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ASPIRE- It was begun to set up a network of technology centres and to set up development centres to quicken entrepreneurship and also to upgrade startups for formulation in agro industry.

Objectives of the Scheme

The main objectives of the scheme states underneath:

  • Build new jobs and reduce economic decline or job loss.
  • Advance entrepreneurship custom in India.
  • Ordinary economic advancement at district level.
  • Accelerate inventive business solution for failed social wants.
  • Encourage innovation to promote strengthen the keenness of MSME sector.

Nature of Assistance

In 2014-16, eighty livelihood business incubators to be set up by Coir Board or NSIC, KVIC or any other Institution or agency of GOI or State government on its individual or through any of the agency or scheme for promotion of Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Agro Industry establishment of the MSME, onetime funding of 100% of sum of plant and machinery except land and infrastructure or a sum up to Rs. 100 lakhs whichever is lower to be delivered.

In case of development midpoints set up under the mode of PPP with Coir Board or NSIC, KVIC or any other organisation of GOI or state govt., foregoing funding of 50% of cost of plant and machinery except land and infrastructure or Rs. 50 lakhs, whichever is lower to be delivered.

This scheme provides help towards the cost of training of nurtures who met out of the Ministry ATI scheme as far as likely for both centres. For 2014-2016, total budget plan is Rs. 62.50 Crore.

Who can apply

Follow the development and promotion of business Ideas programme through technical or research agency together with those in the field of agro industry. These would be chosen as knowledge partners and would develop new or existing technologies for their promotion. To provide resources for the incubator or growth and create necessary interaction between this scheme and the source of revenue business.

Technology business incubators and MSME development schemes or NSIC/KVIC or Coir Board or other ministries or divisions as well as reserved incubators.

How to Apply

Request can be sent in the form of application to Aspire Scheme Steering Committee of MSME Ministry. This committee will be accountable for overall policy, teamwork and management care. The Council will be chaired by Secretary i.e., Ministry of MSME.

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