Brand Name Registration in India | Brand Name Registration Process - NeuSource Startup Minds

Brand Name Registration in India | Brand Name Registration Process - NeuSource Startup Minds

When it comes to choosing a brand name and logo for your company, we understand that the process can be complicated. After all, you have to build lasting impressions on your customers and make sure that they can easily identify your product or service when they see it.

The experts team of NeuSource knows how important this step is—that's why NeuSource take the time to really understand what makes your business unique. NeuSource studies every aspect of what makes your brand tick, from the products you sell to how you conduct business. Then, NeuSource come up with a name that truly reflects all these things!

NeuSource will make sure that your brand name is unique and memorable, so don't worry about trademark infringement or any other legal troubles down the road.

Brand name Registration Advantages:

There are many advantages to registering a brand name:

Legal protection: After Brand Name Registration, you can establish legal ownership of your brand and protect it from being used by others.

Increased credibility: A registered brand name can help your business appear more professional and credible to customers, partners and investors.

Exclusive use: A registered brand name gives you right to use the name in connection with your products or services, which can help you stand out in the market.

Increased value: A registered brand name can increase all over value of your business, as it can be a valuable asset that can be licensed or sold.

Easier to enforce your rights: If anyone tries to use your brand name, it is much easier to enforce your rights if you have a registered trademark. Without a registered trademark, you may have to prove that you have established common law rights through the use of the brand name, which can be a tough and costly process.

Overall, registering a brand name in India can help you build and protect your brand, establish credibility, and increase the value of your business.

Brand Name Registration Process in India:

To register a brand name in Delhi, you will need to follow these steps:

1. Register on the trademark official portal: The first step of brand name registration is registering a trademark into the official portal of the trademark registry, i.e. If you have logged in to the official portal of the trademark registry, you can use your User ID or your digital signature to log in.

2. Conduct a trademark search: Before you start trademark registration, it is required to conduct trademark research to ensure that your brand name is unique and not already in use by any other company. You can search the trademark database of the Indian Trademarks Office to check for any conflicting trademarks.

3. File a trademark application: Once you are sure that your brand name is available, you need to file a trademark application with the Trademarks Office of India. You can do this online also. You need to give details about your brand name, the goods or services it will be used for, and any supporting documents or evidence.

4. Wait for the trademark to be examined: After filing a trademark application, it will be examined by the Trademarks Office of India to make sure that it meets all the conditions. Once your application is approved by them, it will be published in the Trademarks Journal.

5. Respond to any objections: If any objections are raised during the examination, you must respond to them within a specified time frame. You have to provide additional evidence or make changes to your application to overcome objections.

6. Show Cause Hearing: If your application does not get approval for a trademark, you may have an opportunity to present your case before the Trademark Registry. The Trademark Registry will hold a hearing in which you can make an oral presentation of your brand name.

You have to submit a request for a hearing to bring this matter to The Trademark Registry.

The Trademark Registry will inform you about the exact date and time of the hearing by sending you a notice once your application has been published. You should appear in person or with your agent or lawyer at this meeting to present grounds in favor of your brand name application and request permission from the hearing officer to allow your trademark application to proceed toward registration.

7. Publication of Mark in Trademark Journal: The trademark is published in the Trade Marks Journal after the Examination process. There is a freezing period of four months during which the application for brand name registration remains open to opposition. If an opposition is filed by the opponent, a hearing process shall be conducted by the Registrar to make notice of sufficient grounds from both parties to establish their claims. Considering the facts of the case and supporting documents, the Registrar of the appropriate trademark registry decides in favour of either party to the case.

8. Trademark registration & certification: If your application for a brand name registration has been accepted by the Trademark Registry, you'll receive a certificate under the seal of the Trade Marks Registry. The details of your registered trademark will be entered into the Central Register of Trade Marks maintained by the Trade Marks Registry.

It takes anywhere from 6 to 12 months for the whole process of brand name registration. Now you can use the ® symbol to identify it as an approved trademark, once your application is registered in your name. Your registered trademark will remain valid for an unlimited period of time subject to time renewal of the registered trademark.

After every ten years, you'll need to renew your registered trademark application in order to maintain its validity.

You have decided to register your brand name. But you are not sure if it is the right decision to register your brand name as a trademark or as a service mark. To ensure that you make the right decision, you can consult NeuSource experienced legal professionals who can guide and help you in making the brand name registration-related processes smooth, simpler and easier.

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