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Benefits of a Landing Page for B2B

Benefits of a Landing Page for B2BBenefits of a Landing Page

As you’ve known, the importance of the landing pages on your website. You might have an idea of the best practices for a landing page and how your homepage is different from it. Here are a few things you need to know to create landing pages and the advantages of having a landing page for a B2B business.

4 fundamental benefits for landing pages are capturing and converting leads, moving leads through the funnel, growing keyword rankings, and gaining insights from A/B testing. So, this article is here to make you understand the 4 fundamental benefits of landing pages.

Capture and Convert Leads

Many heritage websites make them overarch “contact us” form for all communications on the website. In any case, this affects your ability to generate leads. For one, it puts the boost on a website visitor to submit their worth has been introduced to them. Forms on your website should be compensation you get something in exchange for giving something. Nowadays leads can be expected from this. Normal an isolated form with no inducement offer can actually trouble down your conversion rate. And second, a generalized form doesn’t let you tailor your marketing efforts based on the new lead’s goals or interests.

Contact us forms are often free-fill text boxes which can’t be automated into a specific follow up email, and can’t add a lead to a targeted marketing or sales list. This hurts your ability to follow up quickly and relevantly and to remarket when necessary. This is the reason landing pages are so important. Its dedicated to the conversion of leads. While doing it you can target what you are looking for. With the practice of this method you’ll learn more the lead’s interests of the business. In case you’re managing the page effectively it will improve the conversion.

Move Leads through the Funnel

How are you moving leads through the business funnel now? Many companies answer in one of these two different ways, nothing or individual sales outreach. Both of these lead development strategies are ineffective. If you do nothing, you put the boost on your leads to consistently self-educate and connect when they are prepared. So there is a high possibility you will lose potentially great sales opportunities if you don’t have a plan in place. Likewise, in the event if you follow up with a sales outreach too early, you will scare a lead away and lose the sale. landing page helps to lead development through the funnel. 

Benefits of a Landing Page

We can convert the causal website visitor into leads. We can target the leads with the help of sending emails. We can invite them to our landing pages with sales demo videos, case studies, and sales one-pagers. We can gain the information as much as we can with the help of leads visiting our landing pages and filling out several landing pages.

Before contacting the lead it is beneficial to know all the necessary information regarding the lead’s interests. On the base of the interest and need of your lead you can design your next marketing step.

Grow Keyword Rankings

Make many landing pages, optimize them for your keyword targets, and see keyword rankings rise. It’s a basic formula that shows google you have new content around a topic. Landing pages targeted to a keyword are often called SEO pages or "site design improvement" pages and they do only that. These pages can have a lot of content on a topic and can also serve as a central linking hub for all pages identified with that key term. In other words, you can link different blog posts to one central landing page around the similar topic. This helps to create a lead generation funnel out of your blog. This linking structure will also disclose to Google that you are trustworthy and deserve a higher search rank, which means more visibility and leads.

With the help of SEO pages you can add more content to your website and it is beneficial for your keyword strategy and search ranking. If your website is full of content that is helpful, growing and updated on the time then the ranking on search engines will improve.

Gain Quantitative Insights with Testing

Consider a point of landing page as an extraordinary lab for excluding factors that you can test. Split and multivariate testing gives you awareness that you can roll out to all of your digital properties to attract more business leads. But testing on a homepage or major website page is dangerous. You frequently have many hoops to jump through and don’t want to throw off a carefully crafted homepage design or messaging strategy especially before you realize that it would work. Landing page provides an ideal testing area to gain insights that you can use across multiple channels. Like most B2B businesses you probably have a variety of messaging statements, imagery, value propositions and conversion offers. And also you’d probably like to know which ones are the most impactful on your target audience. So run tests on your landing page first to follow a quick testing technique. Make sure the landing page earns enough visitors to be statistically significant. Sometimes you need to put some budget behind a paid campaign to drive enough friction early stage.

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