What are NBFCs?

What are NBFCs?

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Non-banking Financial Companies (NBFC) are quickly arising as a significant portion of the Indian economy. NBFCs offer nearly everything as banks do, performing monetary intermediation in an assortment of ways, making advances, tolerating stores, and advances, renting, employing buying, and so forth NBFCs can raise assets from the general population, straightforwardly or by implication, and can unreservedly loan them to extreme spenders. The base residency to acknowledge stores is a year and the most extreme time frame of 60 months. NBFC advance advances to the different little discount and retail dealers and independently employed people. NBFC is exceptionally famous because of its alluring interest rates on stores. Nonetheless, in the current situation, RBI isn't giving any permit to Deposit-Taking NBFCs.

The working and activities of NBFCs are managed by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) inside the system of The Reserve Bank of India Act. Segment 45-IA gives that no NBFC will initiate or carry on the business of a Non-Banking Financial Institution without acquiring a Certificate of NBFC Registration given by the Hold Bank of India.

What NBFCs can do?

• Non-banking Financial Companies can ensure stock and offers, TFCs, and different responsibilities.

• Gives advances and credit workplaces to the Public

• Trading cash market instruments

• Supporting private tutoring and Business

• Overflow Management

• Restricting organizations for instance restricting instruments

Types of NBFCs

1. Investment Company

2. Loan Company

3. Infrastructure Finance Company

4. Housing Finance Company

5. Core Investment Company

6. Micro Finance Company

7. Asset Finance Company

8. Mortgage Guarantee Company

NBFCs Type I & Type II

Type I - NBFC-ND - not tolerating public resources/not meaning to recognize public resources later on and not having client interface/not proposing to have client interface later on.

b) Type II - NBFC-ND - Accepting public resources/meaning to recognize public resources later on as well as having client interface/proposing to have client interface later on.

Most Popular NBFC Types


  • Financing of Physical assets like car, Machine

  • 60% total loan book and income should must be from Assets finance

  • For registration ? 200 Lac Fixed deposit / NOF


  • Personal Loan, Business loan, Secured loan (Lap), Gold Loan, Loan against

  • shares etc., Payday loan & all type of unsecured loans. except Asset Financing

  • For registration ? 200 Lac Fixed deposit / NOF


  • Only Unsecured loan to lower income group (Rural ?1 lac p.a & 1.60 lac p.a in urban

  • Loan Max ?60 K in the first cycle and subsequent ?100 K

  • For Registration FD / NOF ? 500 lac other than north east


  • Market place lending platform (Investor to the borrower)

  • P2P NBFC will provide only services not loans and will manage

  • Credit reporting, collection, etc.

  • For registration Minimum NOF ? 200 Lac

Bank Vs. NBFC





The bank acts as an intermediary. They pay interest on deposits.

Borrowers and banks are associated straightforwardly normally on an internet-based stage.

Interest Earned

Bank earns interest on the funds they


Charges are acquired from the loan specialist or borrower for benefiting from the help Presented through the stage.


Banks take on the risk and must keep

a capital reserve to cover potential


The loaning is straightforwardly between the loan specialist and borrower so no interest is procured by the commercial center loan specialist or

stage and no capital save is Required.


Transparency is limited and

depositors have poor visibility in

Relation to how their funds are used.

Straightforwardness is underscored as loan specialists can see the assets it is made to be loaned and reimbursements

Liquidity Buffer

This is expected to overcome any issues between store developments and advance Repayment.

No such buffer is required.


Documents Required for NBFC Registration

  • Ensured duplicate of Certificate of Incorporation given by the recorder of organizations.

  • The concentration of the primary item condition in the MOA obviously portrays the monetary business.

  • The Audited monetary record and Profit and Loss account alongside chiefs and inspectors report for the whole time of the organization's presence, or for the most recent three years, whichever is less.

  • If there should arise an occurrence of new organization legal examiner testament. Duplicate of the authentication of Director's most noteworthy instructive and proficient capability.

  • Duplicate of Director's experience authentication in the Financial Services Sector (counting Banking Sector)

  • Brokers report portraying subtleties of stores and credits adjusts as on the date of utilization and the director of the record.

NBFC Registration Procedure

  • Private Limited Company Registration

  • Minimum NOF of ?2 Crore

  • Opening of Bank A/c and FD of NOF

  • Submission of Application to RBI

  • Due Diligence by RBI

  • Objection/Additional Requirement by RBI

  • Follow up with RBI Case Officer

  • Presentation and Meeting with RBI Officer

  • COR and T&C by RBI

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