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Online presence facilitates costumers to find out the product with its brand image. Customers normally do not have the required knowledge regarding every product and brand. Thus, web presence makes them aware about the existence brand and it also enables them to learn about the reputation of the brand before making any purchase. Web presence plays a vital role in your customer’s purchasing decisions.

Following are the effective ways to build an online presence:

1. Build an email list

The first step towards building an online presence involves the creation and growth of an email list. This email list facilitates the business to engage with the present as well as potential customers on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. In addition to this, call to action can be used on the website and social media pages to promote the business email newsletter. This newsletter facilitates the collection of lead’s emails as well as display business leads and customers who are interested in the content.

2. Master SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is one of the best tactics to build an online presence for the business. In order to show up online when people are searching, master SEO must be there. SEO is basically divided into two categories i.e., on-site SEO and off-site SEO. On-site SEO covers content while with off-site SEO, the business can be more focused on the more technical side of the things. In addition to this, off-site SEO includes building credibility with back links. In order to show up on Google, Google my business account to be created and use Google’s keyword planner.

3. Create value

The prime goal of any brand or business is to only make money. Prior to making money, it is important to create value and be customer-centric. One approach to creating value is to give educational and free online content. It will not only help the customers but also results in the improvement of the online presence of the business. To begin, prepare a list of your customer’s pain and motivation. In other words, just look into your buyer persona. Another approach to creating value online is to give advice. It can be done through guest posting, replying to comments, or by appearing on a podcast. Customer queries should always be answered.

4. Be active online

In order to be more visible online, you need to be active online. It covers regularly posting to your owned properties including your website and social media content. In addition to this, activeness is also required in other areas, like engage with the followers and subscribers on social media.

5. Analyze your results

Once the online presence is building with few statics, it is important to analyze the results. It is equally necessary to test the strategies so that it could be learned what works and what doesn’t. So as to test the results, initiate by deciding upon what metrics are being used. In case working is done on SEO, search engine results on Google might need to be tracked. On the other hand, if building an email list, then track the number of subscribers along with open and click through rates. These are long term strategies, thus it takes time to give desired results.

6. Adopt new forums

It is always advisable to be an early adopter of any new social media or popular websites as and when it emerges. There are numerous benefits of being an early adopter. Firstly, early adopter faces less competition. Secondly, many of these websites start out free and have high engagement rates. In order to be an early adopter, you must ensure that you are always in “the know”. Go through industry news and new research on upcoming sites.

7. Social Media Presence

Presence on social media is very necessary nowadays. It acts as a key tool for reaching the intended audience on whichever platforms they prefer. Presence on social media builds trust and confidence in current customers as well as prospects. Generally, if a company lacks a presence on social media then customers lose trust and feel insure. Social media is a platform through which a company can build credibility and reputation along with the showcase of its brand. Whenever any potential customer researches any brand, they in the first place look to social media and reviews of the existing customers.

8. Experiment with online advertising

A quick solution to develop an online presence is through online advertising. When your ad is visible in the top search results, it ultimately builds brand awareness and increases visibility online. Advertising can be done on various search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. In addition to that social media, advertising can also opt. Few well-known advertising options are Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Before beginning with online advertising one needs to brainstorm what is needed to promote. After that, you need to decide upon the platform that is best suited in order to promote that content.


Well, it’s very clear that in today’s era each client goes up to Google before settling on any purchase decision. In the event that you send a casual introductory mail to a recently met person, the person will attempt to discover more data about you on social media portal or Google search engine about your organization. So NeuSource is available to make your business presence online in most ideal ways. You can contact us for the consultancy.

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06 Jun

Heena Aggarwal
Heena Aggarwal

Ideas are easy but implementation is hard thus not to concern about failure, you only have to be right once. Here Neusource supports your idea enthusiastically to validate into fruitful startup

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