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Awesome Aura Means?

It denotes online as well offline presence of your business with following Characteristics:

1. Look Unique & Authentic

2. Engage Your Audience

3. Competitive Advantage

4. Have Success Stories

5. The Wow Factor

Why Aura Important?

1. Help you to convert your "development" into "cash"

2. Help you to grow fast

3. Gives you competitive advantage over the existing players

4. Gives you more time to research & development

5. Gives you feel of security

Why Do It Yourself?

1.You are the only one who feels your possibility

2.Need Number of experts and difficult to give the vibe of your possibility to everybody

3.Hiring more experts, implies more cost

4.One Stop Solution not Available in the Market

5.This isn't an educational taking in, it's a transformative learning


Retail & eCommerce

Education & e-Learning

Healthcare & Fitness


Social Networking

Real Estate Industries

Travel & Hospitality

Food & Restaurant

Demand Solutions

Gaming Solutions

How Neusource Helps?

We are the 'one-stop solution' for startup, having in-house team of more than 50 professionals from different domain and our main motive is to transform your learning along with the creation of โ€œAwesome Auraโ€ of your business, so that you yourself can take control of your business without depending on different professionals, even us. Mention below packages are only indicative, these can be customized according to individual needs. During the assignment, your presence is compulsorily required full day once in a week at our office and you have to provide required inputs as per given format by the Neusource. As we explain you earlier that this service is categorized under transformative learning that's why we can't give you detailed modus-operandi, to understand more kindly fix an appointment with us and discuss in detail.

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Don't Presume

When you are planning to design your dream website, then you must keep one thing in mind that only you and your customer will be able to bring it in reality up to your satisfaction level.Never presume that anybody or any web designer will be able to design your dream website (Except copy paste) up to the level that you might have visualized in your mind. Here we must keep in mind that the web designer is just an executor of our instructions, you must have to involve yourself in the process of web development so that you can convey the exact instruction and guidelines to the developer about what exactly your dream website should look like.

For website designing, the very first requirement is that you yourself need to plan and draw the rough blueprint or wireframe about what exactly you want to communicate to your visitor through website, if you can put your thoughts on a plain paper to communicate your business idea then only you may succeed to create your dream website.If you are in thinking that someone else will be able to it for you, then you are not aware of the fact, that no one can do it for you, except you. Before execution, you need to sit and discuss each and every detail with your website developer and prepare a wireframe and then work on that content for getting the desired website.

Our Focus is Relevant Content, Taglines, Slogans, That is to the Point.

Every professional website designer knows exactly what is happening in the industry at any point in time and they also know exactly what needs to be done in order to provide for the needs of new businesses. They will work with the new business with the objective of finding an effective strategy in order to ensure that the target area is effectively penetrated and that all aspects of that business are properly communicated to all consumers. Contents, Taglines, Slogans are vitally important and this is why it is important to employ professional article writers who will be able to supply proper Contents, Taglines, Slogans etc., which not only explains the products or services which is provided by the business but such Contents, Taglines, Slogans should also be interesting enough in order to ensure that the consumer will be willing to spend time in reading that. The monitoring of feedback, as well as the effective interaction with consumers, is extremely important in order to ensure that that website is utilized to its full potential.

Our Focus is Relevant Images That Tells All Stories Without Writing Much.

A picture speaks a thousand words and therefore one picture can be more effective than hundreds of superbly written words. With content, it is very important to select the images which are related to that business. There is some information related to your business which is best communicated through the use of images. As it has been said, However, do not overdo things, in everything you do there should be a fine balance in order to ensure the best possible results.

Our Focus is Explainer Videos.

In some cases, it might be necessary to make use of videos which will be able to further explain exactly how your business will serve the consumer. Videos are one of the best instructive tools on the web today because it allows someone to physically demonstrate a process which may not be easy to describe with words only. Once again two or three videos should be sufficient unless you have multiple products which have to be demonstrated.

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Inspiration on each page. Neusource has came with tones of experience. Each booklet contains 16-24 page topic specific research work. A lot can change with just one booklet......

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