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AR Challenge (Vision on AR solutions and earn winning worth Rs. 3 lakhs), to develop Augmented Reality solutions to spread awareness in Corona virus.

Coronavirus has made us down, universities are close down, internships are aborted and jobs are almost gone far away. But, we must not let this 'lock-down' detain our dreams and aims. We must settle to be superior to what we were in past.

Elixar Systems in partnership with Nvidia is freeing one of a kind advantage for college developers. In these times of confusion we will be choosing, grooming, and qualifying over 500 developers throughout the India. These developers would then challenge in the Coronavirus AR Hackathon. These chosen students would be directly guided by the award winning startup Elixar Systems and specifically skilled by the Nvidia’s top Solution Architect, Sasi Kumar. Once prepared with the advanced skill sets they would be challenging to develop Augmented Reality solutions to spread awareness in Coronavirus.

The winners would be awarded worth Rs. 4 Lakhs and the top students will get fixed internships in topmost firms. So sharp your skill sets, fill up the form and challenge and shape your future!

Eligibility criteria

Group of two ready to advance enchanting augmented reality solutions to help and spread awareness about the virus, microscopic behaviour and prevention means against corona virus.

Consistent stakeholder is Validation stage start-up, Ideation stage start-up, Individual

Consistent industry is AR VR i.e., Augmented and Virtual reality, Healthcare and life sciences.

Themes for challanges

1. Augmented Reality

2. Game development

3. 3D Modelling

4. Healthcare

Ideas to recover from the problems

1) Virtual Simulator

Coronavirus has growingly spread across the entire world. With the help of utilization of augmented reality it will show how corona spreads. It provides user interface where one can vary the environment or collective conditions, and hereafter see a change in the level of spread.

2) Microscopic Visualizer

It reveals in microscopic level through the tool of microscopic visualizer that how Coronavirus spreads.

3) Symptom Visualizer

With the help of utilizing Augmented Reality solution program symptoms and the state of human body got displayed which affected due to corona.

4) Stop the Spread

With the help of utilizing Augmented Reality solution program symptoms and the state of human body got displayed which affected due to corona.

5) Miscellaneous

By utilizing augmented reality solutions, awareness and visualization into any other healthcare problem got spreaded.


Fiscal Incentives

At the end of the Hackathon, two prizes will be announced:

• 1st Prize worth Rs. 2 Lakh

• 2nd Prize worth Rs. 1.5 Lakh

Non-Fiscal Incentives

Apprentice at CSIR-CEERI, Elixar Systems and start work on state of the art Augmented Reality problem facts, make characteristic applications and answer problems for millions.

Procedure to apply

1. An abundant source of inventive augmented reality solutions will be built.

2. It will be entered by the relevant stakeholders to decide the winners of the competition.

Deadline date

Start date: April 10th, 2020

Valid till: May 15th, 2020

Result date: May 31st, 2020


Introducing the AR Solutions program who provide solutions that have augmented reality involved, Startup India move with a mind set to war against the COVID 19 pandemic and sharpen those skill sets to challenge the spread of virus in terms of  providing fiscal as well as non-fiscal incentives to help the community for the social welfare.

Existing startups may take the participation in this program and earn the benefits as mentioned above. As there is no fees in startup india plan. One can take the initiative to develop their startup. 

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