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EPF is a government managed savings finance for the purpose of providing money related security and steadiness during retirement. The ESI conspire is a self-financed far reaching government disability plot formulated to ensure the workers secured under the plan against monetary trouble emerging out of occasions of ailment, disablement or passing because of employment injuries.

EPF covers each foundation wherein at least 20 individuals are utilized and certain associations are secured, subject to specific conditions and exceptions regardless of whether they utilize fewer than 20 people each. Employees drawing not as much as Rs 15,000 every month need to obligatorily become individuals from the EPF. The ESI conspire is material to all factories and other foundations as characterized in the Act with at least 10 people utilized in such foundation and the recipients' month to month wage does not exceed Rs 21,000 are secured under the plan.

Provident fund return must be documented by all bodies having PF registration consistently. ESI enlisted organizations must be recorded ESI returns month to month premise.

Key Features & Benefits

Gain the worker's trust by recording the PF ESI returns.

Complete bundle of employees care

Complete clinical consideration and attention are given by the ESI plan to the worker enrolled under the ESI Act, 1948 at the time of his insufficiency, restoration of his wellbeing and working limit.

Financial security and stability

Employee Provident Fund (EPF) is an advantage for the representative during retirement. It is a government security fund made to give money related security and firmity during retirement.

Contribution by employer and employee in EFP

The contribution paid by the employer is 12 percent of fundamental wages in addition to dearness allowance and retaining allowance. An equivalent commitment is payable by the employee moreover.

Withdrawals from EPF account

As indicated by the EPF Act, for guaranteeing last EPF settlement, one needs to retire from service in the wake of accomplishing 55 years old. The absolute EPF balance incorporates the worker's commitment and that of the employer, alongside the accumulated interest.

Achieve long term objective

Various long haul points, for example, kids' wedding or their upper education that have need of the basic accessibility of accounts. Presently, here the collected PF sum will prove valuable on such events.


Be an Employee's Oriented Organisation.

Process of PF Compliances ( EPF Return Filing )

Employees are the asset. Keep the employee happy by following statutory process.

For EPF Return Filing

  • First step is to generate UAN number of employee.

  • Second step is to login at EPF Portal with the help of Login credentials.

  • Next is to file return by submitting the data.

  • Take screenshot and if any receipt generated then save that receipt for future purpose.

Process of ESI Compliances ( ESI Return Filing )

Employees are the asset. Keep the employee happy by following statutory process.

For ESI Return Filing

  • First step is to generate IP number of employee (Insured Person).

  • Second step is to login at ESI Portal with the help of Login credentials.

  • Next is to file return by submitting the data.

  • Take screenshot and if any receipt generated then save that receipt for future purpose.


We concern the matters relating to false guarantees and specifically address the same by providing the MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for the service in simply 7 working days. When an individual not absolutely pleased with the services for which he paid, he might standup the disappointment with a describing observation. We maintain with precaution and issue a refund or credit the charge card according to the internal refund policy.

Documents Required For PF AND ESI Compliance

Proper documentation is the source of any compliance.

Documents required for generation UAN Number.

  • Employee details
  • Pan and Adhar Number
  • Bank account details
  • Date of joining
  • Marital status
  • Contact number and Email Id
  • Education qualification of employees

Documents required for filing return after creation UAN Number.

  • Company's salary sheet

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Above discussion is for PF ESI Compliances. If your Organisation has the requirement for filing the returns timely then first understand the process and need of filing. If still any issue arises then connect with our executives who are the professionals in filing the any labour laws compliances and PF ESI is also one of them.

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  • What is the appropriateness of EPF and ESI ?

    The associations are needed to enlist under the EPF entrance when they reach to the predefined worker that is twenty. At the point when we talk about ESI, it's applied to all foundations when at any rate 10 representatives are there.

  • Mention the due date of EPF installment and EPF return.

    Due date of EPF installment and return is fifteenth of every month. Both return documenting and installment can be done all together.

  • What is the due date of ESI payment and ESI return?

    Each business makes the ESI installment on monthly basis, and the installment is given to the ESI department. The due date for ESI installment and return are the fifteenth of the next month, which can likewise exceed or change as per the department rules.

  • What is the interest rate for late payment in EPF and ESI?

    For EPF: The individual who neglects to finish the installment inside the given cutoff time will be answerable for paying 12% per year interest for every day he has deferred.

    For ESI: Every employee will clear all the installments inside the given cutoff time; otherwise, a simple interest rate will be applicable. The ESI payment interest is 12% for every day of deferral in installment.

  • Define the rate of contribution in ESI account?

    The pace of commitment is 4 percent, out of which 3.25 percent is contributed by the employer and remaining by representatives.


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