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FSSAI Licence Requirement for Ecommerce Business

FSSAI Licence Requirement for Ecommerce Business

In India an online business is one of the latest trends. Nowadays people are finding the easiest way to enhance their life. Online business helps by providing almost everything at their doorstep. This is very well versed step which is accepted and appreciated by a majority of the audience. If you are willing to open an online food business or sell food online then this will be a most amazing idea. But none the less you also need to make sure that you avail appropriate licenses before initiating any business. FSSAI license is required for opening a food. In the past, FSSAI released directions for e-commerce platforms to de-list the non-licensed or registered Food vendors and retailers. It is mandatory to have a legal agreement between the food business operators and the e-commerce platforms to follow the food safety and standards regulation.

FSSAI Licence Requirement for Ecommerce Business

The concerned e-commerce platforms also take steps towards food safety by doing internal audits of the food vendors, food service establishments, restaurants and retailers listed by them.

For the traceability and to ensure regulated buying and selling of food products online, e-commerce kind of business license has been introduced in central category. This license is now a mandatory requirement for carrying out any food business related activity through the medium of e-commerce. For the purpose of this license FSSAI has defined the following two models of e-commerce business:

Marketplace Based Model –E-commerce FBO is a facilitator of information technology platform to the buyer and seller/marketer/manufacturer.

Inventory Based Model– Services and food stock right away selling to the customers by e-commerce FBO who are sole business owner.


Step 1 FBO (Food Business Operator) has to follow these steps for applying new registration and food license as shown in below mentioned tabs

FSSAI Licence Requirement

Step 2:  Select State in which license is applied for

FSSAI Licence for Ecommerce

Step 3: Select kind of business (e-commerce)

FSSAI License for ecommerce company

Step 4: Enter the name of entity and mention the address as well

FSSAI License for ecommerce business

Step 5: Fill the Blank spaces like: food product category, website URL, click save and add then proceed

FSSAI License for ecommerce startup

Step 6: Fill the registered office address and correspondence address also mentioned the person in charge who will be responsible for compliance with license condition

Step 7: Upload the essential documents and select the time period for which license required. License fee per year is Rs. 7,500/-. Required documents are list of directors; declaration form, form ix, sale deed/ rent agreement etc.

Step 8: FSSAI License fee can be paid by taking any of the listed gateways.

Step 9: You will be able see the Payment receipt after the payment

FSSAI Licence Requirement for Ecommerce Business

Step 10: Now you can upload FORM-B and submit the application

FSSAI Licence Requirement for Ecommerce Business

Step 11: Issued license will be sent to your registered email ID

FSSAI Licence Requirement for Ecommerce Business


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