The halal certificate which certifies the products and services focus on the Muslim population fulfills the requirement of Islamic law and appropriated to be consumed in both Muslim majority countries and in the countries in which the maximum population is practicing Islam. It is applicable to meat products and other than that on milk, canned food etc. Precisely, for meat products Halal certifies that the animals were slaughtered in a single cut, methodically bled, and their meat has not been in exchange with animals slaughtered otherwise and, especially, with pork.

Products contained Halal symbol or the simply “Crescent M” are named as Halal certified.

Benefits of Halal Certification

  • Make the products salable worldwide
  • Use of the Halal logo
  • Improve the quality of products
  • Improve the hygienic systems

Halal bodies

Halal certification in India provide the Halal certification. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Halal Certification Services India Private Limited
  • Jamiat Ulama-E-Maharashtra
  • Jamiat Ulama-i-Hind Halal Trust
  • Halal India Private Limited

Types of Halal Certification

Schemes are mentioned under which Halal Certification is going to grant:

  • Food, Beverage and Catering Scheme
  • Restaurant Scheme
  • Industrial Scheme
  • Abattoir Scheme
  • Warehouse or Storage Scheme
  • Product Endorsement Scheme

Halal Certification Procedure

Step 1: Application

Businesses need to apply to certification bodies to obtain Halal Certification. A halal requirement is the topmost priority and ensures compliance with Halal requirements, Halal systems requirements and Halal staffing requirements.

Step 2: Audit

After application verification, Auditor will visit for the Inspection which will verify the following requirements:

  • Documentation
  • Processing, handling and product distribution
  • Storage, display and product serving
  • Cleanliness, sanitary and food safety
  • The overall aspects of the premises
  • Tools, apparatus and machines
  • Packaging and labeling

Once, the audit is done an audit report will be prepared and signed by both parties.

Step 3: Certification

Technical Committee after audit will review every document and if they are satisfied all together then the Halal Certification body issues the Halal Certificate.

Conclusion: To provide the Indian & International Halal Industry and serve permitted foods, drugs, and cosmetic products to the global Muslim community by facilitating access to quality Halal Certified Products.

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