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Charitable trust registration Process in India -NeuSource Startup Minds

Charitable trust registration Process in India -NeuSource Startup Minds

Charitable trust registration Process in India

The process of registering a trust with the appropriate government body for philanthropic purposes is known as charity trust registration. This often entails providing the agency with supporting documentation, including the trust deed, information on the trustees and beneficiaries, and proof of the trust's charitable endeavours. Once the trust is registered, it may qualify for specific tax advantages and be able to accept donations that the contributors can deduct from their taxes. The procedure and prerequisites for registering a charity trust differ based on the jurisdiction.

The Indian Trusts Act, 1882, in India, governs the procedure for registering a charitable trust in India. The steps in the procedure are as follows:

1. Drafting of the trust deed: The trust deed is a legal document that outlines the objectives and rules of the trust. It should be drafted by a lawyer and should include details such as the name of the trust, its objectives, the names of the trustees, and the rules for managing the trust's property.

2. Execution of the trust deed: The trust deed needs to be signed by the settlor (the person who creates the trust) and the trustees.

3. Filing of the trust deed: The trust deed needs to be filed with the Registrar of Trusts in the state where the trust is located.

4. Obtaining a PAN and TAN: The trust will need to obtain a Permanent Account Number (PAN) and Tax Deduction and Collection Account Number (TAN) from the Income Tax Department.

5. Obtaining a 12A and 80G registration: The trust can apply for 12A registration which grants it exemption from income tax and 80G registration which grants it tax exemption for donations made to it.

6. Obtaining FCRA registration: If the trust plans to receive foreign donations, it needs to obtain registration under the Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA).

7. Obtaining 80G and 12A certificate:

Please note that the process may vary slightly depending on the state you are located in, and it is always advisable to consult a lawyer or a professional to assist you with the process.

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