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Go for ISO certification for a professional image!

Be it a firm or a big entity, from shop to a large store getting ISO certification always makes a difference. To create the business is easy but to run the business you will need the expertise as there are competitors all around. So follow this article to get one of the best certification for your business.

Getting an ISO certification is a seal of authorization from an independent body that an organization confirms to one of the worldwide guidelines created and managed by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO). The ISO are a free, non-legislative worldwide association who unites specialists to share information and create worldwide rules and regulations that helps improvement and innovation and offer solutions for worldwide challenges occurring.

Getting an ISO certification ensures that all the processes of the organization i.e. management, administration, sales, documentation procedure etc are confirming to the norms of International Organization for Standardization. ISO norms are set up to guarantee consistency. Every registration for ISO has separate norms and measures and is arranged accordingly.

Why your business needs ISO certification?

For establishments in some activities, ISO authorization may be obligatory by law or contractually. Even if your company is not covered in such activities, meeting the requirements of ISO principles provides many benefits for companies just like Saving time and money by recognizing and resolving frequent problems thereby improving work process and practice efficiency. The ISO 9001 is not required by law in many cases as this can be obtained voluntary. Even though acknowledged as significant in many businesses, corporations may operate without this registration. This registration does help in complying numerous legal requirements that corporations face to confirm quality, but the standard itself is not required mandatorily. This standard is basically taken for gaining access in the market and getting success over the competitors. ISO Principles are an important portion of our society as they confirm quality and safety in both goods and service area in worldwide trade. Companies can be perceived to benefit from ISO guidelines as implementation of ISO is cost effective by better-quality systems and procedures put in place in organization.

Which standard number is required by your business and how many types of ISO certification are there?

ISO has distributed in excess of 21,584 guidelines and has individuals in 162 nations, and 788 specialized bodies for standard development. The establishment kept on recording increments in accreditation in 2018. ISO standard are prescribed as per the nature of business. Few examples of ISO and related certifications are mentioned below:

  1. ISO 9001:2015 - Quality Management system (most popular standard of all).
  1. ISO/IEC 27001 - Information Security Management Systems (security control business).
  1. ISO 14001– Environmental Management system.
  1. ISO 31000: 2018 - Risk Management. It can be applied to any business activity, including decision-making at all levels.
  1. ISO 50001: 2018 - Energy Management (means to controlling and reducing an Organization’s energy consumption).
  1. ISO 26000: 2010 - Social Responsibility (Companies working for the society).
  1. ISO 22000- Food Safety Management System.
  1. ISO 45001- Health and safety management standard (for employees).
  1. HACCP-Hazard analysis and critical control points (for food safety).
  1. ISO 13485- Business in Medical device quality management.
  1. CE certification- Export of goods to European countries (confirm with health, safety, and environmental protection standards).
  1. ROHS- Restriction on companies for use of Hazardous Substances in electronics.
  1. WHO-GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) mandatory for the international commerce of the Pharma products, minimize the risks involved in pharmaceutical production.
  1. FDA- Food and Drug Administration responsible for protecting the public health by ensuring the safety of human and veterinary drugs, food supply or Medical equipment's and devices.

How to check ISO certification?

After the certification is done, a website is mentioned on the certificate of the accreditation body through which you can check your company ISO certificate listing details and validity details.

How to apply for ISO certification?

For ISO certificate the company is required to consult with the experts for the services as these certificate are provided after proper consultancy. Also which standard is applicable to your industry you can discuss with your expert.

What is the difference between IAF and Non IAF ISO certification?

  • In case of cost consideration, getting a non-IAF ISO certification is much feasible as it does not require quality audits at regular intervals.
  • So for small business with limited resources and for the domestic purpose one should opt for Non-IAF ISO certifications.
  • IAF ISO is required mainly for government tenders and for global business or large organizations can opt for IAF ISO. The IAF affiliate bodies are invented to conduct consistent inspections for which they charge massive amount as audit fee.


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