Promotion is a very important marketing tool that accounts for the success of any business or a startup. Be it a product or a service, aggressive and effective promotion is very important to create awareness and be built brand value and trust in the minds of customers. The traditional means of promotions like paid campaigns, adds in the newspaper magazines are now being actively replaced by the use of digital media and marketing methods as the world is shifting more and more towards the digital platform.


Here are a few strategies that can be used by every startup to promote their business on the online platform,

  1. Create a blog and publish high quality and useful content on regular time

This is a very effective and long term business strategy to gain the target audience and to establish as a brand. As more and more users join you through your blog page, the people start to build trust towards your startup. But remember to keep the blog updated and informative.

  1. Social Media Promotions

Today, social media has not become a necessity for personal life but also for building and developing professional relations and brand value. Use of Facebook, Twitter can be effectively done to promote one’s startup with very effective results as more and more people are coming to social media. The use of paid Facebook, Twitter ads can be done. Creating a community on LinkedIn can be very effective as it is a professional hub. 

  1. Register on the Listing Services

Registering your startup on the listing services like Google Places makes it easy to be found on Google and also puts it on the search engine of Google maps. So if someone asks for a service that your startup delivers, its name and road map will be viewed on Google! Similarly, registration can be done on Yahoo, Bing, and other famous search engines.

  1. Start a video channel on YouTube

Creating useful video tutorials related to the services that your startup and posting on your YouTube channel can be a great way of promotion.

  1. Promotion via Email service

Email still remains the most powerful and effective way to reach to the diversified class of users within a blink. An effective strategy can be implemented to gather emails of the existing clients and adding new client emails too for promotions. Mails can be sent from time to time of newly launched services, feedbacks forms, and offering free tips and courses for the customers to gain trust and popularity.

Importance of online promotions for Startups

We all know that all the activities, services are becoming more and more digital with the passage of time. The traffic on the internet is rising and will continue to do so. Online promotions are very effective as they are rather cheaper than the traditional modes of promotions plus the penetration level is much higher and faster which is the need of this hour.

Features of online promotions for Startups

1) Low-cost involvement with better and effective results.

2) Extremely easy accessibility and as such, reachable to every segment of the society.

3) A wide range of platforms to choose for online promotions likes videos, blogs, social networking sites etc.

4) Power to reach every corner of the world via the internet, perhaps the biggest advantage of online promotions.

5) Rapid growing network means more and more business.


Online promotions are very useful for any startups or business for their success. If done in an effective way and strategically, online promotions can prove to be very useful in turning any startup into a trusted brand.

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