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FSSAI Certification Process in India: A Complete Guide


In India, food safety is a major concern, given the high level of adulteration and contamination that is prevalent in the food industry. To address this issue, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) was established under the Food Safety and Standards Act, 2006. FSSAI is responsible for setting standards for food safety and regulating the manufacture, storage, distribution, sale, and import of food products. In this blog, we will discuss the FSSAI certification process in India, which is essential for all food business operators (FBOs) in the country.


What is FSSAI Certification?

FSSAI certification is a mandatory requirement for all FBOs in India, including manufacturers, processors, packers, transporters, and distributors of food products. FSSAI certification ensures that the food products meet the safety standards set by FSSAI and are fit for consumption. The FSSAI certificate is a license to operate a food business in India and is issued by FSSAI after the completion of the certification process.


FSSAI Certification Process

The FSSAI certification process involves the following steps:


Step 1: Determine the Type of FSSAI License Required

The first step in the FSSAI certification process is to determine the type of FSSAI license required for the business. FSSAI issues three types of licenses based on the size and nature of the business:

Basic FSSAI Registration: For FBOs with an annual turnover of up to Rs. 12 lakhs.

State FSSAI License: For FBOs with an annual turnover of up to Rs. 20 crores.

Central FSSAI License: For FBOs with an annual turnover of more than Rs. 20 crores.

The FBO can determine the type of license required by visiting the FSSAI website or consulting with an FSSAI consultant.


Step 2: Application for FSSAI License

The next step is to apply for the FSSAI license. The application can be made online or offline, depending on the convenience of the FBO. The FBO must provide all the necessary details and documents, such as the business registration certificate, PAN card, and proof of address.


Step 3: Inspection and Verification

After the application is submitted, an FSSAI inspector will inspect the premises and verify the documents submitted by the FBO. The inspector will check the quality of the raw materials, storage facilities, equipment, and hygiene practices to ensure that the FBO complies with the safety standards set by FSSAI.


Step 4: Issuance of FSSAI Certificate

If the FBO complies with the safety standards, FSSAI will issue the FSSAI certificate. The certificate will contain the FSSAI license number, name of the FBO, address, and validity period of the license. The FBO can display the FSSAI certificate at the premises and use it for all future transactions related to the food business.


Benefits of FSSAI Certification

FSSAI certification offers several benefits to the FBOs, including:

Ensures the safety and quality of food products.

Increases consumer confidence in food products.

Compliance with the legal requirements for operating a food business in India.

Facilitates the export of food products.

Helps in brand building and reputation management.



FSSAI certification is mandatory for all FBOs in India, and the certification process involves determining the type of FSSAI license required, application for FSSAI license, inspection and verification, and issuance of FSSAI certificate. FSSAI certification ensures the safety and quality of food products and helps in compliance with legal requirements, brand building, and reputation management. Therefore, it is crucial for FBOs to obtain FSSAI certification to operate their food businesses in India.

NeuSource Startup Minds India Ltd. can assist FBOs in obtaining FSSAI certification by providing expert guidance on the certification process, preparing the required documents, and conducting the necessary inspections. Our team of FSSAI experts can help FBOs determine the type of license required, complete the application process, and ensure compliance with the safety standards set by FSSAI.

In conclusion, FSSAI certification is a critical requirement for FBOs in India, and NeuSource Startup Minds India Ltd. can provide the necessary assistance to obtain the certification. By obtaining FSSAI certification, FBOs can ensure the safety and quality of their food products, build consumer confidence, comply with legal requirements, and enhance their brand reputation.


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