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Key Features & Benefits

For business to succeed, look into key benefits of registration

Easy Formation

The only requirement for starting a partnership firm in most cases is a partnership deed. Hence, it is relatively ease to form. Legal formalities associated with formation are minimal. Though, the registration of a partnership is desirable, but not obligatory.

Unlimited Liability

That means, if the assets of the firm are insufficient to meet the liabilities, the personal properties of the partners, if any, can also be utilized to meet the business liabilities.


The partnership business is flexible. The partners can easily appreciate and quickly react to the changing conditions. No giant business organisation can run so quick and quickly respond to new opportunities.

Tax And Compliances Advantage

Partnerships are pass-through tax entities. Taxation rates and compliances applicable to partnership firms are lower than the other form of business.

Diffusion of Risk

In case of partnership, the losses of the firm are shared by all the partners as per their agreed profit-sharing ratios. Thus, the share of loss in case of each partner will be less than that in case of proprietorship.

Continuity of Business

A partnership cannot carry out in perpetuity. Death, retirement, bankruptcy, insolvency or insanity of any partner will dissolve the partnership. The remaining partners may continue the partnership if they so choose, but a new agreement must be drawn up between the new partners or remaining partners.


Great things in business are never done by one individual. They’re finished by a group of individuals

What is Partnership registration in India?

Today, many individuals are very curious about partnership firm registration online india. But they do not know what precisely it is? A partnership is an employer structure where two or extra humans control and run an organization in accord with the conditions and aims set out in the partnership deed. Partnership firm registration online india is relatively simple and widespread among small and medium sized companies in the unorganized sectors.

What is the importance of partnership firm registration?

Online registration of partnership firms is simple to form because no intricate business formalities need to be fulfilled. Partnership firm registration online india, isn't compulsory as such and at the discretion of their partner. Document is required for online registration of partnership firm, if they wish to enrol. But a venture company can't avail lawful advantages if it's not registered, thus it's always a good idea to register it.

You can easily understand benefits and importance of online registration of partnership firm by below points,


Partnership Registration Packages

  • Partnership Registration
  • Logo Designing
  • GST Registration
  • Bank Account Opening
  • Delivered in 7 Days
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  • LITE +
  • Trademark Filing
  • ISO Certification
  • MSME Registration
  • Delivered in 15 Days
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  • BASIC +
  • GST Compliances
  • Firm ITR Filing
  • Delivered before Due Date
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We concern the matters relating to false guarantees and specifically addressed the same by providing the MONEY BACK GUARANTEE for the service in simply 7 working days. When an individual not absolutely pleased with the services for which he paid, he might standup the disappointment with a describing observation. We maintain with precaution and issue a refund or credit the charge card according to the internal refund policy.


Process of Partnership Registration

Coming organized is foundation, staying organized is movement, and working organized is achievement.

  • Process_1

    Pre-requirement of forming a partnership firm.

    Firstly, refer with the specialists about whether partners want to get registered partnership firm or unregistered firm.

  • Process_2

    Drafting and completing of partnership deed.

    Drafting of partnership deed with the clauses such as the name of firm, business place of the firm, main business activity for which firm is registering, profit sharing ratio or contribution of the partners and any other conditions required.

  • Process_3

    Stamp duty payment and notary of deed.

    Stamp duty payment on partnership deed as per the applicable state law makes the deed effective. Subsequently the deed shall be notarized after providing the signature of all partners along with witnesses to agreement.

  • Process_4

    Request for PAN Card.

    An application made to the income tax department for allocation of pan card in name of partnership which defines the independency of partners from the partnership firm.

  • Process_5

    Initial current account with bank.

    The current account in the name of the partnership firm shall be opened in order to operate the business of the firm.

  • Process_6

    Process with GST registration.

    After completion of all process, partners apply for GST registration in name of partnership firm in which one partner will act as an authorized representative who will comply all the formalities.

Documents Required For Partnership Registration Packages

The strength of each member is the team

  • One name of partnership
  • Main object details
  • Capital investment details
  • Profit sharing ratio

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  • Is it necessary to register a partnership?

    No, it is not necessary to register a partnership. However, it is advised to get the firm registered to give it a legal identity. Annual compliances are mandatory irrespective of the registration status of the partnership.

  • How many persons are compulsory to commence a partnership firm?

    A minimum of two persons is required to start a partnership firm and maximum can be 20. Many small businesses are started as a sole proprietorship by their owners and far ahead changed into another entity just to protect the owner from being personally responsible to forthcoming business creditors.

  • How much capital is required to start a partnership firm?

    A partnership firm can be started with any sum of least capital. There are no criteria for mandatory capital contribution in cash; it could be in kind also.

  • Is partnership deed in writing fundamental to structure a partnership firm?

    As per the contract act it’s not essential to have the agreement in writing. However, it is always prudent to make a partnership deed to produce to the third parties with whom the partnership firm came into contract just like banks, income tax authorities and clients etc.

  • Can a partnership be established for a particular business task?

    A partnership can be established for a particular business task. A person might also come in a partnership with any other for a single undertaking. The duration of firm can be for the completion of a specific project or for a certain period or at will.

  • How to register a partnership firm in india?

    Neusource helps with the registration process of a partnership firm with no hassle and less documentation. Just follow the documentation procedure mentioned below.



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