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New SPICE+ Form Ease of Doing Business

SPICe+ (Simplified Proforma for Incorporating Company Electronically Plus: INC-32)” replaced the existing spice form with effect from the 23rd February, 2020, with the initiative taken by MCA. It is a composite form that makes the business helpful to get multiple ten (10) distinct services, as mentioned below by relating the differentiation between the two forms. It will definitely save time, cost and efforts and also a great passage for Starting a Business in India.

New SPICE+ Form for business registration



Spice is an e-form for company incorporation

SPICe+ is an integrated web form

Comparatively lasting for a large amount of time

Purpose is to save procedures, time and cost for all new company incorporations

Earlier, AGILE form needs to be prepared

Now, the letters “AGILE-PRO”, shall be substituted

Earlier Employees’ Provident fund organization (EPFO) registration needs to register only in AGILE form

Employees’ Provident fund organization (EPFO) registration and Profession tax registration and opening of bank account” shall be substituted

Spice form needs to fill in Adobe Acrobat format.

Spice+ form needs to submit electronically now and can be saved up to 5 times

Earlier INC-9 to prepare and sign manually

It is automatically generated in pdf format  and submit electronically in all cases and can save your time

It offers 5 services i.e., name reservation, Incorporation of company, allotment of DIN, application for PAN/TAN

In new avatar, it offers 10 services by three central government ministries and departments



  1. It offers versatile services i.e.,

Reservation of name

Company registration

Allotment of Director Identification Number (DIN)

Obligatory issue of PAN

Issuance of TAN

ESIC registration

EPFO registration

Profession tax (Maharashtra state)

Opening of bank account

GSTIN registration (wherever, if so applied)

  1. SPICe+ form has been branched into two parts i.e., Part A for name reservation and in Part B 10 distinct services can be availed as mentioned in above point. 
  2. While filing Part B, the SRN for name reservation of Part A will be automatically displayed in Part B and there is no requirement to mention in Part A.
  3. The seeker got the two options i.e., either adopt Part A to reserve the name only and further, submit Part B for company registration or can file both the Parts A and B all together.
  4. From 23rd February, 2020 onwards, RUN service will only be available to “change in the name” of an existing company.
  5. Required information entered in Spice+ form can be saved and modified, if required. (even after the applicant has generated the pdf file and affixed DSCs but up to 5 times) 
  6. W.e.f. 23rd February, 2020, registration for ESIC, EPFO, opening of bank account and Profession tax in the state of Maharashtra has been made mandatory for all newly incorporated companies; the same application shall be filed through the form AGILE-PRO linked web form.
  7. For easy filings, handling the resubmissions of applications for company name reservation and/or incorporation can be done through the application number/name tested for link on the new dashboard.


  1. SPICe+ form is a login based service where existing registered users, using their credentials would need to login into their account.

New Spice+ Form for Business Registration


  1. Click on Spice+ for name reservation or to proceed for incorporation.

New Spice+ Form for Business Registration


  1. For fresh filing of application, click on new application else click on existing applications (if already, saved)

 New MCA form for Company registration

  1.  Part A- For name reservation, click on auto-check, save and submit the same (All newly companies)

New MCA form for Company registration

  1. Furthermore,

Submit application of name and make the payment for reservation of name

Click on “Proceed for Incorporation”, after which below window of Part B will get open


Spice + form for Company registration

  1.  Fill the entire information in Part B accordingly

 New Spice+ Form for Company registration


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