Does Business Registration Contribute to Increase in Sales

Does Business Registration Contribute to Increase in Sales?

Sales are very crucial topic to tell or discuss as it includes many factors like Product or Services, Advertisement, Marketing, Awareness and techniques of promotion. Sales and marketing promotions are a great mode to reward your present customers and raise sales. The entire factors are important but one factor is generally unrevealed yet now also named as Business registration of the company. Once you establish a rhythm with them, clients will start to look headlong.

Business Registration provides more noticeable visibility on your province name. Business’s sale is all set on the trust of the customer on the organizations. Trust also known by the name of brand value and brand value directly linked with the business registration. There are broadly Seven Categories of Registration explained as below:

  1. Company registration: To get the company registration is important task from its initial point till the end. With the help of company registration, organisation gets the trust of the customers, due to which maximum people want to get their work from that particular organisation.
  2. IPR Registration: The term Industrial Property includes patents, trademarks, industrial designs, and geographic indications of source. IP Rights protect several parts of a business and each type of IP Right conveys its own advantages. It helps to safeguard idea and creative of an individual so that it cannot be stole.
  3. Tax registration: Tax registration is the foremost registration for building trust among customers about the organization. Fundamental requirement is the identification of a taxpayer in the tax registration regime.
  4. Employee related registration: Registration under PF and ESI and other labor laws is a way to get the registration under employee related registration. Employee will be motivated with the compensation and hours, both are covered under Employee related registration.
  5. Objective wise registration: RERA, DOT and Drug License are the biggest example of objective wise registration. After that registration, Organisation can perform the activities of business which make the customers comfortable to have relation with the organisation.
  6. Quality: FSSAI and ISO are today’s demand of business as it builds the trust for quality and standard which is the most preferable by customers to take the product and services from the customer. It will boost staff performance and overall productivity.
  7. Registration that awaits the Government schemes: Government keep helping the business to develop by introducing many scheme which will benefits them like 80G & 12A registration, startup scheme and women entrepreneur registration.

Conclusions: Business registration helps any kind of organization to take the trust and brand which will directly increase the sale of an organization. Business registration in itself have many ways to registered and helps to attain the gaining in sale, trust and quality of any product and services altogether.

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05 May

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