Form 10C is filled and submitted when you want to claim benefit under the Employee Pension Scheme or employees’ pension fund. In simple language, at the time of job, the employee has a fund of pension which he hold untouched with the government for his/her retirement. If the employee has switched his/her job, the employee can carry forward the same account to his next company. However, if the employee fails to grab a job, the employee may also apply for withdrawal of the same. Thus, in order to take the benefits and at the same time, retain the membership with Employee Pension Fund (EPF), then the employee files a Form 10C.

When to Use Form 10C?

You can claim 10C in the following factors:

  1. For the benefit of withdrawal
  2. Scheme certificate for member retention
  3. Employer share refund

About Scheme Certificate for Member Retention Benefit:

He/she can claim scheme certificate only when the overall service period has been more than 9.5 years and if he/she has not reached the level of age of 50 years as on the application date. In addition to, this scheme also allows you to carry forward the same when you re-join in same or different organization. And therefore, a member can withdraw their PF accumulation through EPF certificate.

About Withdrawal Benefit:

Withdrawal Benefit certificate is issued to an employee who has been less than 9.5 years’ service and has not reached 50 years ages of application date. This scheme means to take back pension money as employee is not competent for pension.

Benefit is not countable in case if membership is not more than 180 days’ not including the non-  donating period.

How to Fill Form 10C?

Form 10C contains four page document where in first 2 pages’ it is required to fill mostly all the information and in third page it is required when you have taken any advances against the account ever. Final page is not required to fill as it is used for administrative purpose.

Details on first page will be like:

  • Name of applicant
  • Date of birth of applicant
  • Father’s name and/or husband’s name
  • Employer complete address
  • PF account number
  • Joining date with employer
  • Reason for exit and date of exit
  • Complete address

The details on second page will be like:

  • Date and signature, and some more details relating to age and account details for settlements
  • Details of family or nominees
  • Mode of settlements

The third page consists of details like:

  • Date and Signature
  • Details of pays and time of non-donating service of member
  • Amount received

Following instructions to be kept in mind while filling Form 10C:

  • Write names in capital letters
  • Check the date of birth two times
  • Be-aware of overwriting and in case of any alterations, it must be confirmed.
  • Provident fund account number consist of region code, office code, code number, extension as well as the account number
  • In case of applying for scheme certificate, Serial no. 9 in the form should be filled and rest Serial No. 11 should have to be left blank.
  • In case of applying for a withdrawal certificate, Serial no. 11 in the form should be filled and rest Serial No. 9 should have to be left blank.
  • Copy of cancelled cheque to be uploaded so as to certify that account number and IFSC code are clearly noticeable.
  • In case of the member get expired, Serial no. 9 has to be filled with details of the legal heir. Additionally, Serial No. 10 and 11 should also be filled by the concerned legal heir/nominee/family member.
  • If member is drawing family pension under EPS scheme, Serial no. 12 need to be filled.

Who can apply / what is the eligibility to apply for Form 10C?

Members of Employee Pension Fund who satisfy the below standards can apply for Form 10C:

  • If you have leave job before completing 10 years of service and have reached the age of 58 years.
  • An individual who has completed 10 years’ service, but not reached 50 years’ age or a member who is between the age of 50-58 and is not keen to settle with shortened pension.
  • Nominee or any family member who died less than 10 years’ service and whose age was not less than 58 years at the time of death.


You will have to submit your application through your employer, under whom you were last employed. And if you have already downloaded the application from EPF website, all pages are to be attested in that case by employer as well as the applicant.

Though, if it’s a closed entity, whose employer is not available, any one of the following authorized body shall attest with his office seal.

  • Magistrate
  • Gazetted Officer
  • Post or Sub-Post Master
  • President of Village Union
  • President of the Village Panchayath, when Union Board is absent
  • Chairman/ Secretary/ Member of Municipal/ District Local Board
  • Member of Parliament or Legislative Assembly
  • Member of Central Board of Trustees or Regional Committee of Employee’s Provident Fund
  • Bank manager in which savings account is kept
  • Head of recognized Educational Institution

Attached Documents in Form 10C-

  • Copy of cancelled or blank cheque.
  • If you are applying for Scheme Certificate; documents such as Date of birth certificate, children of the member will be utmost required.
  • If any member get expired, death certificate is required.
  • If application is completed by any family member, certificate of succession is required to attach.
  • INR 1 revenue stamp is to be attached into the form.


1. What is Form 10C?

Form 10C is filled and submitted when you want to avail benefit under the Employee Pension Scheme.

2. Where can I download form 10C from?

You can download Form 10C from epf india government website.

3. How to fill form 10C online?

Following are the steps which will help you to fill form 10C:

Step 1: You can fill form 10C by sign in to the UAN Member Portal with your UAN and Password.

Step 2: Select ‘Online Services’ tab from the top and click on“Claim Form 31, 19 & 10C” thereon.

Step 3: After which, the next page will show you Member, KYC and job details. Where, you can select on proceed online button.

Step 4: Here, you get redirected to the claims section and will find some other details like mobile number, UAN number, PAN etc. In addition, you will have to select the type of claim such as “withdraw pension only or withdraw PF only”.

Step 5: Fill in the claim form carefully. Once you have completed the form successfully, an OTP will be sent to your registered mobile number. Once you validate the same in the form, the withdrawal will be initiated. Moreover, when the claim form is submitted successfully, a notification through SMS will be sent on your registered mobile number. And once your claim is sort out, the amount will be transferred into your bank account within few days.


EPF is a valuable scheme for investors who are looking to definite returns. Though, the rate of returns in case of such schemes is limited. He or she can claim PF withdrawal after filing Form 10C before complete retirement. An individual is not countable to receive any benefits if he or she is only a member for not more than 180 days. Individuals can invest the sum they withdraw from their EPF account into Mutual Funds for more returns. 

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