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Why do we Need Mobile App

An organization can use the mobile application just to serve their client more actively and offer them a lot of services which help them to choose the right one without any bothering. In today’s scenario web presence is must important for the organization as it helps to expand the faith of the clients. With the help of mobile app an organization can directly approach their customers about the upcoming offers, advertisement, promotions, policies etc. which helps to manage the sales part also. Now in the techworld the mobile applications have given the golden opportunity to the entrepreneur to boost their businesses. If the entrepreneurs want to experience the number of clients then Neusource is here to approach them why the mobile app is required.

Get Ready for the Future

The organizations are working in a dynamic environment therefore to get the output and to understand the needs of the clients or customers; the entrepreneur has to update their working style and the modes of promoting and approaching the clients. Here as we are standing in the scenario where people spent most of their time on mobile phones that’s the reason mobile application is needed.

Collection of Customer Data

With the mobile application, collection of customer data is possible. Identification of regions, type of customers, their needs, demographic segments and the performance can be extracted. After having the awareness of all these stuff you can easily modify or update the product or services and create new opportunities and development of new product and images to meet the customer needs.

Pursue Consumer Loyalty

One of the most important grounds behind the development of mobile app is consumer loyalty. A mobile app facilitates a business to directly liaise with their customers. While using the mobile app, the promotional offers and advertisements have a greater impact on customers rather than roadside marketing or email marketing. For example, generally points, rewards or cashback offers are given to customers to gain their loyalty.

Effective Brand Recognition

Every business wants to make sure that when it comes to products or services, the customers should recall their brand first. Brand awareness can be created to a large extent through mobile app. Firstly, a customer will adore the application which have all useful features with the best to his requirement and secondly, attractive offers and promotions that helps to keep the customers engaged. The more engagement of customers increases the chances of more sales of the products or rendering the services.

Mode of Direct Marketing Model

Under old marketing method, a sales person was appointed along with the printing of brochures and hoardings in order to make customers aware of the business services. Now days, a single mobile app is enough to create that awareness among the customers. Mobile app can be informative with many other facilities like banking, gaming, online shopping, booking and various other service app. Further, the push notifications keep on reminding the customers about the services being offered along with promotional offers.

Increase in Profits

Customer satisfaction is directly linked with the business sales. In other words, an increase in level of customer satisfaction tends to increase the sales as well and vice a versa. In today’s scenario, almost every person is connected with internet via their mobiles. So accordingly a responsive website which can easily adapt to any screen regardless of its size is essential.

Wider Accessibility

It is not feasible to approach the target customers in different areas at the same time. The biggest advantage of mobile app is that it provides substantial exposure on various devices at the same time. Mobile apps can be considered as game changers for all businesses that offer a very high and effective customer service via wider access.


Retail & eCommerce

Education eLearning

Healthcare & Fitness

Logistics Distribution

Social Networking

Real Estate

Travel & Hospitality

Food & Restaurant

Demand Solutions

Gaming Solutions

Key Features & Benefits

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Effortlessness for the Client

It troubles the client to reach you for each and every service separately so it’s better to provide all the useful information under the mobile application and connected with them through the mobile app.

Feedback and Reviews from Customers

With the introduction of mobile applications the clients can easily approach us, correspond with us and provide feedback of the services or product delivered. This unbiased feedback helps us to grow the business consistently.

Great Performance

Mobile application brings the awareness and creates the platform where the businesses can interact with the targeted audience directly. It helps to construct the trust among the crowds and they are probably going to tune into the upcoming deals.

Presence in Social Media Platform

Mobile applications are effective platforms which involve the circle of users. To take the advantage of social platforms and to keep touching the next level heights, mobile application helps the businesses to create its presence and built the brand image.

Easy to Use

It is very crucial to create a high quality app. The app should be easy to use, innovative as well as informative. It must be developed according to mobile compatibility and should not be complicated and high in size.


The primary feature that should be implemented to protect data confidentiality that helps to keep the data reserved and sheltered. By this way a business can improve the trust factor among the customers.


Fantasies before launching mobile application

Types of Mobile Application

Informative Mobile Application

Informative mobile application is the type of mobile application where news and information are available. The apps provide their user with useful news and information in an easier and understandable manner. The information related to the things the users care for. Information apps are pretty straight forward app. They provide their users the information which they are looking for in most convenient manner.

Lead Generation Mobile Application

It is the application of producing leads or marketing software system with the desire for sustaining them all through and afterward converts them into a paying client. A lead generation app is the most useful app for the business. They generate business opportunities and helps in the expansion of the business activity by generating business for the users.

eCommerce Mobile Application

It is the application of electronically buying or selling of products at online portal. It is an online shopping model available to the retail customers to shop and pay online or to book online and pay cash at the time of delivery. An e-commerce mobile app generally provides an easy platform to buy and sell goods or services at an affordable, quicker and in most comfortable way than a normal offline market.

Services Offered by NeuSource

  • Approval on Play Store
  • Wireframe Designing upto 5 Screens
  • Contact Information
  • Unique Content, Graphics Provided by You
  • Plugins and APIs not Included
  • Free 3 months support
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  • Approval on Play Store
  • Wireframe Designing upto 8 Screens
  • Easy to Manage CMS
  • Unique Content, Graphics Provided by You
  • Plugins and APIs not Included
  • Implementation Support for 3 Months
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  • Approval on Play & Apple Store
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Easy to Manage CMS
  • Unique Content, Graphics Provided by You
  • Plugins and APIs not Included
  • Free 3 Months Support
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Our Process of Mobile App Development

  • Research on your Business

    Initially for the development of mobile application our experts will communicate with you regarding the business operations and conduct the proper research over it. Before developing the mobile application it is important to understand the needs of the business and customer.

  • Creating Wireframe and Design

    The wireframe is a blueprint and the guide to represent the application layout, it is the visual that how the application will work according to the objectives of the business.

  • Analysis and Collect Plugin and API

    After the implementation, make analysis and collect plugin and API. As both are the important part of mobile application as it helps to make strong connection with the customers.

  • Development and implementing

    The development and the implementation process will start after the analysis and collection of plugin and API. This is also the necessary portion of the process. Here the complete application has been developed and need to implement on trial basis.

  • Testing

    At this stage testing is required over the developed mobile application on your business so that we can modify some features as per the client expectation and achieve desired goal to make the business visibility more strong in dynamic environment.

  • Uploading on Playstore

    After the successful testing of the application the same will be uploading on the play store for the downloading purpose.

  • Delivery

    Delivery is the last and the crucial step for our organization. After the uploading and finalization of the application the mobile app will be delivered to the client with all necessary instructions as required to maintain the application.

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Business existence has become handheld via mobile app

  • Is the mobile app secure?

    Mobile application is safe and sheltered from the part of organization and customer both. An organization can develop the mobile app with all the critical information and show publically only required information so that no misappropriation can be possible. Proper encryption can be supported in customize mobile application. However, mobile devices do offer the login services to the customers and customers can the login by putting the information directly. They have to option to store the login information in installed mobile app so that they can access the account easily.

  • How much does it cost to build a mobile application?

    The costing of app developments is not fixed as it depends on the user how they want their app to look like. There are many influences which select the costing i.e. the screens in the application, dynamism, platform and the features.

  • Can we make changes in future after launch of mobile application?

    Yes, the upgradations and the modification can be possible even after the launch of the apps in the public and it’s based on number of factors such as arrival of new technology, competitor etc. The real work of maintenance starts after the building of the mobile application.

  • Is integration of payment gateway possible in the mobile application?

    The payment gateways can be integrated in the mobile application. The business can provide the online payment option in the mobile application as well to provide easy payment to the clients to use the service or products.

  • Whom to be targeted with the help of mobile application?

    Business would get to know that to whom they have to target. What’s their prefer customers who seems to be interested in getting the services or products of the business. For example, their age, issues, time, place, profession and other factors, a business should particularly focus on.

  • How the mobile application helps the business?

    Mobile application encourages the business to stand out from the crowd. Every customer seeks for something unique in the business model and the uniqueness attracts the customers. At this point mobile application helps you to grab the potential customers.


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