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CA Hemant Gupta

Startup Consultant | YouTuber | Digital Marketer | Angel Investor

During my 13+yrs long expertise in Startup Consulting & Digital Marketing, me & my team worked with 10000+ Startups. My ultimate passion is to help people build their startup through digitization and make them realize that dreams do come true.

Learn How to Handle Queries Related to Different Kind of Business Registration

Business Registration is in regular practice at present. Here we came with a business for everyone who wants to learn, How to manage inquiries related to different kind of Business Registration.

People have many ideas to stimulate but don't know how to execute it so for this; they need the Startup Consultant who gives the information on executing the business thoughts into reality by following the initial step i.e., Business Registration.

Neusource is cultivating startup consultants by giving proper training. You can also earn plenty with the aid of enrolling on this course. We will supply numerous systems to you so you can offer consultancy to anyone with the business thought. It includes 28 Video and a couple of Live Session. Grab the opportunity to earn more by learn more.

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Learn How to Handle Queries Related to Different Kind of Startup Compliances

Compliances are the essential segment of all business. Numerous individuals do the business and holds registration certificate as well. Key individual just centered around the business advancement rather than on compliance part. It's the obligation of Startup Consultants advise them about the startup compliances and instruct them about the results of non-compliances like penalty, late fee etc.

Startup consultant's job is very vital for the newly entrant commercial enterprise so be the only and grow to be the excellent consultant in Indian market. For this you have to enroll with the Neusource's sessions on "Be a Startup Consultant".

Meet with the best startup expert who made his startup effective and take recognition in all parts of India.

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Learn How to Handle Queries Related Startup India Scheme

An initiative has been taken by Indian Government to commence different schemes under startup India with a vision to create more and more employment in economy. Every scheme has their own eligibility criteria. Arising Startup needs to satisfy these measures for the enjoyment of scheme's benefits under the Startup India Scheme.

There are various government schemes for startups which they can grab and make fruitful business thought. Different entrepreneur don't think about the chances as they have absence of information.

Here, Startup Consultant's role came out so they can help the entrepreneur and guide them about the new scheme. Get the course together with Neusource and figure out how to deal with questions identified with startup India scheme.

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Learn How to Consult for Web-Presence Development Digital Marketing of a Startup

Here we have a session on how to consult for web-presence development digital marketing of a startup. Take a deep breath and understand the important word Web Presence Development which is very trendy for startups in today's scenario.

Web Presence indicates the presence of any business in market. It facilitates to take the business at better level. This is an online technique wherein you may increase your commercial enterprise online with the assist of many device kits like Website, Mobile Application etc.

Generally rising startups took those offerings from throughout India. Neusource is imparting a possibility to everyone to learn this course and turn out to be the startup consultant.

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Learn How to Convert Prospects Into Clients

Here an opportunity comes to figure out how to convert prospects into customer. This meeting is vital for being a startup specialist. Each individual who works in the field of consultancy should have the expertise of converting prospecs into the client.

If you have great knowledge about the product and you deliver it in best manner to the prospects and even then, customer is not agree to purchase the product or take the services then there is no use of knowledge.

Startup consultant must have this quality of conversion. If you don't possess this talent then no need to worry, Neusource right here will teach you and give you preparing in this matter. By gaining this knowledge a startup consultant can earn a much without any hesitation. So join the Neusource's program and advance your expertise.

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