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How you can reach us...

You can get in touch with us through phone Call or E-Mail or Whatsapp, we’d love to help! Your Relationship Manager shall call you back and will drop a message to understand your requirements or concerns (You can ask for official mobile number of your Relationship Manager to arrange call for you at your own convenience by mailing at above support ID or make a request by emailing us.)

Business Hours

11.00 AM to 5.00 PM

Weekly off: Saturday, Sunday

*Gazzatted Holidays applicable

Take Care

Ask all your grievances, whatever is your requirement or any technical query only to your relationship manager; so that he/she can reply to you officially in writing. Any reply other than through mail/ portal/ app shall only be personal opinion of staff and shall not be construed to official reply of Neusource.

Even if you are communicating to any staff of Neusource & you feel comfortable in getting your things directly; still it is request to take your relationship manager in the loop each time so that our backend administration, can monitor the quality, output and timely delivery of services.

Escalation Matrix

You can escalate your grievance to senior if your grievance is not satisfactorily resolved in due course.

Step 1: Submission of your complaint

Mail or Call, Whatsapp to Relationship Manager. Info your Grievance above details Ticket and register your complaint. You will receive a detailed response within 2 working days. must provide follow a details with your client code, client name, register mobile number and email id with details of Grievance.



Step 2: Escalation, if the complaint is not resolved within 2 working days.

If you grievance not resolved within 2 working days, you can escalate your complaint to our Manager of Client Relations.



Step 3: Escalation, if the complaint is not resolved within next 3 working days.

If you grievance not resolved within 2 working days, you can escalate your complaint to our Manager.



Service Requests (Tickets)

We create Service Tickets for all of your concerns. These tickets are created and processed for resolution by your relationship manager only. Further these tickets are also forwarded for further follow-ups by concerned persons in organization under close monitoring of your relationship manager.

We expect that each issue concerning you shall come across by your relationship manager. Hence we request you to please bring all issues whether big or small to your relationship manager.

Our standard ticket resolution time is 48 hours; after which the tickets automatically gets transferred to Manager-Client Relations; who closely monitors it for reasons behind abnormal delays. Your concerns are classifieds into following 10 categories.

Client Inquiries regarding any technical matter or clarification over tax issues is responded officially.

Status Request
Request for assignment status is responded duly.

Delivery Request
Any assignment if done but documents not delivered is recorded and arranged to be delivered on priority basis.

Order/ New Requirement
Your request for fresh assignment.

Client complaints over service quality/ on time delivery or expedition request.

Instruction on Assignments
Any special instruction or fact to be taken care for performance of some current or future assignment. We record it with client masters so as to be taken care at the time of execution.

Payment Confirmation
Any payment if made by you and if we have not acknowledged it through the system; we confirm it with the accounts department officially.

Inputs/ Explanation Service If client is demanded for any pending document or explanation on some matters and client has served it. We acknowledge the same officially

Accounts Reconciliation Any reconciliation or enquiry regarding accounts with Neusource is analyzed & tallied to get your clarity & confirmation.

Any other matter is recorded and resolved.

Client Policies

Quality Policy

Neusource is committed to Total Quality Management. Our aim is to be recognized by our clients as a preferred source of quality services that consistently meet their evolving needs. We achieve this by understanding our clients’ precise requirements and ensuring that they are successfully and constantly fulfilled. We believe in continuously improving our processes and services in order to attain excellence and ensure that our staff is similarly committed to quality improvements.

We are determined to improve productivity and focus continuously on innovation and up-gradation of our services and people. We believe that clients can be served with high quality services only by those organizations, who have a culture of quality deliveries. We also believe that culture is developed through a well thought delivery and performance standards with written procedures and thereafter a rigorous follow-up of those standards.

Secrecy Policy

“Neusource Startup Minds India Limited, New Delhi hereby undertake to keep all communications, correspondence, records, information, knowledge, documents and other matters and details exchanged between Neusource and your company or Neusource may become aware of in the course of dealing between us, in strict confidence and shall impose the same obligations on their respective partners, employees and representatives who may be by virtue of this appointment become aware of the above mentioned communications, etc.;

Neusource and any of the officers or employees of Neusource will maintain utmost confidentiality of information or data of your Company. Neusource will not be allowed to carry any document, record etc. outside your Company. Neusource will not use, reproduce any information, data related to your Company with any third party without any approval or directions of the management. Neusource will keep yourselves indemnified against loss or damage incurred due to any unauthorized use of information related to your company.

We declare that we, will not communicate or allow to communicate to any person not legally entitled thereto any information relating to the affairs of any person having any dealings with Neusource nor we allow any such person to inspect or have access to any books or documents belonging to or in the possession of company relating to the business of the company or to the business of any person having any dealing with the company. We also declare that the standard professional ethics will be duly adhered.

Client Value Statement

Neusource aims to serve with…

"A quality service on the propositions that bears real value for our clients. We thrive to provide the best quality output which is unmatched in industry by other co-players. Have a look here, for grounds where we put ourselves different from other level players in the market."






NeuSource helped thousands of startups to start, nurture and grow their business in a simplest, easiest & innovative way....
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7 Reason Choose Neusource

  • 1. Get access to our dedicated startup consultants team who are ready to answer all your questions for free.

  • 2. Our goal statement your Startup Success Is also make as different from others and offer you advantages on one can.

  • 3. As a client you get a no questions asked money back guarantee.

  • 4. If you take action right now you can get Access ot the special attention to your startup.

  • 5. Our team has a combined experience of more than 10 years so you can be assured you are getting the best support that will help you succeed.

  • 6. We have in depth training system for our team which gives you the same experience in your dellverable.

  • 7. We don’t come cheap, we as a company follow our client services pollcy as a rituals.

Excellent Customer Support

24x7 Support

We are there to serve you, no matter if it is a weekend or working day. At Neusource startup minds india limited we provide 24 X 7 services to our customer. In this fast moving world, customer want fast result and that’s what we does at Neusource. customer can avail the services from any corner of the world, at any point of time from us. We have efficient team to provide 24 X 7 services. People working in our teams have been well trained in their work. They are capable of answering query of the customer and in providing efficient solutions to their problem on time.

Money Back Guarantee

Customer service guarantee are the part of neusource service strategy.You will get more than what you paid for, if we are late at our service or there is any deficiency in promised services. We provide our customer, services equal to full payment if there is any change in his plan.We provide quick respond to issue and quick refund of money if we fail to meet our commitment.

Delivery Time

All our services are time definite. We offer our customer a fast and secure service delivery at fixed scheduled time. At neusource we believe that our customer time is very precious and that's why we adhere to our timelines in delivering any services.Customers can avail our concept of fastrack and specialised services at premium cost with predetermined time.

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NeuSource Startup Minds India Limited was born from a passion to bring improvement to the Best Startup Consultancy Services. We believe in the simple idea that establishing startups in India should be easy. With over 10, 000 existing clients base and to accomplish our mission we are providing the largest startup consultancy platform with a range of ONE STOP SOLUTION like business services which includes Company Registration process, Business consulting services, Startup registrationlaw, taxation, video editing, web designing, content writing, web development, digital marketing, graphic designing, chartered accountant, and Company Secretary and management consultancy services. Since our beginning, we have helped thousands of startups to start, operate and nurture their business. We being an ISO 9001:2015. certified company, always peruse to deliver innovative startup business solutions and result-oriented counsel to provide the best startup consultancy. Today, our customers range from the largest most recognizable companies in the country to small local consultants. We commenced the business of providing startup consultancy services in 2008 through sole proprietorship M/s NeuSource; growth led us to expand from ourHeadquarter in Delhi to include offices in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bengaluru, Kolkata, Lucknow and many more. Now, these services are being provided by our Company NeuSource Startup Minds India Limited through the country. As one of the top Startup Consultancy Service Provider in India, we have a very strong focus on hiring and retaining the top professionals to drive our different departments. We maintain an environment that nurtures some of the best thinkers in Industry in their respective fields of expertise.