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Benefits of Using Videos for Landing Pages

Benefits of Using Videos for Landing Pages

Videos allow visitors to experience your message with little effort beyond an initial click. They also allow you to convey ideas that images, copy, and animation cannot.

Landing Page Videos benefits


It might be difficult together all the important information onto one landing page. If you use plentiful text, then audience will not connect with your message properly.  They do not want to feel overwhelmed by your landing pages.
Videos help you to describe your message/knowledge/information in a shorter amount of time. Adding videos to your landing pages helps to convey proper and correct message to your audience the same which you want to deliver.

Videos for Landing Page


Videos are a great way to keep your audience engaged on your page because they combine sound and visual elements so that audience can relate appropriately.
In fact, audience is 10 times more likely to interact with a video messages than a block of text. They will prefer to watch a video instead reading of pages filled with text because it’s a fast and efficient way to deliver information. It’s harder for audience to engage with a block of text than with a video, and many times outsider visitors skim over copy to save time.

Landing Page Videos


Brand association is an important part of your business. You cannot build your brand through blocks of text, it's difficult for your brand’s personality to shine. With the assistance of video, it is much easier to market your business’ brand in a creative and personalized way. Video is particularly effective because it provides you with the chance to deliver an efficient message about your brand using visual and sound elements.

Videos benefits for Landing Page


Video is attention seeking and powerful tool because it gives you the ability to get your
audience to make an emotional purchasing decision.

For all above said reasons, include video in your landing pages is one of the more effective ways to boost conversion rates.


Many Ways to Make Videos More Efficient

  • Make your CTA clear
  • Use contrasting color
  • Keep your forms short
  • Include Trust signals
  • Keep your layout clean and simple

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