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Introduction & Description

A plug-in is a software module that adds a particular component to an existing computer program. In today’s era technology has developed advance so it’s become popular feature to add in a website. Thus, it is true to say that a plug-in is a group of functions that contained in one piece of software, and they can be added to a website, for example, in a word press or web browser. When a website supports plug-ins, then it is possible for users to customize the site.

API stands for the application programming interface which acts as a software mediator whose main purpose is to permit two applications to converse with each other. An Application Program Interface contains tools and protocols that make different components in a system interact. It is also used as a messenger that delivers clients request to the service provider and then provide a response back to the client. All the functions are independent of their respective implementations.


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Why do we need Plugin & API?

Now a day’s technology sector reaches to the height and they came with a lot of new features to make the work easy for corporate sector and its customer. When a businessman thinks to create the web presence of his business then the first things came into his mind that is website. It must be fully customized according to the business model. It must contain all the structures that support the long term relationship with the customer. Here some of the requirements of plug-in and API,

  • Easily implementation

    One can implement and incorporate application features very quickly.

  • Customization

    You can make custom variants of an application without source code alterations. Outsiders can build up extra highlights with no extra effort with respect to the first application designer.

  • Extensibility

    The application can be dynamically stretched to include new features into the application so that it can easily be interface with new sorts of software.

  • Clear development direction

    Plugin framework preferably delivers a very much characterized interface and documentation for plugin writers and it clears the roadmap of improvement.

Key Features & Benefits

Neusource serves you the user friendly website with numerous benefits.

Easily Coding

Programming interface codes are reusable as developers can code them easily. That is, they don't need to reexamine them each time they form another program.

Payment Enable

The integration of API, along with the other platform, is very much accessible, and checking the complete flow of payment is also very much comfortable.

Plug-in Easy to Use

They are particularly simple to utilize and especially agreeable to incorporate also. One doesn't require having broad information about it before utilizing it.

Beneficial for Modern Site

These are helpful for refreshed sites having present day viewpoint as the majority of the modules are made, and they are particularly expensive. While utilizing the API highlight, developers must require recognizing the API and the entirety of its modules.

Business Amicable

The overall process of API works as per the functionalities of the business. It is important that the right plug-in is added in otherwise it will lead to reduced website performance. By adding in the right plugins you can completely change its functionality.


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Types of Plugin & API

Plugin-Live Chat

It is considered the friendliest and one the best plug-ins as it offers live chat assistance on your word press website. It enables you to engage with the audience visiting your page. Live chat is an important plug-in to install on any website, especially those who offer online sales and customer support. Customers and site visitors can easily contact the company using live chat as a communication channel. This plug-in allows an organization to have direct contact with a customer that allows you to maintain loyalty to the services.

Whatsapp Chat Plugin

This is one of the stress-free ways to get in touch with your visitors. Having whatsapp chat widgets will allow you have non-stop chats with your visitors and help them to solve their queries. This becomes very easy and highly functional plug-in today. This plug-in links a whatsapp application with a company website. This is the best communication channel since it allows good interaction with customers.

Video Pal Plugin

Video pal is a plug-in that can help any business to have increased leads and maximize traffic on your website. It is a cloud-based solution that can run on any platform, including mobile devices. This plug-in creates a strong connection and good interaction with site visitors. Video pal gets visitors attention by providing cut-edge digital animation, dynamic text-to-speech technology and videos that create customers' attention. The most important benefit of this plug-in is that visitors can stay for long on the website.


This is highly obtainable software solution in the market. No personnel needed for its implementation and it is highly adjustable and automated software.

Search Engine Plugin

Search Engine Plug-in enables a customer or a visitor to access a search engine from a web browser without visiting the engine website. This plug-in contains a small text file with instructions containing what information and how the results are to be retrieved. Then the plug-in sends the text file to a search engine. There is plug-ins that provides search suggestions when the user is typing.

Gallery Plugin

A large number of websites use mail Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) plug-in in order to make email deliverability reliable. With the help of this plugin customer’s emails reach the intended person effectively without being altered by using authentication. This plug-in improves email deliverability by changing how a website sends an email. This means that when a website has a Mail plug-in, then the users will be able to send emails successfully even if the web host is blocking SMTP ports.

Slider Plugin

There are varieties of slider plugins available that helps you to create a new slider with which you can resize your images, choose a slider theme, drag and drop your images etc. Slider represents slideshow, which is usually added to a web page. The reason why slider plug-ins is popular in business websites is that website owners can place important information in an interactive slideshow and runs automatically.

Best SEO Plugins

There are many SEO Plug-in; however, not all can be considered the best for that matter. Here is some of the best SEO Plug-ins are,

  • Yoast SEO,
  • Google Search Console,
  • Google Keyword Planner,
  • All in One SEO pack,
  • SEO Press etc.



Due to the increase of web developers, there has been a huge demand for SMS APIs. An SMS API is an important tool that enables code to send short messages through an SMS gateway. In order for a business to remain competitive, one must adapt to new ways of selling products and services. Thus, integrating a business application or website with an API for sending SMS messages will help to reach thousands of potential customers using this platform. The following are functions of an SMS API:

  • Send and receive SMS
  • Allow messages to be reviewed in real-time
  • Access the recipient's response without authenticating the password.

Booking API

This is one of the stress-free ways to get in touch with your visitors. Having whatsapp chat widgets will allow you have non-stop chats with your visitors and help them to solve their queries. This becomes very easy and highly functional plug-in today. This plug-in links a whatsapp application with a company website. This is the best communication channel since it allows good interaction with customers.

Google API

Google application programming interface that links Google services to other services in a business. Examples of Google APIs include Search, Translate, Google Maps, and Gmail. The most important tool in business is integrating an embedded Google map in a business application or website using Static maps, Google Earth API, or Places API. This makes clients to easily locate business’s services or products easily.

Web - Hosting and E-mail

Web Hosting

Web hosting provides essential services that allow businesses to launch their website on the internet. Via the use of web hosting, a business website can be viewed by clients on the internet. Websites can be accessed by typing the business domain or address, and then computer will directly connect to the server and the business website will be delivered to them automatically.


A business e-mail should comprise of the actual business name in order to create a business communication. Business e-mail establishes relationships with business partners and customers. Today, many customers are sending business e-mails in order to inquire about information concerning the services offered. Business e-mails also act as a form of advertising since the business name is visible with every communication.

Our Process of Plugin and API Implementation

  • Research on your Business

    The first step of composing any blog is to understand your business model and accordingly choose the blog section that is more relevant to your business. In fact, there is nothing more important than to know about the relevant audience which took interest in business.

  • Plan: Effective Strategies for Favourable Outcomes

    After thorough research, the next step is to make a plan or effective strategies for blog that helps to reap the favorable outcomes for business.

  • Creative Design

    In this step we take your ideas for choosing a theme and creative just to perform accordingly. Here the special attention would be given on main head of blog so that an innovative theme can be produced.

  • Content Writing

    Content writing means to tell the visitors and readers what the blog is all about. Content will be precise and informative. Language must be easy and readable so that anyone can understand the reason behind the composing.

  • Testing

    Once the all process has been completed, now the testing process will be start. Here our team will provide some blog content for your website with the motive to create traffic on site. If the objective will be fulfilled then this process will continue till the business reached the height.

  • Delivery

    At last, after the client satisfaction, Neusource will deliver all the necessary blogs and content to you for their reference along with links so that they can also work on blog portal in future.

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Interaction within application through Plugin API addition.

  • What precisely an API is?

    Programming interface is known as Application Programming Interface, and it is the main medium which makes distinctive application to get associates alongside one another. The most prominent example of such API is Facebook, which frames the clients to communicate something specific and check new basic things from their cell phone too.

  • What does the API do?

    While you are utilizing your cell phone, at that point you might be utilizing any application on your telephone with the help of the internet. Then as per your request, that application sends another message to the server, which at that point makes all the important move and afterward sends back all the necessary data to the telephone. All of these happen along with the help of the API.

  • Whether utilizing an API is secure?

    While you are utilizing any of the mobile apps, at that point your telephone naturally gets associated alongside the server. While using the mobile app, at that point it needs to send data to the server according to the request of the client, and nowadays, the utilization of the API is totally secure and safe.

  • How does the plug-in work?

    A plugin is a bit of programming that goes about as an extra to an internet browser and gives the program usual effectiveness. Plug-in can permit an internet browser to show additional material it was not initially intended to show.

  • Describe the differentiation between API and plug-in?

    An API fundamentally characterizes how a segment collaborates with a framework, encouraging the correspondence between them. Whereas plugin is a software component that makes it conceivable to change a current PC program or stage, for example, adding new highlights to it.


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