About copyright objection

About copyright objection


In the course of copyright registration, there is a possibility that the copyright application may be raised with objections by the Registrar. An objection may get arise for numerous reasons i.e., if there is resemblance found in the application and existence of same object. The copyright objection may rise anytime i.e., 30 days from the date of copyright filing application.

What is copyright objection?

Copyright objection is when the copyright department has examined copyright application and while checking, they found reasons to put a query on the application in the form of sending letter to the applicant and ask for explanation on objected points. There are numerous reasons for the objection i.e., same work resembles with existing work or duplication of work. The application which is presented by the applicant may be objected at any time within 30 days of submission of application of copyright.

Why to file reply to objection?

After deeply examining the application, if objections are raised the registrar convey to the applicant and requests for documents based on the same. Considering it as a legal obligation, it is mandatory to file a response to the copyright objection letter. If in any case response is not filed, then the registrar might cancel the copyright application and marked as ‘rejected’ in the copyright bulletin.

To avoid such rejection, it is important to respond quickly to the copyright objection to obtain and sustain the legal rights of the work.

Reply to objection

Copyright objection letter is a legal letter and drafting the same requires legal knowledge and drafting skills. There is no fixed or standard format to draft a response to copyright objection letter. There are two ways to draft the application i.e.

1. Either an applicant can draft the response himself/herself if he/she has enough legal knowledge giving the explanation about the work done by him or

2. It can also hire a legal professional’s team to help them to respond to the copyright objection letter.

Copyright Objection is a communication sent by the registrar for demanding a clarification. It is important to submit a response to copyright objection.

Procedure of filing copyright objection reply

Step 1: Communication/getting information (1 DAY)

If application for Copyright Registration has been submitted through us, we will surely inform you in case an objection is received so that response can be drafted and send within given time.

Step 2: Draft the Response (4 TO 5 DAYS)

Our experts will study your case and draft an effective response along with an affidavit, if required.

Step 3: Submission of Response (6-7 DAYS)

The drafted response will be submitted to the registrar as a reply to the copyright objection.

Step 4: Follow Up

Normally the reply send by us is sufficient, however if the Registrar is not satisfied with the reply, our experts will attend the hearing on your behalf.

Documents required

  • Copyright Registration Application Copy
  • Affidavit for the reply, if required
  • Documents in support of Reply
  • Discrepancy letter issued by the Registrar

Important aspects of copyright objection reply

1. Professional Response: It is very important to draft and file the reply of Copyright objection very professionally as the chances of registration of copyright increase significantly.

2. Reply is a Process: Since reply to the objection raised is important to put your view on your work, it does not guarantee the registration of your Copyright.

3. Follow-Up: Once the reply is file by a Copyright expert, you must need to follow-up with the department and to look on registration process to ensure quick registration.


It is important to record the copyrights given to the owners and hence copyright registration is important to provide legal claim and rights to the owners for their work protection. Seek our expert services and deal with any kind of copyright objection easily and effectively. Talk to our domain experts today.

For more information contact us on given communication details, Email Id Swati@neusourcestartup.com and Phone Number 9540026175.

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