FORM GSTR-3B

Form GSTR-3B is a noncomplex summary return, which is a summary of both the returns GSTR 1 and GSTR 2. The aim of the return is to show their synopsis of GST liabilities for a certain tax period and release these liabilities.

All normal taxpayers and casual taxpayers essentially need to file Form GSTR-3B.

Form GSTR-3B can be filed from the returns part of the GST Portal. After login to the GST portal by their registered user id and password, go to the Services part, then to Returns and then to the Returns Dashboard. Select the financial year and tax period for the Form GSTR-3B.

The due date for filing of Form GSTR-3B is 20th day of the month following the month (tax period) for which the return pertains. However, due date for filing of Form GSTR-3B can be extended/ modified by Government through notification time to time.

Filing of Form GSTR-3B is applicable for all normal and casual taxpayers, even if there is no business in that particular tax period, i.e. NIL return is required to be paid even if there is no transaction as well as liability to be reported and paid in that return for that particular tax period. Nil return can be filed if one has not made any outward supply and have not received any Goods/Services and do not have any tax liability.

Who files GSTR-3B

All registered taxpayers must file GSTR-3B, aside from the subsequent classes of taxpayers:

a) Input service distributors

b) Composition dealers

c) Suppliers of OIDAR

d) Non-resident taxable persons

Taxpayers must file form GSTR-3B whether or not there are not any transactions within the month.

Who need not file GSTR-3B

•Registered business under composition scheme

•E-Commerce Operators

•Input Service Distributors

•Foreigners (non-resident dealers)

•Those of deduct tax

•By Government Department or United Nations Office having Unique Identification Number (UIN).

Note: - In the following cases, the return will be not being considered as nil return:-

 1. In case of supply of goods/services (including nil rated, exempt and non-GST supplies) or received any supplies liable to reverse charge.

2. In case of inter-state furnish to unregistered persons, composition taxable persons or UIN holders.

3. If any claim/reversal of Input tax credit (ITC) on purchase of goods or receive of services.

4. In case of receipt of nil rated, exempt or non-GST supplies during this tax period.

5. In case of dues of interest or late fee (including carry forward late-fee).

6. In case of dues of Form GST TRAN-1.

Process of filling of Form GSTR-3B

For filing nil Form GSTR-3B go to Services > Returns > Returns Dashboard. Choose Financial Year and Returns Filing Period and click the GSTR3B. 

Select Yes for option A for filling nil return. And then attach the digital signatures of Enter EVC as the case may be.

For other than nil returns following details to be filled in GSTR-3B


Name of the Registered person and Trade 

Name of Taxpayer

Business Name

Month and Year

Enter the related month

Annual Turnover

This whole section is divided into 7 parts.

1) Taxable Turnover other than zero-rated

2) Zero-rated supply without tax

3) Deemed exports

4) Exempted Supply

5) Nil Rated Supply

6) Non-GST supply

7) Outward supplies

Along with the details mentioned above, following details are also required:-

Tax applicable on Outward and reverse charge inward supplies, including:

• Details of all outward supplies, moreover as details of the inward supplies that are eligible for reverse charge.

• Total taxable value, ISGT, CGST, SGST, and Cess of supplies. Whole value is to be mentioned in case of exempted nil-rated supplies and Non-GST supplies.

Interstate supplies

• Details associated with interstate supplies made to unregistered persons, composition dealers, and UIN holders. Mention place of supply, total taxable value, and amount of IGST.

Eligible ITC

• The total amount of input diminution (ITC) available, also as any ITC that has been reversed per CGST/SGST rules 42 and 43.

• Any ITC that's ineligible as per section 17(5).

Exempt, nil, and non-GST inward supplies

• Form GSTR-3B also requires taxpayers to report details of exempt, nil, and non-GST inward supplies.

Interest and late fees

•  All late fees and interest due as a results of late GST payments or late filing of GST returns.

Penalties for non filing GSTR-3B, or for filing late

Late fees for filing GSTR-3B after the day of the month are:

• Rs. 50 per day of delay

• Rs. 20 per day of delay for taxpayers having nil liabilities for the month

If the GST amount isn't paid until after the date, taxpayers are to blame for paying interest of 18 percent each year. Interest is calculated from the day following the maturity date, to the date of actual payment.

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