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ISO registration process 9001-27001

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Myths About International Organization for Standardization

ISO Registration is a very complicated process?

No, it can seem difficult at first but the concepts behind the standard are very simple. The seven quality management principles are a good place to start and will be of great help when it comes to defining your quality management system. In addition, a lot of supporting information is available from your ISO member, the group of experts responsible for the standard and the ISO Website (

Isn’t It the preserve of big business?

No. The standard can be used by any organization, regardless of size or type. While small companies may not have staff dedicated to quality, they can still enjoy the benefits of implementing the standard. Tips for small businesses can be found in the publication for small businesses.

Everything Needs to be documented and requires a lot of Paperwork.

While documentation of all aspects of the standard was required as per the older versions, this changed significantly since the standards have undergone various revisions. It is up to the company’s discretion to decide what needs to be documented to demonstrate compliance. Moreover, the flexibility of the standard allows enterprises to find a way of using it in a manner that suits them the best without any unnecessary paperwork or documentation.

It’s only for the Quality Department to Manage and Implement ISO 9001.

The requirements within the standard cover every aspect of the business; from planning through delivery and, post-delivery of your products or service. The process starts with customer requirements, review and acceptance of the requirements, executing those requirements, measuring and monitoring processes to ensure requirements are being met; and ultimately, delivery of a product or service that meets those requirements to ensure customer satisfaction.

ISO 9001 doesn’t apply to my business.

This Myth often takes the form of “ISO 9001 is only for big businesses” or “ISO 9001 is not for service providers.” This is, of course, not the case. ISO 9001 is intended to be a set of requirements that can be used by any company, of any size, in any industry. The requirements are written as a set of best practices needed to control all the processes of a business system – no matter what the company does.

ISO 9001 is expensive to implement and maintain.

While it is true that there is some cost associated with the initial implementation of ISO standards and some processes to monitor the system, these can be far out weighed by the benefits seen if the system is used well. The main drive of the ISO 9001 quality management system is to help you achieve greater customer satisfaction, eliminate the root causes of problems, and improve your processes. The overall outcome of these activities should be to reduce costs through improvements and increase revenues through satisfied customers.

Process of ISO Registration in Online

First of all, you need to choose the type of ISO certification required for your business.
It must be noted that ISO itself does not provide certification to the companies. Certification is done by the external bodies. It is very important that you choose recognized and credible certification body. Evaluate several ISO Certification service providers.
Cost for getting ISO certification is not fixed and varies from organization to organization. The ISO certification agency calculates the cost of ISO certification separately for each organization after considering them on different parameters such as : No of employees, processes, level of risk, complexity etc.
The service provider will require a copy of your quality manual and procedures to verify that all the requirements of the standard are addressed. The ISO Registration Process is not a quick process, be sure to allow 2-4 weeks in advance for the registrar to fully review all of the necessary documents.
We prepare documentation to include compulsory procedures (as required by the Standard), in line with your current company procedures.
Provided all requirements are met, we will present you with your ISO certification. The systems are focused on continual improvement and we will continue to support you through the term of your contract by carrying out a six monthly review, ensuring you stay on track and are ready for re-certification each year.

Documents Required for ISO Online Process 9001&27001

What Are The Required Document to Start The Process ?

Copy of PAN Card, Copy of Aadhar Card or Voter Id

Passport Size Photograph of the applicant, Electricity Bill

Copy of Sale deed in case of owned property

Rent Agreement in case if the property is rented

For an organization, Certificate of Incorporation and MOA &AOA is also required.

Two copies of Sales Bill/Purchase Bill, Scope of Activities

Prepare Document For Signing.

After receiving your document & payment, we prepare all nessessary documents for your ISO registration in 2 working days and sent you for signing.

Sign The Documents.

Whenever you get the document coordinate with our representative on +91-9999510982 , fill the remaining information and sign the documents.

Courier Back The Signed Document.

Send back the signed documents by mail on and by Courier at “NeuSource Startup Minds India Limited, B-11, Shankar Garden, Vikaspuri, New Delhi-110018 or Alternatively you may call on +91-9999655080 for document collection if you reside in Delhi/NCR


Type Of ISO Certification

There are various types of ISO certification available (such as : ISO 9001 2008 – Quality Management, ISO 14001 – Environmental Management etc.), First of all, you need to choose the type of ISO certification required for your business.

ISO registration process 9001-27001
ISO registration process 9001-27001 online in india
iso certificate registration process in Mumbai
iso 9001-27701 registration process in Mumbai

ISO Registration Packages


ISO 9001-2015


Delivered in 7 Days


ISO 9001-2015


Delivered in 7 Days


ISO 9001-2015


Delivered in 7 Days

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iso 9001-27701 registration process in delhi

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