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  • Company Registration
  • MSME Registration
  • GST Registration
  • TradeMark Filing
  • ISO Certification
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  • Lite+
  • One Page Website
  • Startup Registration
  • Startup India Portal Registration
  • GeM Portal Registration
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  • Basic+
  • One Year Compliances
  • One Informative Video
  • Set of 14 Booklets
  • 59 Minutes Loan Aplication
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Note: Out of Pocket expenses like Trademark filing fees, Stamp duty and Digital Signature expenses separately charged

⭕Investors, Customers & Employees trust more on registered businesses.

Get to know the Kind of Business registration applicable to your Startup


Click on the link & know more about Business Registration.

👉There are Common Registrations for All Startups:📄📝

Company Registration

GST Registration

MSME Registration

Trademark Registration

ISO Certification

PF/ESI Registration

👉Watch the Startup Registration playlist on YouTube to know what kind of registration required for your startup to gain trust in the Market

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Create a good boy Image of your company in the eyes of Law.📈

Rules ⬅️ COMPLIANCE ➡️ Law

↙️ ⬇️. ↘️

Policies Standards Regulations

👉Know which Kind of Business compliances applicable to your Startup


🔖What are the types of Startup Compliances?

● ROC Compliance

● GST Compliance

● Income Tax Compliance

● TDS Compliance

🔖What PENALITIES are there if Compliances are not completed on time?

Watch the Startup Compliances playlist on YouTube to know how to create a good boy image of your startup in the eyes of Law

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Key Features & Benefits

Register your company & choose to opt for perpetual succession benefit.

Business Credibility

The information relating to the company, such as name of the company, date of incorporation, registered office address, status of the company are made in a publicly searchable database. This feature makes increase the credibility between the customer, vendors and investors.

Easy Exit Plan

An exit plan is essential for every entrepreneur to get for all their hard work. Limited company offer best type of exit strategy for all promoters. Only shares can be sold or transferred in part or whole to another entity easily without any hassles, while business remains a going concern.

Limit The Risk On Personal Assets

Profit and loss are part & parcel of the business. Therefore, it is to be protect our near and dear ones in case financial difficulties. Limited company has “Limited liability” Protection, it means that only the assets of the business are at risk, and not the promoter's personal assets such as personal bank account, car, houses.

Attract Funding

It is essential for all businesses to grow quickly and company have the ability to attract funding from any source i.e. angel investors, private equity firms, family, friends by way of transferring of shares or debentures.

Build Great Team

Success in business is now determined by having the ability to quickly build great teams. Today's high performing employees are looking for more than just a high salary. ESOPs feel they are part of the business and only company can ESOP have Plan

Globalize Your Business

Company is the only types of entity that allow for Foriegn Direct Investment (FDI) upto by both route, means any foriegn entity or person can invest in a company without prior government approval.

Documents Required For Company Registration

Common mistake! entrepreneur pays less attention to company compliances.

  • Two name of company ( proposed )
  • Main object details
  • Capital details ( authorized and paid up)

Process of Company Registration

Done with business registration? Next stop, startup registration for business expansion!

  • Checking for proposed name availability

    It is not possible to register a name that is too similar to an existing company name or trademark. When it comes to name of company, a degree of freedom is given by the companies’ act 2013, however, there are certain rules and restrictions that are required to be consider during selecting the name.The name of the private company should close by word 'Private Limited'. It is advised to submit with two names in the order of preference. Company name rules and guidelines will be used at the time of application.

  • Obtain digital signature ( dsc)

    During the registration process, all the documents are submitted online through MCA Portal. The incorporation forms are required certification of the directors and shareholders using digital signature certificate. All directors and shareholders should have a digital signature certificate to authenticate the documents that are being filed.

  • Execution of company registration documents

    After the company name approval, the company incorporation documents such as memorandum of association (e-MOA) and articles of association (e-AOA) have to be executed by the promoters in the prescribed format along with documents i.e. consent to act as director, affidavits and declaration and KYC of promoters and utility bill not older than 2 months for registered office address.

  • Company incorporation E-form submission

    For successful completion of process, it is required to submit the e-forms with the MCA on the website for the purpose of approval.

  • Generation of certificate of incorporation

    Once the forms get approved, the certificate of incorporation will be issued under the hand of Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

  • Start your business now.

    On receipt of certificate of incorporation, the private limited company comes into existence in the eyes of law. First amount of subscribed and paid-up share capital shall be deposited in the current account of company. The promoters and directors may now commence the operations and business activities in the name of the company.


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Know the compliances applicable for Startup

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