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Business Continuity Plan- Business fights Corona

Business Continuity Plan- Business fights Corona

Business continuity plan is a plan to save your business from any threats that you can face. It is when the operations of the business is still productive as it was before without compromising the health of your employees. It is a plan for your business that how you will continue the operations and face the pandemic. It will help you to take less time for recovery and reduce the business losses.

With an effective business continuity plan any business can stand out and keep performing at the time of pandemic too. If you have an effective business continuity plan then the performance of your business will not be dependent on the changes in the environment. 

For an effective business continuity plan you need to analyze some factors carefully. Those factors are as follows:

  1. Impact analysis

  2. Threat analysis, and

  3. Impact scenarios.

Impact analysis

The impact analysis is to analyze the impact of any pandemic over business. In this we will list down all the factors that can influence the productivity of your business. The organization will differentiate between urgent and non-urgent functions of the business.

Threat analysis

The threat analysis is to measure the seriousness of the crisis and the threats for your business due to the crisis. Firstly, you have to measure that the crisis will really affect the productivity of your business or not. Then, you need to list down all the threats due to the crisis which will be faced by your business. 

Impact scenarios

The impact scenario is to prepare with the facility of the basic requirement for that time. Each and every thing which will be required at that time and estimated cost of the same. 

You have to face competition irrespective of whether you’re a startup or a well established organization. Due to the Coronavirus COVID 19 outbreak, many organizations have had to shut their operations and postpone their projects. Yet it is the best time to test your business continuity plan and make some changes in it for your survival. 

26 Mar

Suman Bisht
Suman Bisht

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