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Difference Between Copyright, Patent & Trademark

Difference Between Copyright, Patent & Trademark

Difference between Copyright, Patent & TrademarkDifference Between Copyright, Patent & Trademark

People habitually puzzle between Patent, Copyright & Trademark. These terms have completely different meaning and all are termed as Intellectual Property (IP). We are trying to briefly explain these terms.


Copyright can be hunted by authors, artists, architects and other creative professions. While a thought cannot be copyright, the tangible variety of thoughts will be.
Any other person can use the author’s idea only through licensing, assigning and other forms of transfer. The power of copyright protects the author to use their idea /plan/ concept by the public for gaining advantage.


Inventors and designers file for patent registration. A patent defend discoveries with a brand new process or product or improved function. This includes machines, processes, or chemical compositions, or the look for a few products.


A trademark is a nature of intellectual property entailing a recognizable sign, expression or design which identifies products or services of a particular source. An individual doesn't need to register a trademark or service mark to receive protection rights, but there are certain legal benefits to registering the mark.

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