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Neusource Startup Minds India Limited a startup consultancy company whose aim is to provide various type of professional services that is a pre-requisite to form a successful startup. This organization is enlisted under the laws of Companies act 2013. We have knocked this industry in order to serve our professional services to all the states of India. So far, Neusource has turns itself into a significant brand in the predominant market of startup. The purpose of our company is to provide the best degree of administrations to its customers so that they can have a sensation of secureness to do their business freely and become an active compliant business in India.

However, being a human there are certain flaws that probably occurred while delivering our services. Don't hesitate to bring out our flaws to the organization as we have a commitment of providing best services to our client and satisfy them. We are hereby to resolve your queries. We assure you a refund of the fee charged earlier, if it is justified that the problem has arrived due to any error occur from our side.

At the time of forming a contract, our executive will provide you all the details and information about the working style of organization, its time limit of delivery, quality and consideration of cost. One can clear all their queries before entering into such contract.

We let our customer to speak first about their queries and afterwards a proper judgment will be given to resolve such problems. We won’t pressurize our client to stay connected with us, whenever he wants to discontinue our contract he is free to do so except for the situation where most of the work is already done from our side or when customer has some malfunctioning intention to do so or demoralize our goodwill.


We are well aware that zeal is important component for doing a good business till perpetuity. However with the intention to work there is a flaw which will arrive with them. For the sake of our customer satisfaction policy, we have a refund and cancellation policy even after one has initiated the assignment payment.

However there are certain situation in which we deduct some minor professional charges, for e.g.
  • 1.When your work is completed to some extent. For e.g. If contract is 50 % completed, we will deduct the government cost involved and some of our professional fee as every person has a right to pay for their hard work.
  • 2.When Government fee is paid for any assignment and the approval is stuck from the government side.
  • 3.When work gets delayed to due to irresponsible behavior of customer like hiding important information’s or documents necessary for completion of assignment.


Neusource have a team of professionals which is expert in their specified area. Here we assist the one stop solution to the upcoming startup so that they can fly high in the corporate world. Startup services includes the things like registration work, compliances work, licensing work, taxation work, creative job, legal job, graphic design, lead creation etc. Every job is unique and important in its own way.

Creative Work

When the job is related with Creative Work i.e. logo designing, website creating, blog portal designing, mobile app designing, we will provide you proper samples, draft of the content so that one can check the quality of work as directed by your necessities.

However, In case of any causalities like any flaws in the assignment or quality of work is not as per agreed terms, in such cases we will try to re-write the content for the sake of customer satisfaction without any further charges. And if client is still not satisfied we will initiate the refund of 100% of the amount except in the case where the intention of the client is malafied.

Registration and Licensing Work

When the point came about the Registration and Licensing Work and it includes company registration, GST registration, LLP registration, other supportive license and registration that is required to complete the existence of startup.

However there are some exceptional situations where the refund policy doesn’t apply, which are as follows:

  • Client doesn’t complete the documentation process timely and ask for refund.
  • Client neglects to give the required and valuable right data.
  • When the important formation is intentionally hidden by the client due to which assignment cannot be completed.
  • Client drops his idea and quits the project and 50% of the work gets completed.
  • Client is stuck on name availability of entity, while the same has been well informed to the client before entering into the contract.
  • When there are disputes among the founders of the company and in between of registration process they ask for refund.

In such type of cases the refund will be calculated upon the percent of the work completed till the cancellation of contract is initiated from client side.

The considered amount will be balance money after deduction of all government expense paid and our professional charges .

Compliances Work

When the point came about the Compliances Work then client must take the initiative to get the compliances done within the time. Compliances like company compliances, GST returns, Income tax returns, LLP compliances, company event based compliances, Roc annual compliances etc. When the due dates terminate, the penalty is begin to apply on the structures that is required to be documented.

Refund Cases

1. If the compliance package gets terminated due to non-renewal, no penalty or cost will be borne by us.

2. If compliance package gets renewed but there is some penalty, such penalty shall be borne by client only

Note: Client has to submit necessary proof before initiating the cancellation of contract regarding their objections.

Timeliness Delivery

If there is a commitment about some delivery of work and got delayed due to some situations below-mentioned are some relief given to client under refund policy:

1. 100% of the amount (after deducting government expenses) shall be refunded in the following cases:
  • If any flaws are left in the assignment due to the mistake of employees which cannot be corrected.
  • When the work gets delayed, due to the mistake of our employees only.
2. No refund shall be initiated in the following cases
  • If delay persists in commencement, continuation of any work due to non-providing of input data, documents or delayed providing of information or there is any lack of records on the part of client.
  • The error or omission committed by the employees due to incomplete information or records receives from the client.
  • If the delay occur due to client intention of malfunctioning or getting refund due to false statement or allegations.

Services availed on Discount or through any coupons

When the service availed from the company at the time of discounting hours or any coupon is applied, then refund shall be initiated as after deducting such discounting amount.


  • Client has the choice to take either refund amount or to avail another services to the extent of refund amount only.
  • The refund shall not be provided in non-working days.
  • The maximum time for initiating the refund is 15 working days.
  • Refund amount shall be deposited to Client Account or can be done through cheque, Paytm, google pay or any other electronic mode as agreed by client and Neusource
  • A proper professional team shall be allotted to respective cases and after hearing all the cases the refund shall be initiated.
  • All the necessary proof shall be disclosed by the client for getting refund. No refund will be provided if no documentary evidence is provided for the case.
  • No refund shall be provided if the service gets delayed due to any un-avoidable circumstances or any pandemic situation.
  • No refund shall be made is the intention of the client is to just make money from such refund or to harm the goodwill of Neusource.
  • Once the request has been initiated by the client, our grievance team will investigate the case and will come into a decision which shall be accepted by all the parties involved.


Dispute Resolution

In the occasion if debate emerges out of or regarding this Policy, the Parties will endeavor to determine the question through amicable discussion. If both the parties are not able to resolve their disputes mutually the dispute may be resolved through any Delhi arbitrator. The final judgment of arbitrator shall be final and shall be binding on all the parties as it will be according to the laws of India.


The Parties must carry all the efforts to complete the project. The intention should be pure and not malfunctioning of both the parties.


Proper communication shall be served to both the parties. Communication include E-mail, phone calls, whatsapp and normal messages to appropriate members of the parties.

Force Majeure

The service provider shall not be liable for failure to perform, nor be deemed to be in default under this policy for any delay due to an act of god or any unavoidable circumstances. Unavoidable grounds can be termed as storm, flood, terrorism, natural calamities, riot, lockdown, blockade, acts of war, or power failure and other natural pandemic situations that are out of control from the human beings. During this the committed time can be extended.


If the clause or any provision of this policy remains unlawful or invalid then that clause will be removed from the agreement to the minimum extend and further remaining will be valid and be enforceable.

Governing Law and Forum for Disputes

Any dispute arises anywhere will be resolved by the court having jurisdiction in New Delhi, India. This policy shall be governed by Indian law only.

Complete Policy

This policy is drafted between the company and the client and if client wants to amend any of the applicable clauses then he can do so by discussing with the Neusource. It’s totally depends on the service provider that is company whether it must be modifiable or not.

Malafied Intention

Mala fide Intention includes but not limited to -

1. Request for refund against creative works after everything is done, specially when no objection was raised while execution of particular creative assignment.

2. Request for refund with the intention to defame the reputation of company.

3. In case of long-term projects where part approvals and part payment is involved asking for full refund after completion of that particular project. Where is, while doing this particular project, client was initiating regular part payments and never raised any disputes during the project execution, then suddenly after completion of project he/she raised question that the work is not satisfactory.


Our motto is to make our clients satisfied by rendering best professional services. We treat our respected client as a part of Neusource. Any disputes among us can be cleared mutually as we believe in Long Term relationships. This policy helps us to put aside any miscommunication or flaws among us which may lead to a step further to rot our valuable relationships with our respectful customers.

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