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Key Features & Benefits

Corporations shall not be in business to make money only, social welfare shall also be the part of business objectives.

Firms As Members

Apart from individuals and associations of persons, Section 8 also allows firms to be members of these companies.

No Minimum Share Capital

Section 8 companies, unlike all other companies, do not require a prescribed minimum paid-up share capital.

Limited Liability

Members of these companies can only have limited liability. Their liabilities cannot be unlimited in any case

Government License

Such companies can function only if they have the Central Government’s license. The Government can revoke this license as well.


Since these companies possess charitable objectives, the Companies Act has accorded several benefits and exemptions to them.

Charitable Objectives

Section 8 companies do not aim to make profits. Their objectives are purely charitable in nature. They aim to further causes like science, culture, research, sports, religion, etc.


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Section-8 Company Registration Packages

  • 1. Two DIN/DSC of Promotor
  • 2. Incorporation Certificate
  • 3. PAN/TAN Acknowledgement
  • 4. Two Master Copy of MOA/AOA
  • 5. Call us For EMI Option
  • 6. Delivered in 30 Days
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  • 1. Package-1+
  • 2. Trademark Filing
  • 3. ISO Certification
  • 4. GST Registration
  • 5. Call us For EMI Option
  • 6. Delivered in 30 Days
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Basic +
  • 1. Package-2+
  • 2. ROC Compliances
  • 3. ITR/GST Compliances
  • 4. Call us For Monthly Subscription
  • 5. Delivered before Due Date
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Process of Section-8 Company Registration

Satisfaction lies in the effort, not in the attainment.

  • Process_1

    Checking the availability for Proposed Name

    It is not possible to register a name that is too similar to an existing company name or trademark. When it comes to name of company, a degree of freedom is given by the companies’ act 2013, however, there are certain rules and restrictions that are required to be consider during selecting the name. It is advised to submit with two names in the order of preference. Company name rules and guidelines will be used at the time of application.

  • Process_2

    Obtain digital signature ( dsc)

    First have to apply the digital signature of the subscribers. All documents of company are required to be signed digitally and online application made.

  • Process_3

    Draft documents, moa and aoa

    Memorandum of association is the charter of the company and defines the scope of its activities whereas article of association regulates the internal working of the company. Draft another documents like ground of application, declaration, affidavit, and various statements etc. All declarations and affidavit get notarized and stamped at sufficient value.

  • Process_4

    Filing of spice 32 form ( incorporation form )

    Filing of incorporation form for getting central government approval and certificate of Incorporation after attaching mandatory documents in Form Spice-32.

  • Process_5

    Issuance of license and certificate of incorporation

    After verification of all documents, Roc will issue a certificate of incorporation along with central government license which contains 6 digit numbers.

Documents Required For Section-8 Company Registration

Individual commitment to a group effort makes a team work or a society work

  • Name of company
  • Main object details
  • Capital details ( authorized and paid up)

About section 8 registration in India?

Section 8 Company registration in India is for the people who want to register a non-profit organisation or a non-government organisation. These companies can be registered as per section 8 of the companies’ act 2013. Any nonprofit or a non-government organisation should work to promote or support the public cause.

A non-profit organisation established to promote art, commerce, sport, education research, environmental protection, religion, charity and much more. All incomes generated through the company are used for the promotion of objective instead of sharing. There will be no dividends paid to the members of the company (NGO). Here we will discuss the provisions about the NGO registration in form of section 8 company, attributes, welfares, registration process etc.

Section 8 company registration online
Attributes for the NGO Registration in India
  • Profits generated from the company will be used only for the promotion of its main objects and they required getting an exclusive license from central government for the purpose of online section 8 company registration in India.
  • This NGO registration in India will enjoy special privileges subject to the obligations of a limited company.
  • The company cannot be converted into one person’s company.
  • Clauses can be amended in the company’s AOA only with the prior permission of the central government.
  • The ownership can be easily transferred as per the amendments in AOA.
  • Shareholders of the company will enjoy voting rights in the ratio of a number of shares held by them providing ample opportunity to everyone in important decision making.
Welfare serves to online section 8 company registration
  • The NGO registration in India gives a perpetual company existence along while having organisational operations with great flexibility.
  • The profits generated from the company are completely exempted from tax, and there is no need for minimum capital requirements. The capital structure also can be altered as per the changing and growth requirements of the company.
  • Section 8 company registrations in India gives excellent credibility to companies when compared to other charitable trusts because MOA and AOA formed at the incorporation which cannot be altered at any point of time, and there are strict rules in place in managing profit and loss of the company which makes them a trustworthy option.
  • The donors for these companies get a various tax exemption under Income tax act.
Section 8 Company Registration process in India
  • To get online section 8 company registration, it should have at least two directors where one among them, the active director should be resident of India. The company should also have a proper physical address in India.
  • A NGO formed here should aim to use the generated profits for the stated objective of the company only, and section 8 company is controlled by two proposed directors mentioned in the Moa. As a part of the incorporation process, the directors should obtain a digital signature certificate for which they need to submit Pan, Aadhar, Driving license. After the documents are submitted, one has to complete electronic KYC or OTP procedures to get digital signatures on their name.
  • In parallel, the company name approval certificate should be applied, which takes 24-72 hours for approval. Next incorporation certificate of the company accompanied with central government license should be obtained by applying with AOA and MOA.
  • Along with this, the online section 8 company registration processes also involves obtaining an 80G certificate, an exemption certificate for part or full payment on the taxes for the donations collected.
  • Along with this, the online section 8 company registration processes also involves obtaining an 80G certificate, an exemption certificate for part or full payment on the taxes for the donations collected.

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  • Define section 8 company (NGO)?

    A company (NGO) which has main objective is to do social welfare by promoting commerce, education, research, art, science, sports, religion, charity, etc. If any profit generates from working of company then it would be applied for promoting the said object.

  • Where a section 8 company does register?

    A person or an association of persons can make an application under section 8 of companies act to the Registrar of Companies using requisite forms to register a company with charitable objectives

  • Can director of section 8 draws salary?

    There is no restriction in payment of remuneration to employees / directors of section 8 companies.

  • Is GST applicable to section 8 company?

    While the definition of “taxable person under GST” includes a trust, society, or section 8 company. These entities are not engaged in any economic activity just like trading and commerce so they cannot be treated as a taxable person under GST.

  • What is difference between 12A and 80G?

    Registering under the 12A section allows the section 8 company to exempt from tax rates. On the other hand, section 80G registration exempts the taxable income of person who donates to the NGO which leads to more donations.



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