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Introduction & Description

Customer relationship management (CRM) is an approach or know-how to maintain the company's relationships with existing clients and communications with potential customers so that the organization does not lose their customer at any cost. The goal of CRM software is simple i.e. to perk up business relationships. The customer relationship management system facilitates entities to stay attached to customers, rationalize processes, and develop productivity. Basically to define the customer relationship management (CRM) it is the set of principles, guidelines, rules and regulations which an organization is required to follow after implementation for the best results. This is software through which an organization makes smooth communications and interactions within or outside the organization. The positive approach of CRM is to streamline the process, enhance customer relationships, create work transparency, enhance customer service and by all these means increase sales and achieve profits.


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Why do we Need CRM?

In today’s time business organization must have website whether it’s a small business or big A customer relationship management is a successful tool for running the business smoothly. CRM offers few data mining techniques, data warehouses which help us out on segregation of important and wasteful data. The main aim and need of the data arises to create and maintain everlasting relation with the customers of any organization. Providing enhanced services to the client helps to build organizational value overall. Below mentioned key points here define why CRM is so important for any business.

To Provide Best Customer Services

With the help of CRM software an organization can provide better efficient services to their clients. Customers have the opportunity to convey and explain their requirements to the business units through various contact points.

To obtain high level of Customer Satisfaction

CRM software’s help businesses to maintain never-ending relationship with their client by delivering good quality services on time and on the other hand, customers also plays a greater role in maintaining their association with the organization.

Depletion in Customer Desertion Rate

CRM is mainly customer oriented software and emphasizes on tutoring, guiding and development of the employees and staff just to make them more consumer concerned with.

Market Offerings in a Customized way

Companies can customize their product or services depending upon the database available with them and can also modify their CRM portal accordingly to access quickly. It helps to earn high returns by generating sales to their loyal customers.

Key Features & Benefits

Wanting to give enhanced services to the clients? Then try customer relationship management in the organization which deals with each and every opportunity!

Dashboard & Reports

The main feature of CRM is that it produces all the required reports and adapt in the best possible manner. It helps to gather and analyze the customer data as per the company requirement and generates the report accordingly.

Data Protected and Confidential

Through CRM, client and other individual’s data can be stored confidentially and accessible at any time as this improves the ability of the organization to sell the products to the customers who necessitates it.

Increase Coordination among Employee

CRM reaps the benefits such as improving the coordination among the employees but one thing is to be considered is that the executives must have skill to use the CRM efficiently and properly to extract the benefits.

Cost Saving

CRM software becomes cost saving once implemented properly, though initially its time consuming but subsequently it procures major benefits of overall establishment.

Quality Management after Implementation

After the software is streamlined an organization focuses more on the healthier management and sales, high quality services, solving queries internally and externally without concentrating on the data and confidentiality.


We don’t close up a sale; we open a relationship with clients, we wish to build an enduring, booming venture

CRM Available in The Market

Listing the Customer Relationship Management Systems available in Market

There are lots of customer relationship management software’s available in the market. It comprises with numerous features such as compilation of data, generating sales, marketing management, client handling and many other additional features comes along with it. If an organization is having a good CRM then the company can manage the work more efficiently. Nonetheless the tricky question arises which CRM software is best for my own organization, so to help you out here are few CRM software’s available in the market,

Lead Squared

This type of software is a solution for every type of business of all the sizes. It performs the tasks such as managing the leads, sales, marketing, executives and clients. It captures all your data. Hence the best software available in the market.


Once installed it does not require any changes thereafter. Easy to learn and manage and provide best customer support. This is measured as the most excellent amongst all the customer relationship management software.

Zoho Zoho

software is extensively available if the organization mainly focuses on the client retention and satisfaction. Recording of the sales and customers data efficiently.


This is highly obtainable software solution in the market. No personnel needed for its implementation and it is highly adjustable and automated software.


This software main aim is focusing on the sale and generating leads. It is easily accessible on the handset also. It’s often straightforward to bring into play.

Services Offered by NeuSource

  • Wireframe Designing
  • CRM Development
  • Testing
  • Implementation Support for 3 Months
  • Plugins and APIs not Included
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  • Wireframe Designing
  • CRM Development
  • Testing
  • Implementation Support for 3 Months
  • Plugins and APIs not Included
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  • Wireframe Designing
  • CRM, Mobile App, Website Development
  • Testing
  • Implementation Support for 3 Months
  • Video Production, Content Writing, Graphics Designing, Plugins and APIs not Included
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Our Process of CRM Development

  • Research on your Business

    The first step of creating CRM software is to research over the business of customer. Exploring deeply on the business requirements so that the software tends out to be customer specific and helps you grow in every aspect.

  • Plan: Effective Strategies for Favorable Outcomes

    Subsequent to following the research, the next step is to plan how we can satisfy using such strategies and build up plan which ultimately contributes to the productivity and business success. Here we choose the correct CRM for your business which ultimately gives you satisfaction and memorable brand experience.

  • Creating Wireframe and Design

    After choosing right software we create wireframe as per the business suitability, we create tools of the software. CRM wireframe and designs may consists of tools such as leads generating, sales forecasting, automatically sending emails, marketing features etc. which are required for the development of software.

  • Analysis and Collect Plugin and API

    We analyze and create the software which involves API and plugin features as well.

  • Development and Implementing

    Developing and implementing the CRM can vary as per the business suitability and requirements. Our team implements the software into your business so that we can modify the things.

  • Testing

    Once all the necessary implementation is done we conduct an audit of workings, tools and to ensure all the necessary bases are being covered as software may create outbreaks even after implementation so we welcome you to take the appropriate time for testing the software and then give your confirmation to us.

  • Delivery

    Finally, after testing the software workings properly, we will be delivering all the necessary credentials and tools of software to you and creating memorable experience and being in touch with you by maintaining after sale service as well.

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  • What is CRM and how does it help the Organization?

    CRM is customer relationship management software focuses basically on the customer’s relation with the organization and vice versa. With the help of customer relation management portal, an organization can manage the sales properly and kept the accumulated data securely. The major benefit of the software is to rise above the competitive advantage prevailing in the market by weed out the wasteful data.

  • Is it Beneficial to Purchase the Software or Develop in-House?

    As per the suggestion one should always invest their brain before investing their money as this deliver a lot of unlimited benefits in long term because our brain has more potential rather than money. It is always advisable to build your own software first as per your requirement.

  • Does CRM system aids in finding more leads?

    The right CRM solution can provide you access to contact databases that may be filtered to search out your ideal prospects and decision makers within a corporation. An overall CRM solution helps companies to run, manage and track marketing campaigns, including communication, creation and delivery automation.

  • How do I know, my small business needs CRM?

    If you’re still undecided that small business would get pleasure from CRM or not, below are some clues that may facilitate you in decision making,

    After having the software you can work as a team which is now separated as this portal helps to make a team together.

    As sales term of organization is often in the field, still their work stages can be monitored.

    Easy availability of customer data for fast decision making.

    No need to maintain data in spreadsheets or notebooks, CRM will manage it all.

  • Is there any CRM software which can be used on trial basis?

    Obviously before purchasing any software everyone wants to try that how it runs or to know whether it will be appropriate for their business. So one must get a trial of 15-30 days of the software before purchasing it and there is always a trial version available for almost all the software.

  • How CRM software is used and how one can enter the data in the CRM?

    Initially and throughout the phase of using the CRM software, an organization has to input the data manually in excel sheets with templates and thereafter the data can be exported to or imported from the software. The software is for managing and storing the data and keeping the data confidential.


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