Online ESI Registration Process and ESI Returns Filing Procedure in India

Online ESI Registration Process and ESI Returns Filing Procedure in India

For providing the social security system to workers and their close ones in the security area of the socio-economic is only providing the ESIC popularly called Employees State Insurance Corporation. In the case of an unseen and unfortunate situation, the system provides security to workers and his family. There are many points in respect to ESI registration and fillings mentioned in the below manner:

-Registration under ESIC and Filling of ESI returns.

-Default of non-payment or any kind of non-payment with respect to employee’s contribution.

-Delayed payment consequences.

-Penal provisions for delayed payment of contribution.

ESI Registration online Process

When you opt for for ESI Registration, we tend to complete it in 3 easy steps that take minimum doable time.

Form Filling: The ESI registration kind is crammed by you utterly and also the necessary documents square measure submitted.

Verification: each detail you offer is cross-checked to confirm there aren't any errors or omissions created. this could take most of twelve days.

Submission: The ESI application at the side of different legal work is submitted by us. which needs a pair of operating days.

Your part of the ESI registration is completed now. the govt reviews the appliance and processes your registration. Once granted, sends you:

The 17-digit identification code range
Employee insurance range
Temporary positive identification

How to generate esic challan

To create a challan, the contributor of the payment “must go surfing to the ESIC portal -> enter the main points of the insured persons, details of their wages, and variety of working days. Upon doing this, the leader gets AN choice to generate a challan and take a print out of an equivalent.” it's to be noted that each one challan written by employers are duplicate copies.

esi registration online process

1. Registration under ESIC and Filling of ESI returns

Eligible employer needs to get it registered according to the Employee State Insurance Act 1948 by following the all needful steps abiding by the Act:

  • All required documents need to keep for reference.
  • Form 1 is required to file on the ESIC website in the PDF format.
  • Department will verify all the details and allot a 17 digit unique number which will permanent for all filings.
  • After all the formalities, ESI card will be received by the employee.

Documents required for the registration are mentioned below:

  • PAN of the organisation
  • Proof of address of business
  • Shop and Establishment or Factories Act License is required to obtain
  • Formation documents of the entity like Memorandum of Association, Article of Association which is required in case of company and on the other hand Partnership deed is required in case of entity is Partnership and Limited Liability Partnership
  • Directors, Partners and Shareholder details
  • Employee’s details along with their salary details.
  • Bank details.

After the registration of the establishment, return can be easily filed by the employer. Following are the steps need to follow to file the ESI returns:

  • With the help of login credential which can be used for online filling of returns.
  • Login to website
  • List of action while login are available to employer like modify employee details, report an accident and etc.
  • Employee details need to up to date and then file the return by verifying the employee details.
  • Need to duly file the bank details and submit the ESI returns.
  • Challan can be generated by following the option of List of Actions.
  • Challan is required for future purpose and inspections.

The contribution is altogether beneficial for the welfare of employees therefore provisions of non-payment and delayed payment is very strict. Due date of half yearly return can be file in the following manner:

April- September--- November 12

October- March---May 12.

2. Default of Non-payment or any kind of non-payment in respect to employee’s contribution

Employee contribution is the amount deducted from the employee’s wages is the responsibility of the employer to deposit towards contribution of ESI. It is deemed trust of the employee towards employer.

Non-payment or any kind of delayed payment of employees contribution is solely amounts to breach under the IPC Section(s) 406, 409 as a Criminal Breach of trust along with it is taken as offence u/s 85 of the ESI Act. Under this imprisonment can also be attracted for a period of 2 years and fine with the higher limit of Rs. 5,000.

3. Delayed Payment consequences

Default in the payment of contribution with the help of limit mentioned in the regulation is liable to pay the 12% per annum as simple interest in respect to delay.

4. Penal provisions for Delayed payment of contribution.

Entity can levy and recover the damages as per the regulation of ESIC Act as per the mentioned below rate and further not exceeding the amount of contribution of default or delayed.

Period of delay                                      

Less than 2 months: Rate of damages will be 5%

2 to 4 months: Rate of damages will be 10%

4 to 6 months: Rate of damages will be 15%

6 months and above: Rate of damages will be 25%

Prosecution is the liability for the very first time and in repetition of offence, enhancement in the punishment can be happen as per Section 85 (a).

Benefits of ESIC

1. Benefits in respect to medical to employee and his family members;

2. Maternity Benefits to the women like paid leaves;

3. 70% Salary fitness benefits;

4. 90% of the salary in case of the death of the employees to his dependents;

5. Funeral expenses;

6. Care of old age medical expense also be provided under the Act.

Returns Filing

After the successful registration need to file the following returns:

1. Employees Attendance

2. Wages Register

3. Form 6

4. Accident happened in the premised record

5. Monthly returns


ESI registration comes under the department of labour and it is a financing scheme for the Indian company employees health, safety and social security. It is mandatory for every company, factory or establishment who has engaged 10 or more than 10 employees in their organization and providing wages below twenty one thousand per month. For more details on ESI registration you can contact with our expert startup consultant and for any queries you can call us on the below mentioned contact details.

Email Id and Phone Number 9540026175.

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