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Relief for startups as tax on ESOPs deferred

For startups bring in great talent at a premium salary has always been a great challenge. Here’s the place where ESOPs come in to help startups obtaining the correct sort of talent, even if they can't afford the high salaries that corporates pay.



Union Budget 2020 - Amendments In Sections Related To Charitable/Religious Trust

The Union Budget, 2020 has introduced to make fair changes regarding provisions for granting exemptions to the charitable/ religious trusts, institutions, universities, educational institutions, hospitals, other medical institutions etc.



Nidhi Company Form are available for filing

Nidhi Company Form, NDH-1, NDH-2 And NDH-3 Form - Stakeholders are hereby informed that Nidhi Company related e-forms NDH-1, NDH-2 and NDH-3 shall have to be filed only as e-forms shortly, with effect from 11th February, 2020 onwards.