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Legal rights provided in Copyright

Legal rights provided in Copyright


What is copyright? 

Legal rights provided in Copyright

Copyright is for the creators of original works of authorship such as literary works, dramatic, musical works, cinematographic film, sound recordings and other artistic mechanism. It is used to provide a protection to the work created by the creators. Literary works comprises computer programs, tables and compilations which contains computer databases that could be expressed in words, codes, schemes or in any other form, including a machine readable medium. 

Copyright law defends the expressions rather than the ideas. You can protect your literary works, dramatic works, musical works, artistic works, cinematograph films and sound recording as provided under section 13 of the copyright act 1957. For instance, books and computer programs are protected under the act.  

Legal rights provided in Copyright

The copyright owner has the right to copy the work, issues the copies of his work to the public. Merely he has the right to rent his work, to communicate about the work, perform show or play the work in public. Copyright holder can make the changes, edit, sell or license it for use. 

The above mentioned activities are only done with the permission of the copyright holder.

1) Right of reproduction: The right of reproduction refers to the fact that no person shall make one or more copies of the work protected with the help of copyrights law without the permission of owner.  For instance, photocopying a book, copying a computer software program includes into the violation of this right. It is not mandatory that the entire original work needs to get copied for the violation of this right. For example: You can’t use a portion of a song into another song without the permission of the copyright owner. 

2) Right to make translations: The copyright owner has the right to make his work available for the public by translating it into different languages. If the original work is created into a different language without the permission of the copyright owner then it will lead to copyright infringement. 

3) Communication to the public: With the help of this right the copyright owner can control the communication of his work with the public. The copyright owner is allowed to perform his work publicly and communicate with them. Any work came into public when it’s performed in an open place where an effective number of people are gathered. A performance will also be considered to be public if it gets transmitted to the public with the help of television and radio.  

4) Right of paternity: Copyright owner has right to claim the title of his work. Copyright owner have right to claim due credit for his work. For illustration, an author has the right to have their name on the cover of their book even in case he dispensed the right to use of copyright to someone else.

5) Right to follow: This right generally belongs to the authors and artists. This allows the authors to obtain a percentage of the future sales of his work. This is known as right to follow or droit de suite. This right is also available to the artist on resale of their work.

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