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Under Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana (PMMY), an arrangement launched by the Hon'ble Prime Minister on April 8, 2015 for specified the advances upto 10 lakh to the small business having non-corporate structure and transact in non-farming activity. Mudra stands for Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency Limited, which is an NBFC, which is associated for the improvement of micro initiative division in the country, It also aims at refinancing support to banks for advancing to small units to ensure loan necessity.

Approach of Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana

In this segment, minimum 60% of funding would flow to initiatives. Partner mediators of mudra panel have to challenge to follow the following outline:
  • Primary businesspersons, youth entrepreneurs aged up to 30 years and women industrialists shall be cheered and special schemes shall be planned for such entrepreneurs.
  • Highlighting shall be on cash flow based advancing and not security based lending. Collateral securities, etc. shall be evaded.
  • Recompense responsibilities shall be stretchy and framed according to the business cash flows of the entrepreneur.


Mudra loan

The Mudra loan is distributed under the Pradhan Mantri Mudra Yojana to micro and small initiatives having non corporate background and deals in non-farming Sector. From this initiative one can get loan upto Rs.10 Lakh. The major block to the progress of entrepreneurship in the non–corporate small business sector is deficiency of economic funding. Further in excess of 90% enterprise of this sector does not have formal bases of finance. Indian government has fixed up mudra bank through a legislative enactment for catering to the needs of the segment for bringing them in the mainstream. All non-corporate small business segments consist of firms like proprietorship or partnership which is running as small industrial units, service sector units, are eligible for help under mudra.

Classes of mudra loan

There are three structures, namely Tarun, Kishor, and Shishu.

  • Shishu: It’s a plan which offers loans upto Rs 50 thousand. This is for initial stage of business.
  • Kishor: This scheme offers loans more than fifty thousand and upto Rs 5 lakh for businesses that is already recognized and looking for extra finance.
  • Tarun: This is suitable for sound firmed business and this Scheme offers loan amount upto Rs. Ten lakh

These arrangements are scheduled to support in meeting the requirements of different business activities and areas. Loans upto 10 lakh can be issued by banks without collaterals. No subsidy is allowed to be given in this yojana.


Objectives of mudra loan

Mudra loans can be taken for a variability of motives that help in generating employment and producing revenue. The loans are extended mainly for,
  • Community, personal service and social activities: The activities for community, personal service and social activities include medical shop and motorcycle repair shop.
  • Transportation automobile: Mudra grant financing for procurement of transport vehicles for goods as well as personal.
  • Food Products Sector: Further down the food products sector, mudra loans can be availed for actions like achar-papad making, small service food stalls, etc.

  • Business Loans for Shopkeepers and Traders

    Mudra loans can be availed by individuals who require financing for successively their shops, business and trading activities that helps in producing income.

  • Financing of machinery for micro units

    Mudra loans are comprehensive for the setup of micro enterprises by buying the necessary machinery.

Eligibility for mudra loan

Person who have their own business and deals in non-farm activities like trading or manufacturing and need an amount to ten lakh can smear up for mudra loans. This loan can be availed from


    Public sector banks

    Private sector banks

    Regional rural banks

    Small banks

    Micro finance institutions


Benefits of taking mudra loan

The key benefits of taking mudra loan:

  • Economic services can be obtained at affordable interest rates by micro-small businesses
  • Business loans can be taken for small amount and credit guarantee of the borrower is reserved to the government, so if borrower is incapable to refund the amount, the government will be liable to all sums.
  • Financial assistance is accessible through this system in regions where people have no access to basic funding facilities.
  • The time period for repayment can be extended up to 7 years.
  • businesswomen have the advantage of loan at reduced interest rates.
  • The mudra loan arrangement is in association with the “Make in India” operation which the government has originated to nurture invention, smooth investment in the country.

Mudra card

A debit card issued against the mudra loan account for working capital portion of the loan known as Mudra card. Mudra card can be usage by the borrower in manifold withdrawal and credit facilities to manage the limit of working capital efficiently and keep the interest burden minimum. Mudra card helps in creating the credit history for the borrower and digitalization of mudra transactions. This card can be worked throughout the country for cash withdrawal from any ATM and also make payment through any sales.


Documents Required For Mudra loan

  • Mudra application form
  • Income proof
  • Income tax return for the last 2 years
  • 2 passport size photo
  • Identity proof

Procedure for application of Mudra loan

Borrowers, who wish to avail assistance, can approach the native branch office of any of the financial institutions in their area who is eligible under mudra loan. Approval of support shall be as per the appropriateness standards of respective lending institution. Individuals must monitor the steps mentioned below for mudra loan application,

  • Process_1

    Ready necessary documents

    Applicant is requisite to possess the documents organized for availing loan. Documents are ID proof, address proof, and other proof of business i.e., business registration certificate.

  • Process_2

    Approach a financial institution

    Individuals can apply for a mudra loan with local branch of any of the financial institutions in their region.

  • Process_3

    Complete the loan request form

    Applicants have to complete the application form for loan and furnish personal and business details. They also have to ascertain the amount of loan as per mudra loan scheme. After completion of the above steps, the bank or financial institution will sanction the mudra loan into your account.

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Young entrepreneur facing finance shortage, comfortable mode towards mudra loan

  • Who can borrow from mudra?

    Non corporate small business sector comprising of proprietorship or partnership firms who is working as manufacturing units, service segment units, retailers, truck operators, fruits-vegetable vendors and others, in rural and urban areas.

  • What is eligibility of persons for availing mudra loan?

    Any person who has a business plan through income producing activity such as processing, manufacturing, trading or service sector and finance requirement upto 10 lakh is suitable for mudra loan. RBI will decide the rate of interest as per the guidelines dispensed time to time.

  • Are the loans under mudra are collateral free?

    Yes, the loans under this scheme are collateral free loans. The borrower does not have to offer any asset or pledge collateral against the loan and no asset is pleaded against that loan.

  • How to apply for mudra loan in financial institutions?

    One has to follow all the below mentioned process for application of mudra loan.

    The person who has requirement of loan must visit the nearby financial institution,

    The person has to show the business plan with certain documents along with the loan application form.

    The person who borrowed funds has to go through all the procedures or formalities as per the instructions given by bank.

    The loan will be sanctioned and made available by bank after follow of all steps.Some lending institutions also provide the option of mudra loan online apply

  • Can a person who recently graduated from college avail a mudra loan?

    College graduates who wish to start their own businesses can put on for loan. It will be established on the kind of business and fund requirement. Mudra will definitely help to run the business.

  • Can a woman entrepreneur who wishes to start the boutique apply mudra loan?

    A women entrepreneur can make most of a special refinance scheme. The Mahila Udhyami Yojana as it is called deals in special benefit when you avail a mudra loan from a micro finance institution.



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