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What is a startup

What is a startup?

Presently the inquiry has emerged? What is a startup? So we can define in our own words “A startup is an organization attempting to take care of an issue where the arrangement isn’t clear and achievement isn’t ensured”. Or on the other hand actually we can define what a startup is? “ A startup is an energetic association set up by at least one business person to develop a unique item or support and put it up for sale to the society. By its tendency, the ordinary startup will in general be a shoestring activity, with introductory financing from the organizers or their loved ones.

The term what is a startup or Startup has increased a great deal of ubiquity nowadays. An ever increasing number of people are keen on turning out to be business visionaries and accordingly open their business. The term startup alludes to an organization in the primary phases of activities. After explaining the topic of what a startup is, the time has come to recognize the different kinds of organizations that they can introduce. So the startups are classified as lifestyle startups, small business startups, scalable startups, buyable startups, large company startups and social startups.

Startup india
Startup india Portal

What is startup India?

After explaining the topic of what is a startup, the time has come to define what is startup India? Startup India is a lead activity of the Government of India, proposed to catalyze startup culture and construct a solid and comprehensive environment for advancement and business in India. Since the dispatch of the activity on 16th January, 2016. Startup India has revealed a few projects with the goal of supporting business visionaries, and changing India into a nation of employment makers.

Startup India activity plan for help of startup

  • Startup India activity plan for help of startup
  • Enhanced framework including incubation focuses
  • Easier IPR help, including simpler patent filing
  • A better administrative climate including tax reductions, simpler compliance, improved of setting up an organization, faster exit mechanism and more
  • An financial improvement in the structure an INR 10,000 crore reserve oversee by SIDCI, with the objective of expanding subsidizing openings
  • How to register your Startup with Startup India
  • Steps to register your Startup with Startup India

Incorporate your business

You have to join your business as a Private Limited Company or a LLP or a Partnership firm. Register under Startup India - you have to enroll your firm or organizations as a startup in the Startup India plan of the legislature. You simply need to fill the structure accessible for you on the Startup India site. Documents you need to transfer in a PDF design just- You need a letter of proposal alongside the enrollment structure. A proposal letter from any of the Incubators, perceived by the Government of India, in DIPP Design. You need to specify on the off chance that you need tax exemption Self-confirmation of the accompanying condition- you are a private limited company, an LLP or partnership firm, the period of business not before 5 years, turnover must not be in excess of 100 crores.Get your acknowledgement number

Startup india details

Introduction of topic

On 16th January 2016, an initiative taken by Hon’ble prime minister to launch startup india portal with a vision of transforming India into a job creator country instead of job seeker. This initiative is intended to empower startups to develop through innovation. This portal becomes the largest online platform for entrepreneurship in India that allows startups to create network, access free tools & resources and participate in programs as conducted by government.

Startup Introduction
 Detail description

Detail description

Startup India centre is a solo platform in the startup ecosystem for all stakeholders to interact surrounded by each person, exchange knowledge and form successful partnerships in a highly dynamic environment. Startup India is one of the great means of opportunities provided by the government of India to growing startups which projected to figure a strong ecosystem that is favourable for the growth of startup industries, to initiative viable economic growth and produce enormous employment opportunities.

Startup India portal introduces to connect with networking in a single window platform, participation in challenges & programs to earn more investment, building goodwill in different sectors, helps to access various tools & resources required for starting a business so that each one can provide their services for business improvement. Startup portal is an online interacting platform for entrepreneurs who can connect number of investors, mentors, accelerators and other startup business through a range of industries and locations.

How an entity can be reflected as a startup?

A startup is a young company that is formed to develop. Startups are generally minor and primarily financed and functioned by a founders or an individual. Due to splitting up or reconstruction of a business that is in already existence, any entity formed shall not be considered a startup. An entity shall be considered as a startup after satisfying some conditions as mentioned below:

  • An entity must be registered as a private limited or can be as LLP or partnership registered in India.
  • And the entity existence is up to ten years from the date of its incorporation.
  • Entity turnover must not be more than Rs 100 crores since incorporation in any of the financial years.
  • Entities must employed to innovation, growth or upgrading of product, process or service. If the business has a scalable business model then must have contribution with a high potential of employment generation or wealth creation.

Services offered by startup India portal

  • Startup India portal offers a vast accessible network where startups can connect with numerous investors, guides and other stakeholders just to explore collaborations.
  • To extract essential information for startups and aspiring entrepreneurs and other information relevant to government schemes & policies.
  • To access valuable online tools & resources for startups.
  • To make online applications for DPIIT recognition through which startups can claim benefits. Benefits like exemption in application of patent, less compliances follow, tax exemptions etc.
  • To participate in programs and challenges held by corporates and government agencies, where startups can gain rewards, business opportunities and other forms of support.
Funding options for startup

Funding options for startup

There are multiple sources of funding available for startup. Raising funds from external sources is a time consuming process and the time period for disbursement of such loan would take over 6 months to convert. Another lucrative feature provided on the startup portal is various government schemes applicable to certain eligible startup. Some of the schemes are briefly described, which are as follows:

  • The venture capital assistance scheme: Venture capital funding is the monetary assistance to the start-up ventures or the small companies to qualifying their projects and helps to encounter the shortage in the capital requirement for project enactment.
  • Stand up india for financing schedule caste, schedule tribe or women entrepreneurs: Stand up India scheme facilitates bank loans between 10 lakh and 1 crore for set up a greenfield initiative to the minimum one women entrepreneur or reserved caste or tribe (SC/ST). These people must be indulge in manufacturing, trading or service sector. Shareholding and controlling stake (not less than 51%) must be required to be held by either an SC/ST or women entrepreneur if enterprise is non-individual.
  • Multiplier grants scheme: Department of electronics and information technology is implementing multiplier grants scheme. The goal is to inspire R&D institutions and industry for development of products. If industry supports R&D for development of products under multiplier grants scheme whose commercialization is possible then government will also provide financial support to that industry. Both industry and institutions is required to submit the proposals jointly for taking financial support under this scheme.
  • Support to specialized bodies & seminars: The Programme extends partial support on a selective basis for organizing seminar, training programmes, workshops, conferences at national level. The support is provided to research institutes, universities, colleges and other academic professional bodies who organize such events in specific areas for the scientific community to keep them well-informed. Generally the support is given to inspiring the contribution of young scientists and research workforces in such occasions.

Services offered by NeuSource

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  • Startup Recognition under DPIIT
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  • How anyone can search startup India new schemes, latest news and benefits?

    Any person can read all new schemes, latest news, benefits about the startup at startup India portal.

  • How can we contact Startup India officials?

    Anyone can easily make contact to customer care officers on a toll free number or through an email id. A person can also visit the office as address mentioned below,

    Invest India, 110, Vigyan Bhavan Annexe, 001, Maulana Azad Road, New Delhi 110001 +91-01123048155 Working Hours: 10:00AM - 5:30PM (Mon to Fri).

  • Why do we register under startups India scheme?

    Startup India provides a platform where startup can create their lucrative profile and make their profile public. Generally investors work on a logic, high risk, high return and vice versa. Bank deposits will never lose money, but will just give you a 5% return. Whereas, a startup can be risky, but it could give amazingly high level of returns, if successful.

  • Describe the benefits providing by startup India portal?

    Startup entity who registered themselves at portal is eligible to enjoy the benefits as mentioned below:

    Self accreditation: Self recognition to obey under 3 prescribed environmental law and 6 labour laws.

    Exemption in tax: Exemption in income tax for a period of 3 successive years.

    Under insolvency & bankruptcy code, 2016, windup of company will be processed easily in 90 days

    Patent request: Eligible for rebate of 80% in filing patent application.

    SIDBI fund of funds: Funds for investment into Startup’s through Alternate Investment Funds.

  • Are there any online courses for startups?

    Yes, startup initiates various online courses for entrepreneurs like learn the basics of financial accounting in one hour, 4 weeks startup India learning program, how to build confidence in your abilities, learn to write real, working android applications quickly. One can easily search the same on startup India portal as home> resources> online courses for entrepreneurs.

  • How do startup India portal helps in networking?

    Yes, Startup India aims to provide huge networking platform to the entrepreneur. It helps to connect with other startups, incubators, corporates, mentors, government and investors. Anyone can easily search these startups via startup India portal.

  • Do startup India portal provides any tools & resources for startups?

    Yes, one can register on the startup portal to acquire cost free access of available resources that helps to increase the knowledge about market research reports and partnered services.

  • How do I realize my enlistment is finished?

    When the application is finished, and the startup gets remembered, you will get a framework produced authentication of acknowledgement. You will have option to download this testament from the Startup India gateway.

  • For how long is an organization perceived as a startup?

    Any business element that has completed 10 years from the date of its enlistment, turnover not surpassed of 100 crores.

  • If during the enrollment process, a candidate mark the reaction to “would you like to profit Tax and IPR advantage” as “No” would I be permitted to change the reaction to “yes” later?

    Truly, in such cases, choice to decide on such advantages might be demonstrated as a later stage also. When a Once a client picks profiting the advantages, application would be assessed by the between pastoral board. Once ensured by the board, the advantages might be benefited.

  • What is the time span for acquiring confirmation of inter-ministerial board for profiting tax benefits in case any element as of now exists already exists?

    The inter-ministerial board meeting ordinarily happens once per month. The cases are handled in chronic order.The correspondence with respect to in regards to choice is sent to the enlisted mail id.



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