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Angel investors network in India

Angel Investors Network in India

An angel investor is fundamentally a person who is otherwise called a private investor, seed investor, or angel funder, additionally, a high net worth person who gives financial backing for small startups or entrepreneurs, ordinarily in return for ownership equity in the organization.

angel investors india

To start with an Angel investor is otherwise called an angel funder or business angel or informal investor. An angel investor is a person who gives capital for a business start-up, in return for convertible debt or ownership equity. The capital given by Angel Investors might be a one-time investment, or it might subsidize money during the starting stage to help and carry the company through its beginning phases. Angel investors invest principally in small businesses that have high development possibilities, fundamentally innovation firms. They give financing to different fields additionally like the energy sector, healthcare sector, and so on.

Advantages of Angel Investors

An Angel Investors alongside giving fuel to the business likewise have some of the advantages which are as per the following:

1. Accessibility of Funding - Angel Investors bear high dangers and give financing to new roads. They contribute their funds, in contrast to other people. One can get credits from angel investors when banks and other financial institutions are not prepared to offer an advance.

2. Adaptability - Banks and financial institutions are very severe about the standards that the organizations need to meet to obtain a loan. But Angel Investors are more adaptable. There is no set last sum for an angel investor. The range can go anyplace from two or three thousand to a couple million dollars.

3. Aptitude and Contacts- Apart from giving funds, angel investors also gives business ability and contacts to a startup firm.

4. Better Success Rate- The organizations which got subsidizing from angel investors have higher endurance rates, quicker development rates as contrasted, and others.

Disadvantages of Angel Investors

Some of the disadvantages of angel investors are:

1. Investor Expectations - Angels face more challenges while putting away cash and they anticipate significant yields on their investments. They anticipate benefits around ten times of their underlying investment. The explanation being the vast majority of the organizations angels invest in do not deliver any return, so they have to strike it enormous on the fruitful business ventures.

2. Loss of Control - After the interest in a business, angel investors nearly become part-owners of a business. They have some authority over the business, and they have their impact on the vital choices. So the entrepreneur will feel that there is a lost command over the business.

3. Constrained Funds- After the underlying interest in the business, the angel investor won't support again until the organization shows solid gainfulness.

Angel investors are significant for small and medium-sized enterprises since they give more than cash. They are hands-on financial specialists and contribute their aptitudes, skill, information, and contacts in the organizations they put resources into. They are affluent people with extraordinary business experience.

They are eager to contribute and offer their wealth and information to owners of small and medium-sized ventures and to business people to begin or build up their organizations. Because of this attribute, a lot of ideas can't be practiced. To wipe out this, numerous nations build up angel investor syndicates (groups) and networks. Angel investor's networks in India encourage the process of matching entrepreneurs and angel investors.

Another extra bit of leeway of having an angel investor on the organization’s board is that this lends incredible credibility to the organization. The name of a powerful and experienced man itself is regularly an impetus for the development of a business. The angels can likewise help in sourcing effective staff, particularly at the higher rungs of corporate obligation.

List of top angel investors

1. Sanjay Mehta

“I’m not dependent on subsidizing startups. I’m dependent on working intimately with entrepreneurs.”

This statement referenced by Mehta in his LinkedIn profile plainly characterizes him as an angel investor. He has angel invested in 103 new businesses in assorted areas. He is a working individual of Indian Angel Network, Mumbai Angels, B2B 1K Ventures, and CIO Angel Network, Venture Nursery.

2. VC Karthic

A sequential business person, VC Karthic has so far propelled six endeavors-two collapsed, two sold, while two others are waiting. As of now, the organizer of Buzzworks, a contracted finance and contact focus innovation administration stage, he is hoping to take care of difficult issues at scale utilizing innovation.

3. Siddharth Ladsariya

Siddharth Ladsariya began holy messenger putting resources into the year 2008. Today, he has an arrangement of over 100+ new businesses in India, Singapore, and the USA. He accepts that new businesses should focus on group building, nonstop gathering pledges, and expect to become independent through development and deals.


Summarizing, regardless of what business you are in, it is consistently useful to have an accomplished financial specialist on your board so that you have access to both capital and involvement at a similar time. The advantages of having a guide in this wild rivalry laden market can't be sufficient enough.

It's significant for any businessman considering accepting an angel investment to be very clear about what the financial specialist is bringing to the arrangement other than cash, such as skill in business activities or access to good providers, for instance. You would likewise need to build up a comprehension of what the angel investor might be want to work with since this individual could have their own clashing thoughts for how your business ought to be worked.

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