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Why do we Need Website?

In today’s time business organization must have website whether it’s a small business or big business as it represents face of your business. Whether the business dealt in social welfare or earning profits, website is must. Website includes all the information about the business. It creates trust in the mind of viewers or clients. Since many businesses like food business, pharmacy business, supermarket, electronics, apparels etc. have been digitalized now which can be possibly run only through website. Some of the reasons why having a website is necessary are listed below,

Website helps to Grow the Business and Make Money

Research says that 90% of the entrepreneur before making any decision goes through the websites as its available 24/7. Anyone having internet access can go through it anytime or anywhere. It must be attractive enough as most of the people compare products or services online before buying. If you are indulging in any service such as offering educational course or fitness course online then it will definitely help you to make money through it.

It Creates Credibility

A website is the first impression of your business as it showcases the products or services provided by you which in turn create trust in the minds of customers. A business without a website won’t be able to create credibility. A website must have necessary details like contact number and email id to cross check the information by visitor. It shows the genuinity of the business person. Always include testimonials, reviews or rating section in the website which is quite helpful in creating honesty.

It Aids to serve Quality Products

A website can provide great help to improve the services serve to the customers and clients. Whatever products or services you offer, you can provide instructions on your website to the visitors on how to use it. If you indulge in rendering services of ITR or other tax filing, you can advise on how to avoid tax penalties or how they can save their taxes.

Website helps in Advertisement of Business

Having a website saves time. As a businessman, they have a lot of other tasks and commitments which needs to be fulfilled so when clients call to enquire about something you can just request to experience the site. On the other side if the business belongs to service industry and website is well maintained then it will definitely act as one of the best resource to your business as one don’t need to spend 1 hour to explain proposals to the client. You can simply ask them to visit the website where full package with amount, duration, services has been mentioned.


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Key Features & Benefits

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Client Login

A decent site gives customer to join freely and gain admittance to the products and services. Some site charges an amount that is require to pay after login to gain access to its premium services. For Example, to watch a web series online you have to join and pay. A few sites offer free product for certain timeframe. Regardless of whether you get some item online, such as piece of clothing or footwear from sites like amazon you have to make login.

Search Box

A good website must have a search box so customer can discover the specific data or item. For instance if client is searching for a specific item, he should type that item in the inquiry box, if it's accessible it will appear. It saves time of the customer while searching for a specific product or service.


A good website must have a logo which must be sufficiently catchy enough to be remembered. Having a logo implies being recalled by your client.

Comment and Reviews

A website must provide customer review section so that services can be improvised. Having a review or rating section creates trust among the customer. Even if a customer puts bad review about a product and service, you can check and improvise it for your own growth. If you are running an e-commerce website then you must provide secured payment gateway.

It Saves Money

Having a website saves money and costs as it acts as a brochure or catalogue which would otherwise involves printing cost and distributing it. It also saves time of the customers as it save their travelling cost.

Credibility and Reputation

Having a site shows how keen you are towards your business. Its makes believability and trust among the clients.


Have a lot of confusion towards website expansion!! Clear it via its development.

Types of Website

Informative Website

As the name suggests, it is type of website which provides the complete information. These websites are created to fulfill the needs of the customers such as educational, news, technology related, process related, trips related etc. Great substance is the way to such sites since guest will choose in 10 seconds that whether data is helpful or not. Kindly note that informative website is not used to showcase any product. The fundamental motivation behind this site is to convey exact, precise and detailed information to the clients with the goal that they can get the information about the specific item or administration. The plan of these sort of site must be basic or restrictive, make it useful with the assistance of sound and video. If the audience will be impressing from the content then it would be very easy to target them and convert them in proposed customer or prospects.

Lead Generation Website

Lead Generation Website

Lead generation website can also be called B2B website which help other business to get new leads. Lead means collection of visitor’s communication information. This website acts as a tool to gather all information about the visitor and provides enquiry forms. It generates to drive the traffic for your business which you can convert into sales by using marketing strategies.

Above all else one has to discover approaches to drive traffic to your business by the means of social media, Ads, Search Engine Optimization then try to gather the contact information. In the initial stage entrepreneurs may find it difficult to find out potential buyers for their products or services so they can register themselves with the lead generation websites which will help them to get leads and information of all buyers. Now how to covert that lead into sales depends upon the marketing strategies.

eCommerce Website

Selling of goods and services through the medium of internet is known as electronic commerce and the website which offers such services and products is known as electronic commerce website. In the todays scenario where online business is very demandable and profitable so demand of e-commerce websites are on top. E-commerce provides an ecommerce platform where one deals in good or services in exchange of funds with the help of internet.

 eCommerce Website

Services Offered by NeuSource

  • Domain, Hosting & Business Email
  • 10 Page Website
  • Creative Template
  • Mobile Responsive
  • Web Forms
  • Plugins and APIs not Included
  • Unique Content, Graphics Provided by You
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  • Domain, Hosting, SSL Certificate & Email
  • 15 Pages Layout Design
  • Mobile Responsive
  • 3 Month Website Management
  • Easy Admin Panel
  • Plugins and APIs not Included
  • Unique Content, Graphics Provided by You
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  • Domain, Hosting, SSL Certificate & Email
  • Product Management
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • 3 Month Website Management
  • Easy Admin Panel
  • Plugins and APIs not Included
  • Unique Content, Graphics Provided by You
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Our Process of Website Development

  • Research on your Business

    The first step of creating any website is to understand your customer business and thoroughly going through the research. Before initiating the work over website, it’s important to do necessary research about the product details and audience.

  • Plan: Effective Strategies for Favourable Outcomes

    Planning is the most important part of starting a work. After conducting research, effective scheduling is required to implement the business object into the website.

  • Creating Wireframe and Design

    The next step is creating wireframe or design of the website as per the customer choice. We will create wireframe to see how the layout of website looks like and design the website with the colors of your choice, because color contrasts plays a vital role in attracting visitors attention.

  • Development Accordingly Wireframe

    Further we will develop the complete website according to the approved wireframe so that work can easily be finished.

  • Content Writing

    At this stage, content writing is required for the whole website. A good content is the best way to connect to the visitors. It helps to provide the information about the products or services display at website.

  • Testing

    Then we conduct an extensive testing of the website in order to find out any bugs. Different types of testing are done such as functionality testing, security testing, load testing, user interface testing etc. This is done to make sure that there is no fault in the website.

  • Delivery

    In last, we will deliver the whole content and data with website the client. The main goal is client satisfaction that we serve from our services.

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Confusion creates questions whereas website provides solutions

  • Is website development a costly or cheap?

    Everything relies on number of elements such as type of website, its parts, and its structure and so on. There are two classifications of sites i.e. static site and dynamic site. Static site is less expensive one as it doesn't include a lot of maintenance. On the other hand dynamic website needs time to time updation, support and maintenance.

  • How much time is required to make a website?

    This relies on your necessity, spending plan and urgency. Planning a site takes around least 2-3 weeks as the most tedious part is gathering and composing information to it. On the opposite side a static website can take 2 or 3 days. So everything relies on the need and money related arrangement prerequisite.

  • Is website updation obligatory?

    One needs to check several issues from time to time such as outdated content or links or products which are no longer available. You need to update the keywords entered as it affects the reach of the targeted audience. You should refresh the items or administrations where you deal normally.

  • Can one check what number of individuals visited the site?

    Business person can utilize Google analytics tool which is liberated from cost administration that shows all the data about what number of individuals have visited the site, their area, their interests which can help to understand the needs and preferences of your customers to a greater extent.

  • Can I get website that is associated with my email id?

    Yes associating email with your website name expresses professionalism and gains customer confidence. By doing this your business name gets recognised. This associating service can be purchased online and later on you can link your business mail to Gmail or outlook.

  • Can I monetize my website?

    Truly the facts demonstrate that site can assist you in making cash. You can underwrite another person item or administration on your site to earn money. Another greatest model is to construct an electronic business site which is hard to start but pays off a good amount of money in today’s market scenario.


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