Maintenance of Minutes of Meeting

Minutes of Meeting

Minutes are the live written proceedings of meetings. Minutes are the written record of everything that is occurred during the meeting. In preparation of minutes, we record what actions have been authorize to whom along with the achievements and the deadlines.

Maintenance Of Minutes Of A Company

Minutes of meetings may include the list of directors or participants, resolution related to agenda and final decisions over them. To reach at judgment, every business organization has to plan meetings. Some of the effective meeting minutes are to the point, but at the same time, they do not leave out important information.

With the help of minutes, one can track of what was decided during the meeting and the people who were there or not and the person, who didn’t know about what happened in the meeting of board, can revisit minutes of meetings and use it for future decisions. There is no specific uniform level of content and format for minutes. Minutes of meetings should contain sufficient information to show that the board wisely came to sensible decisions. Minutes of meetings should be detailed enough to serve as the organization’s institutional memory.

Minutes of meetings contains the details like date, time and place of meeting, members of board in attendance, who were present or absent, reactions made and by whom these motions will come out, a brief account of any debate, voting results, names of abstainers and protesters, reports and documents issued, future plans and steps and the signature of the secretary. The minutes of meetings should also reflect that a quorum was reached and important decisions are recorded in the form of resolutions and kept in a separate folder for easy access.

Who need to maintain minutes of meetings?

Any business management can maintain minutes to record the proceedings of the meetings in written. For some companies, it is mandatory to maintain minutes of meetings. Although it is the legal requirement of the company secretary to record and keep up care of meeting minutes.

What is the agenda of a meeting?

Minutes of Meeting

In any event, getting a copy of the meeting agenda and use it as a guide or outline for taking notes and setting up the minutes is important. Furthermore, the agenda of meetings also gives us information that will need to be included in the minutes, such as,

  • The names of all the meeting members, including guests or speakers
  • Documents that are conveyed with the plan or handed out in the meeting copies (digital or hard copy) of handouts should be stored with the meeting minutes for future reference and for sharing with those who couldn't go to the meeting.

Maintenance of minutes

Every company should mandatory maintain minutes of directors meeting and members meetings. Every limited liability should maintain minutes of meetings as per the terms of its deed. Every trust and society should maintain minutes of meeting as per their bye-laws.

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