_2

    After creating login go to catalogue, then click on product and add new product, in add new product fill the following 5 details :-

    General information about the organization

    Quantities you are willing to sell and the price offered

    Specifications of the products

    Image of the products to be sold.

  • Process_3

    After filling all the above details the terms and conditions are to be accepted and the product will be submitted to the GEM portal. After this wait for the reply of the department regarding the listed product.

Procedure For Buyer Registration

Only authorised representatives of central government departments, state government department, public sector undertakings and autonomous bodies can purchase via portal. The directorate general of supplies and disposals has authorised officers of the rank of joint secretary and equivalent for purchasing through GeM. Further, authorised officers can further authorise other officers of their department to purchase on this portal. For a government officer to be registered as a buyer following details are required:

  • Aadhar number (mandatory)
  • Working mobile number & official email id
  • Authorisation of competent authority of their department

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  • Is it safe to sell or buy goods through this portal?

    GeM is a completely secure platform and all the information with documents on GeM is signed electronically at numerous phases by the buyers and sellers.

  • Is it beneficial for vendors to sell the products through this portal?

    It is very much beneficial for selling and buying goods through this portal without any mediator directly to government.

  • Is it profitable for small vendors to sale and purchase through this portal?

    As there could be chances that the prices offered and selected by the government department could be lesser than that of the market price, but think about the bulk quantities being ordered by the department.

  • Who can buy or purchase through GeM portal?

    All central government and state government ministries including its subordinate offices, central and state autonomous bodies, central and state public sector units etc. are the person who is eligible to attain the products through GeM portal.

  • Do GeM startup runway is required to have DPIIT recognition?

    Yes, only DPIIT recognized startups can register on GeM startup runway. However you can attend the workshop and apply to get assistance in recognition as a startup and registration on GeM.



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