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Benefits of Facebook in Context of Business

Benefits of Facebook in Context of Business


Benefits of Facebook in Context of Business

Facebook is one of free social networking website which is very much popular all over the world and that provides facilities to registered users to create and update profiles, photos & videos, and to share messages, pictures, music, and video as well as thoughts and opinion.


1) Aware about brand: More than half of the world’s population interacting with social media platforms, so it would be easy for businesses to reach new & highly targeted potential customers.

2) Low cost marketing strategy: For business promotion, an entrepreneur has to incur huge amount through other sources but via Facebook he can fraction his cost for marketing.

3) Helps to share information, pictures & videos: This is very powerful way to communicate with their customers as well as potential customers, by allowing them to see your business’s product or services without having visit at your premises/outlets.
Together with it allows you to post text messages, update/upload photos and videos of your business.


1) Scams: Suspicious emails, messages & notifications are trick which is most widely used by hackers to hack your account for getting personal information.

2) Criticism: Too much groups & pages are exist on facebook which is being created for violation or abuse other religion, personalities etc. These kinds of activities disturb the social aura.

3) Issues in data privacy: Facebook provides privacy settings with reliability & security but some people misuse these settings. This is the reason when your personal information effected which you shared on Facebook.

Above we see some advantages & disadvantages, there are more examples. So we conclude here that use of this platform is completely depends upon the usage of user.
If it’s used in well manner then FB proves an amazing platform for us.
For marketing and networking purpose actually it’s a great tool. Using this site in better way, it proves as a best website for you and your business for marketing your brand.

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