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When a person or business owners uses their creativity to create something new, that person or business owner is called the creator of that creation and has the right over the creator which cannot be used without his permission and if someone uses it without the permission of the creator or owner, then legal action can be taken on it, as it is illegal according to the copyright Act. When someone else's original work is used in an unauthorized way it is called Copyright Infringement.

And so if you or your company is using unauthorized work of someone else, without the consent of the Creator, then in that case you may have to pay Damages because in these cases the Creator can file a case against you with the help of Copyright Act. And in such a case you can be asked to pay monetary damages. Also orders can be given to stop your running business and order to return whatever other profits you may have earned.

Copyright is a category of Intellectual property rights. As the name itself suggests, the right to copy is copyright. In fact, on any intellectual property only the right of its creator is called copyright and copyright registration is the process in which you can secure your creation in a legal way. It covers all types of artistic, literary, dramatic works such as books, artworks, stories, software's etc. It gives the author or composer the right to distribute, publish the art of work created by him which shall be original in nature. It also signifies that the work created by him cannot be used, published or distributed without the prior approval of the author.

For e.g. If a person has written a book or composed a song, created a piece of artwork that person can apply to the concerned authority to get copyright protection. Since without copyright safeguard you won't be able to take legal action against the person who is using your privileges without consent. In today's digital era where most of the people just do copy paste, content can also be copied. So the author of the content can get that protection over it. If the copyright owner wants others to know that the content has copyright protection, then he can use this copyright logo [©].

Key Features & Benefits

Following are the key features of copyright:

Legal Protection

Yes the first and biggest advantage of getting copyright registration is that any creator gets legal protection for his creation that is, no one else can use that creation without his consent. Copyright law protects work which is creative in nature such as various types of literary, musical, dramatic and artistic works. (Writing of any book, novel, blogs, contents, composing music, cinematographic work etc.)

Prevention of Monetary losses

Whenever an original work is copied, the creator suffers monetary damages and copyright registration in this way gives the creator an opportunity to recover the losses. If any person uses the content or work of the owner without taking consent then that person will be penalised for such an offence. It includes sentence and a fine. Also civil and criminal remedies are available in case of any infringement.

Monetisation of Creation

If the creator have copyright registration, then legally it is an asset of the creator that is any author or creator can get the credit of his creation if his original work is used anywhere with his permission. One of the biggest advantages of copyright registration is that you can sell or distribute your right to other people in exchange of royalty and thereby get it monetised. The owner of registered copyright can give the piece of original work on lease or can licence it and get monetary benefits out of it.

Protection exists for a fix period of time

Copyright law protects the rights of the creator for his lifetime and up to a period of 60 years following his death. In case of cinematographic work, sound recordings, posthumous work, anonymous and pseudonymous publications, the protection will be provided for 60 years from the date of publication.

Type of a intellectual property

Intellectual property is a knowledgeable creation which includes trademark, copyright and patent. So Copyright is narrow in scope and Intellectual property is wider in scope. Just like trademark registration protects the brand of the owner in the same way copyright protection protects the work of the creator.

Builds Goodwill

This is true that branding plays a significant role in growing the work so; Copyright registration helps to build goodwill and creates sense of quality in the minds of your customer. It creates an impression that work is of unique and creative nature. It builds credibility. That it is cost and time effective.


From your misconceptions to our clarity! Burst your copyright myths here!

Some of the myths attached with copyright registration are as follows:

Process of Copyright in India

The registration of copyright can be done two ways either online or offline.

In offline method following steps are followed:

  • Fill up the copyright registration form.

  • Submit it along with prescribed fees to the copyright office.

  • The officer will examine the application and issue the Diary number.

  • After examination 30 days will be given to the third party to raise any objection.

  • In case no objection is raised then officer will grant the certificate.

  • If objection is raised then discrepancy letter will be issued, matter will go to the hearing office. Applicant has to attend the hearing to submit the additional documents and details.

  • Then after considering facts and evidences, registrar will accept or reject the application and issue the certificate of registration.

In online method following steps are followed:

  • First of all sign up and create account on Then go to new user registration

  • Then proceed to fill up copyright registration form by filling form, upload scanned signatures, fill up the particulars and make the payment.

  • After submission a dairy number will be generated through which status can be tracked.

  • The officer will examine the application, after examination 30 days will be given to the third party to raise any objection.

  • In case no objection is raised then officer will grant the certificate.

  • If objection is raised then discrepancy letter will be issued, matter will go to the hearing office. Applicant has to attend the hearing to submit the additional documents and details.

  • Then after considering facts and evidences, registrar will accept or reject the application and issue the certificate of registration.

We do it with MONEY BACK GUARANTEE For Copyright

We concern the matters relating to false guarantees and specifically address the same by providing the MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for the service. When an individual not absolutely pleased with the services for which he paid, he might standup the disappointment with a describing observation. We maintain with precaution and issue a refund or credit the charge card according to the internal refund policy.

Documents Required For Copyright

Documents are the soul of registration!

  • Identity proof and address proof of the creator along with Copy of signature and Photograph of the applicant
  • Three original copies of the work (Published, unpublished both)
  • Certificate of Incorporation, Memorandum and Articles of Association, PAN card of the business and Board resolution
  • Title, Class, language and description of work
  • Publication date and details
  • Signed power of attorney, if application is filed through legal personnel.

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Face less burden with Copyright


After knowing all this, you must have understood that how much copyright registration can be beneficial for your creative work, so if you also want to copyright a creation then keep in mind the things mentioned in this article. It can be concluded that only work which is original in nature can get copyright registration. Think before you copy you might end up infringing the rights of the owner which can get you into trouble. Every kind of work as listed in the law can be copyright easily and protect your business lifetime. Copyright is an asset to your business. Therefore grab a prospect and get it copyright. Now!

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  • If a creator has not monetized or register his creations, can his work be copied?

    No, It does not matter whether the creator has monetized his creations or not, or if the copyright has been registered, if the creator proves in a lawful manner that anyone has copied his creations then it becomes entitled for the owner to claim damages from that person.

  • Can copyright be sold?

    Yes, if the creator wishes he can sell the registered copyright, transfer the right of ownership and at the same time he can also franchise it i.e. transfer the right to use for the predefined period.

  • Does copyright registration required in every country just like Patent and trademark?

    No, India is a signatory member in the Berne Convention, which means that the copyright registered in India applies to every country which is associated with the Berne Convention.

  • What is the time limit to apply for remedy for infringement?

    The time period within which the owner can sue the person infringing his rights is for getting remedies of infringement is three years from the date of infringement. It means after 3 years right to sue and get remedy shall be lapsed.

  • What are the fees for copyright registration?

    The fees for copyright registration depend upon the type of work. It starts from Rs-500 and goes up to Rs-40,000. Fees for some of the works are clear underneath:

    To register the application of Copyright for Literary, Dramatic, Musical or Artistic work- Rs 500 per work

    To get a license for republishing a sound recording- Rs-10,000 per work.

    To get a license for performing any work in public- Rs 5000 per work

    To get a license for communicating an any work to the public by Broadcasting- Rs. 40,000/- per applicant

    To register the application of Copyright for a Cinematograph Film- Rs 5000 per work.

  • Can protection be taken if someone copies the work of creator during the copyright registration process?

    Yes, as soon as the applicant files a copyright application for their work, the protection can be claimed under the Copyright Act, that is, creator can take legal action if the work is copied even during the registration process.

  • Which digital products can get copyright protection?

    It may be noted that in today's digital era many businesses launches apps, websites, makes software's for their growth. So the websites, apps, software's can enjoy copyright protection so that nobody copies their content.


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