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Each one of us has at least one idea for the next big thing. Willingness of startup founder helps to take necessary actions to turn the idea into reality. Here are some factors that are necessary to follow while executing the business model of startup.

  • Market Research

The initial step is to determine whether an idea conceived is worth pursuing or not, it can be done through conducting market research. Begin your analysis by writing down what you're thinking about the business plan. Physically write down the things and keep it ahead of you.

It is advisable to find out the people who are having same problem which you are solving and talk to them. Survey of such potential customers will be beneficial that will enable the one to know what they have to say. Once the result is in your hand, competition can be easily figure out and thus enable you to find out whether you are capable enough to face the competition with them. Preservation of the research materials could be beneficial as later on it could be helpful in securing funds.

  • Secure Intellectual Property

Intellectual property refers to the process by which any proprietor or individual or body incorporate can have an exclusive right to use the product or brand created. Patents, Trademarks and Copyright are the part of Intellectual property. It is most important for any company that a proper protocol to protect the differentiating factor is followed.

It is always advisable to secure the IP as early as possible so that one can protect itself from the copycats. On the other hand, make sure that you are not the copycat, even inadvertently. Always make sure that you are not violating any existing IP rights or non-compete agreements else you could face serious legal consequence.

  • Branding

Branding is not mere a selection of name, it is about deciding upon the identity of your idea. You want to select something you love, but also want to decide a name that conveys the experience of using that product along with the problem that it solves. Be aware of any existing product successes, or failures, that are related to the name you decide on and the way they will impact adoption.

  • Incorporate

Incorporation may be a massive deal for a startup since there are number of aspects of the startup lifecycle that have an effect on it and area unit tormented by it. Incorporation is the method of turning your business into a legal entity and deciding how it'll be structured.

  • Select a Co-founder

Not having the best possible help for even the great thoughts as it seems like murder of an execution. Truth be told, a few financial specialists have a look on the founding team who wants to establish the idea rather glance at the idea while considering making the investment. If you have a co-founder already awesome then it’s good otherwise you should consider to bring someone else into the crease.

Search for somebody with strong reputation who you have, at any rate, some history with. The key component is discovering somebody with a range of abilities that is integral to yours. Style and character are likewise considerations to make, as you will be working close by this individual consistently and need to realize that you can achieve objectives as a team.

  • Lay down a business plan

One approach to setup your startup off on the correct way is to compose a decent business plan. Utilizing the statistical research you did before, make your arrangement of attack and choose what you need to achieve with your new business. Decide objectives and achievements, and what steps you have to take to make it as accomplishment.

  • Select a working environment

Choose the best working space for the business model. It is also the main factor to be successful. Numerous founders decide to telecommute at first to set aside cash, yet others decide to lease at a cooperating space, share an office, or lease a place work for themselves. Try not to be hesitant to analyze what is better for you. Always search the ideal space for your work.

  • Find a guide

Mentorship is a tricky subject. To begin with, you ought to decide whether having a coach is beneficial for you as a founder. Assuming this is the case, finding the correct guide can have a tremendous effect. Even with the consolidated skill of you and your fellow benefactor, a guide can give profound industry knowledge and wisdom to help you with exploring a portion of the difficulties that comes to your direction.

  • Raise capital

For many startups, it’s very important point to raise the capital for the business. Capital can be raised by any financers like venture capital, angel investor etc. Beside this, investors take equity in the company and assist them how business can run effectively.


If you have to raise capital for your business, you should start by choosing how much cash to rise and how it will influence your startup. When you have make sense of, you ought to choose how you'll be raising it by crowdfunding, from an angel investor, or through a traditional venture capital firm. At that point, you have to rehearse your pitch.

This list is not exhaustive, and the total arrangement of steps you'll take will probably be dictated by your individual team member. However, these means should help kick you off and on your way to a public launch. Alongside this, Neusource Startup Minds India Limited is always to there to support you in execution of your startup.

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Shivani Gupta

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