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Business Recovery During CORONA Virus Outbreak


Business Recovery During CORONA Virus Outbreak

COVID19- An epidemic that has made the whole world to a halt. Since its outbreak in China in Dec 2019, this problem has only increased by leaps and bound covering almost the globe and affecting its major countries. All business sectors, all industries almost every corner has been affected by it. Business, industries, officers are under complete lockdown situation which has in turn affected the productivity and has even bought the fear of complete shutdown to many businesses. Offices have opted for the work from home pattern to follow the rule of social distancing which has so far been the most effective way to cut off its further outspread. 

The government has issued norms to all the corporates in lieu of this. Work from home is the only solution at this moment to hold this outbreak and also to support the line of business. The Ministry has launched a WEB form in the name of CAR (Company Affirmation of Readiness towards COVID19) which should be filed by every company and LLPs who have implemented the work from home for its employees for their safety and to minimize the physical interactions.

All organizations, corporations, industries from large scale, medium to small scale have joined hands and are united to battle out this epidemic. All the employees are providing their necessary services to their clients, customers to reduce the extent of loss in this crisis. Board meetings, client interactions etc. can also be done via video conferencing mode to further provide the necessary services. 

The business in almost every sector has shifted from paperwork to being digital in the last decade. May be the spread of this epidemic and its effects of bringing a temporary lockdown will have a big impact on the near future whether to create a whole system to offer services by working from home so that we can cope with any such disaster in the near future without effecting the business.

We at NeuSource are fully committed to provide all the necessary services and support to our customers in the hour of this rush. Our team is working from home and we are confident enough to provide the best service like we always do.

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25 Mar

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