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Proprietorship Registration

What is Proprietorship Registration?

Sole Proprietorship is the most manageable form of business in India, the main reason this business, is attracting a lot of young entrepreneurs who are starting their business alone in beginning. This Proprietorship model has only one owner, and the registration process is super simple and easy, which is making the new business plan for most business entities. However, it requires the online proprietorship firm registration india to make it functional.

Prominence of sole proprietor firm registration online india

When you are trying to get the sole proprietor firm registration online india, you need to know what proprietorship registration is. You are at the correct place to learn what the sole proprietor firm registration online india is. Moreover, we are here to serve you the registration process and to learn about the document required for online proprietorship firm registration. So, let's get started with the basics.

Proprietorship is the choice of a business that you are willing to start, and to get it on track, you need to register it. When we talk about the sole proprietorship, this proprietorship based on a single person, it requires an online proprietorship firm registration India to open a current bank account. This bank account will be on the name of the business that you are planning to start. So, your business is on the right track, that too with minimum costing and even lesser compliance. This registration is the golden chance for most of the new business owners who are starting as solo owner. Also, the owner has to bear all the liabilities. The best part about starting and registering for the sole proprietorship is the simplicity and the ease of simple procedures and the least compliance for the business to get started.

proprietorship details
proprietorship Registration details

Benefits of registering and starting the business from the sole proprietorship

Here are some of the benefits that may incline you even more towards getting the sole proprietorship register and to start with.

  • This business offers the least cost and compliance, which is a huge plus point.
  • The sole proprietorship business is easy to close and start, as well.
  • This business is super cost-effective.
  • Also, the owner has absolute control over the business, and you are liberal to choose the name of the firm.

With the registration of the proprietorship, it is splendid stress-free to open a bank account. The registration of the business also provides the business a unique different trade name that helps to make it even more worthy and profitable.

Document required for online proprietorship firm registration

So, that some significant and incredible advantages of the sole proprietorship and, in return, you only have to pay the tax based on the turnover, which is necessary as well. Are you still looking for the perfect answer to what documents you need for the registration of the business? Neusource will help you out!

Documents lists for the registration of the proprietorship firm registration, here are

  • Aadhar card
  • PAN card
  • Bank account details
  • Registered office proof (Utility bill)
  • Mobile number , email id with passport size photograph of proprietor

These are the basic documents or proofs that you require for the registration of the business. However, we would suggest you get some other registrations as well. This way, your business will run smoothly without any hurdle or bump in the middle.

  • Registering as micro small medium enterprise
  • Shop and establishment act license
  • GST registration
Wrap up

As soon as you have done the legal procedure, you can get your business started properly and start gaining profit by putting in the best strategies to work. Make sure the business owner is familiar with the business process, tax, and any other legal process as well, to get the wheel rolling in the correct direction.

Other Registration

Want to be an entrepreneur ? Start with proprietorship registration !

Key Features & Benefits

Register your name for better shine.

Inexpensive Formation And Management

The cost of formation of a sole proprietorship is the minimum because no cost is involved in its formation excepting the license fee in certain cases. The management of the business is also inexpensive as no specialists is required to be appointed in various functional areas of the business which is the added advantages.

Quick & Easy Formation

The formation of sole proprietorship business is very easy and simple. No legal formalities are involved for setting up the business. The entrepreneur with initiative and certain amount of capital can set up such form of business.


Each and every aspect of the business is looked after by the proprietor and the business secrets are known to him only. He has no legal obligation to publish his accounts. Thus, the maintenance of adequate secrecy leaves no scope to his competitors to be aware of the business secrets.

Better Control

The entrepreneur check out the plan and execute the same by taking all decision. His eyes are on everything and everyone.This results in better control of the business and ultimately leads to efficiency.

Free Form Government Control

Sole proprietorship is the least regulated type of entity. Regulated laws are almost negligible in its formation, day-to-day operation and dissolution.

Easy Dissolution

Like that of formation, the dissolution of the sole proprietorship is also very easy. Since the proprietor is the supreme authority and no regulations are applicable for closure of the business, he can dissolve his business any time he likes.


Simple solutions for complex confusions.


proprietorship registration Packages

  • Proprietor Registration
  • Logo Designing
  • GST Registration
  • Bank Account Opening
  • Delivered in 7 Days
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  • LITE +
  • Trademark Filing
  • ISO Certification
  • MSME Registration
  • Delivered in 15 Days
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  • BASIC +
  • GST Compliances
  • ITR Filing
  • Delivered before Due Date
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We concern the matters relating to false guarantees and specifically addressed the same by providing the MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for the service in simply 7 working days. When an individual not absolutely pleased with the services for which he paid, he might standup the disappointment with a describing observation. We maintain with precaution and issue a refund or credit the charge card according to the internal refund policy.


Process of proprietorship registration

Easy registration, different schemes, and no future compliances

  • Process_1

    Applying for pan. If you already have one then this step is not required.

  • Process_2

    Select unique name of the proprietorship business.

  • Process_3

    Get your firm authorized with a chartered accountant.

  • Process_4

    Apply for GST registration if business turnover exceeds Rs 20 lakh

  • Process_5

    One can also get a shop and establishment registration certificate (Micro small medium enterprise registration (MSME)); though it’s not mandatory, it is beneficial to be registered under the same.

  • Process_5

    Following step is to open a current account with banks in the name of the proprietorship firm.

  • Process_5

    Tan registration is required if TDS deductions is made.

Documents Required For proprietorship registration Packages

Increase credibility with more flexibility

  • Pan card of the proprietor
  • ID proof of the proprietor
  • Address proof of the proprietor
  • Photograph of proprietor
  • Passport (in case of foreign national / NRI)
  • Email id and phone no

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  • What are the advantages of a sole proprietorship?

    Sole proprietorships have several advantages over others. They are easily formed and the proprietors appreciate sole regulator of the business incomes. But, a big disadvantage for sole proprietorship is the owner is personally legally responsible for all business damages and liabilities.

  • How do you raise capital for a sole proprietorship?

    A sole proprietor can raise capital by taking out loans to support the business. This business entity is not registered as an independent business but it’s operated under the name and personal responsibility of the owner.

  • Is GST registration mandatory for proprietorship firm registration?

    GST registration is not mandatory for proprietorship firm registration but depends on the business as well as turnover of the firm also. It is whole sole discretion of the proprietor whether he wants to register or not.

  • Why a sole proprietorship is best?

    Sole proprietorship businesses typically require less paperwork and are easier to maintain than partnerships or corporations. The accounting and record keeping methods are usually simple and straightforward in proprietorship and business owner is responsible only for the debts and liabilities.

  • Do you need a business license for a sole proprietorship?

    Sole proprietors usually need a general business license to legally operate their businesses. If proprietor deals with some different business activity like food business then Fssai license is required, if he does import export then IEC Code is required. All licenses depend on the business activity in which proprietor works.



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