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Secrets to Transform Your Website into a Lead Generation Machine

Secrets to Transform Your Website into a Lead Generation Machine

Secrets to Transform Your Website into a Lead Generation Machine

Turn Your Website into a Lead Generation

A website is a brand’s most valuable sales and marketing asset, so many advertisers genuinely influence its lead generation potential. If you want to create more leads from your marketing and sales effort, your site is an ideal spot to begin.

Here are six insider ways to transform your site into a lead generation machine.

 1. Adding Call to action button to Home page

 To increase its lead generation potential, try simply adding a call-to-action (CTA) button or banner that advises website visitors what to do next.

You may guide them to visit your blog, download an offer, visit an item page to find out additional, or even to arrange a call with your Sales Team. Make a CTA around whatever next stage that you want a visitor to take. Try not to accept that your site guests will normally advance around your site. Rather, simply give a simple, supportive direction.

2. Adding Points of Conversion for Leads at All Stages

In a perfect world, all leads would be deals qualified and prepared to purchase now. In any case, the larger part of your intended interest group won't be prepared to converse with deals when they arrive at your site. In this way, give your crowd something that they are prepared for. So, provide your audience with something that they are ready for. Start by recognizing what their buyer journey looks like - what types of inquiries do they seek to answer, what kinds of issues do they look to solve - before they want to talk to a sales Representative?

By mapping out the inquiries your prospects ask and the issues that they face, you will recognize opportunities for content that your organization can create in order to answer those inquiries

Make these assets in different formats to accommodate content consumption preferences - experiment with checklists, whitepapers, webinars, infographics, digital books and more.

When you’ve made your new content that lines up with your prospects’ buyer’s journeys, Place CTA buttons to promote it, and also spot those CTA relevantly throughout your website.

3. Adding a “Gate” to Existing Content

Numerous organizations already have incredible content developed and available on their websites. To maximize the lead generation potential, try putting each piece of content behind a “gate” - that is, a landing page with a form. Utilize the landing page to promote your content and describe the value the visitor will receive by downloading the piece.

Make sure to follow landing page best practices when building your assets - use minimal contact fields, like first name, last name and email address, to boost your conversion rate, and remove the visitor’s navigation until they submit the form to keep them focused.

4. Validation

Adding site elements that establish your brand’s credibility is a great method to improve the lead generation execution of your website. By including instances of organizations you’ve worked with and testimonials of your products and services, visitors will feel informed and validated in their decision-making process.

Written testimonials from delightful clients are a good addition to the website. Video testimonials from happy clients are far better. Make sure to include your supporter’s name, title, and headshot when you can. If privacy rules restricted you from naming specific individuals or companies, you can use a generic format.

5.  Marketing Automation

Your website is the most significant tool in your marketing arsenal. Your next most significant tool for lead generation is marketing automation. One of the essential objectives of your business’s website should be to get a conversation started. Your website should not be expected to communicate every single detail about your brand, products, and services.

With the power of marketing automation behind your website, you can automate responses, segment leads, score prospects, prioritize opportunities, and identify new prospects and more.

 6. Include Personalized Content

Utilize marketing automation or other innovation; it is relatively simple today for marketers to structure a website in a manner so that it depicts specific, personalized content to specific visitors. For instance, you may want to show a different message to first-time website visitors than you do to return visitors. Or, you may want to promote a specific content offer to those in the banking industry, while contacts from the manufacturing industry should see something different.

You can also design content to be shown depending on things like the source of the person’s website visit or what kind of gadget the person is using to access your site. For instance, you might want to situate your social media sharing buttons for visitors who enter your site via Facebook or Twitter, you may want to remove excess copy when visitors access your website through mobile instead of on a pc. The possibilities are endless and should be catered to align with your overall marketing strategy and goals


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