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Startup Recognition

Want to take government incentives, let's talk about startup registration.

Why required

Once an organization or eligible entity registers as a startup at that point have choice to appreciate different advantages which is explicitly reserved for startup recognised entity. New businesses are registered with DPIIT for accompanying the advantages under the Startup India Initiative.

  • First and chief is the tax exemption under Section 80IAC and Section 56.
  • There will a lot of income tax benefits for the period of 3 years.
  • Fast processing of patent applications.
  • Investment exemptions can be benefited and Concessions on all the capital increment is profitable.
  • Fund by the legislature to help the new companies.
  • Self-accreditation and no investigation for a long time.

When required

The Startup should be joined as a private limited company or registered as a partnership firm or a limited liability partnership. Turnover ought to be not as much as Rs 100 crores in any of the past financial years. When a registered entity has a unique business model then an application can petitioned for startup acknowledgment. By and large it takes around seven days to get approval from DPIIT (Department for Promotion of Industry and Internal Trade). After the incorporation or registration, an entity is eligible for making an application of startup.

Web Presence or Business Promotion

Webite Development

Business enlargement is directly relative to have a dynamic website development.

Why required

Having a site and online presence strategy permits you to advertise your business on the web. A site is additionally significant in light of the fact that it assists with setting up credibility as a business. Sites generally give a guide and directions to the organization's shops or workplaces for guests to discover their area without any problem. Consider a business site your online organization address. It's the place likely clients, customers, and partners can discover and reach you. A site gives believability as well as assists with giving a positive impression that your organization is greater and more fruitful. 

When required

After the incorporation of business, an individual can apply for site improvement. This is significant for any business whether little or huge to have a site and make the web presence of business. A domain name will be the absolute first thing you will require when beginning an organization site. It is your digital address that individuals will use to get associated with your site. A decent domain name can be obtain when you have an enrolled business with a unique name.  

Mobile Application

Delegate the business in the possession of customers.

Why required

Mobile application advancement has become a norm and central necessity for a fruitful business. With the developing number of individuals getting to the Internet through cell phones and tablets, mobile app improvement has the special capacity to get to countless possible purchasers. In the current promoting scenes, organizations are utilizing each accessible technique that can assist them to be on top of the cut throat competition. Having a mobile app can assist a lot with retaining existing clients while all the while getting new ones. 

When required

A mobile application can be developed alongside the website development after the incorporation of an entity. Mobile application advancement is the way toward making programming applications that run on a mobile device. Change your business thoughts into portable applications with Neusource. Mobile application improvement field being one of the most imaginative spaces in the business today holds the possibility for the eventual future of business. We make mobile applications for various stages like android, iOS and so forth. Our mobile app development team has a long streak in delivering secure, quality applications in the Google Playstore and IOS application stores. We likewise give custom mobile application answers for re-establish any difficulties in your ordinary organizations. 

Promotion of Brand/Logo

Make a unique identity by developing unique branding.

Why required

Logo design and branding is a significant aspect. It helps in advancing your image acknowledgment and mindfulness that at last prompts increment in your business deals. Regardless of whether huge or little, having a logo gives a plan to your expected clients about the items and administrations offered by your business. There are numerous regions that are utilized to build up a brand including publicizing, client assistance, promotional merchandise, reputation etc.

When required

When a entity is registered, businessman is required to figure a one of a kind name with the goal that he can built up another logo or plan the brand for his business. After the logo planning it's gainful to enlist the logo by method of applying for trademark registration. This procedure should be possible once the business is framed. The logo is a fundamental branding instrument and a powerful approach to impact your intended interest group's perception.

Promotional Videos and Other Content

Let's attract the minds of customers by making promotional videos.

Why required

When you're a recent concern and you need a video that presents your image/strategic web guests. Perhaps you're simply running a deal and need a video that pushes individuals to make a move. Videos play a very significant job in the purchaser dynamic procedure. Incredible promo videos work because consumers associate positive emotions with a business and item in the wake of viewing a video that had the option to keep their complete consideration. 

When required

Once the organization is framed or having a web presence via site or some other ways at that point to pull the clients you can think for a short limited time recordings which is clarifying about your plan of action. Here Neusource serves all the administrations identified with web presence. For idea you can have access our YouTube channel and other web presence mobile development application so that you can change the outlook and thinks better for your business. 

Management of blog section

Consistent blog composing assists with developing the business tremendous.

Why required

Blog offers you the chance to make applicable substance for your clients. Utilize a blog portal as a promotional outlook to attract the traffic on website. Make the blog on your site the establishment for all of your social media platforms. Give your social followers a motivation to navigate to your site. By method of this strategy you can stay in contact with your audiences who are interested in your business structure. 

When required

You can start the blog portal anytime after the formation but its suggested to initiate it as soon as possible just after the completion of website development work. Blogging stages are extremely simple to utilize content administration frameworks. Blogging empowers you to handily build up yourself as a specialist in your field of interest. Blogging utilizes informal showcasing and viral advertising to promote your products or services far more effectively than numerous other promoting strategies. Here Neusource help you out to arrive at the objectives of business. 

Business Promotion at social media platform

Build a relationship with customers by using social media accounts.

Why required

Social media permits organizations to be in direct contact with target client. Internet based life showcasing is modest and gives brands moment reach to billions of dynamic clients. Consequently, web based life has demonstrated to be one of the best channels to advance items on the web.

Be that as it may, with each business aware of it, rivalry via web-based networking media has gotten extraordinary. To defeat rivalry, it is significant that you influence most recent patterns and strategies and advance your item via social media reliably and consistently.

When required

A business person can begin whenever to advance at online networking stage. We have numerous entries simply like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube or Twitter where we can develop our business and straightforwardly associate with our audiences. The absolute most effortless cross-advancement for cross channels is every so often reminding your supporters that you have other social media accounts. You don't should be bashful about requesting that individuals to follow you on social networking media, or on different systems.

Leads Generation

Improve the business sales by generating more leads.

Why required

A lead is basically somebody who's exhibited enthusiasm for your business here and there. Fundamentally, you can consider any individual who's given you their contact information to attend a webinar, to download a free guide, to pursue your bulletin, and so forth as a lead. Since this individual has connected with your business's site and allowed you to get in touch with them (normally through email, yet once in a while via telephone), they're presently inside your business channel.

When required

Lead generation is essential to a business for its sales and helps to develop the business arena. A business must have a decent lead age system. Numerous organizations today are vigorously reliant on Lead Generation as it creates traffic to their sites where they can change over leads into clients. Here Neusource serves all of you the organization in regards to the web presence of business with the goal that together we can make our startup fruitfull.

MUDRA Loan / MSME Loan

Get the fund by applying for credit.

Why required

Generally after the incorporation of company or any entity the funds are required. These can be benefited by applying for Mudra advance or MSME credit. In both financing administrations, an individual can benefit the working capital just to maintain the business.

When required

Whenever businessman feels that there is a need emerges for capital or some additional funds then he has the choice to reach us and we will apply for advance for the benefit of him. Certain reports are required to be submitted while application recording, so customer need to provide us all the documents as needed by the department.

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Confusion creates questions whereas website provides solutions

  • Is website development a costly or cheap?

    Everything relies on number of elements such as type of website, its parts, and its structure and so on. There are two classifications of sites i.e. static site and dynamic site. Static site is less expensive one as it doesn't include a lot of maintenance. On the other hand dynamic website needs time to time updation, support and maintenance.

  • How much time is required to make a website?

    This relies on your necessity, spending plan and urgency. Planning a site takes around least 2-3 weeks as the most tedious part is gathering and composing information to it. On the opposite side a static website can take 2 or 3 days. So everything relies on the need and money related arrangement prerequisite.

  • Is website updation obligatory?

    One needs to check several issues from time to time such as outdated content or links or products which are no longer available. You need to update the keywords entered as it affects the reach of the targeted audience. You should refresh the items or administrations where you deal normally.

  • Can one check what number of individuals visited the site?

    Business person can utilize Google analytics tool which is liberated from cost administration that shows all the data about what number of individuals have visited the site, their area, their interests which can help to understand the needs and preferences of your customers to a greater extent.

  • Can I get website that is associated with my email id?

    Yes associating email with your website name expresses professionalism and gains customer confidence. By doing this your business name gets recognised. This associating service can be purchased online and later on you can link your business mail to Gmail or outlook.

  • Can I monetize my website?

    Truly the facts demonstrate that site can assist you in making cash. You can underwrite another person item or administration on your site to earn money. Another greatest model is to construct an electronic business site which is hard to start but pays off a good amount of money in today's market scenario.


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