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MSME Loan within 59 Minutes

How the MSME Loan 59 Min can be availed


Maintaining a business in the Indian monetary situation can be challenging. Because of the seasonality of demands and different components, there can be times with overflow of assets, while sometimes every penny can make a difference. When this circumstance arrives, funds or assets will be required to be deployed on an imperative basis.

Availing an MSME credit is simple and bother free. There isn't a lot of time taken to dispense the advance amount and documentation is also minimal. The government makes an announcement of a new scheme for SMEs or business owners who wants to expand their existing business i.e., MSME loan within 59 minutes. This announcement makes the business world more boom and exciting as the scheme promises up to 1 crore business loans. Moreover, we will also have a look at other government initiatives for funding MSMEs and startups.

MSME Loan within 59 Minutes

It is an online platform or a marketplace, which helps individuals to apply for a business loan. Under this scheme, the loan which is offered is mainly 10 lakh working capital loan up to 1 crore. It is an unsecured business loan which is not at all a collateral business loan.

Approval of loan will take time around 7-8 working days, it is just a myth that approval is granted within 59 minutes. The banks who are being participated in this loan process offer products to those borrowers whose proposal match with their requirement or product.

Benefits of MSME Loan

An entrepreneur may not anticipate giving up control of the business. MSME credits are explicitly intended to meet such prerequisites of independent companies. They are a brilliant wellspring of money for entrepreneurs who need to evade liquidation of control.

  • MSME loans accompany extraordinary advantages for small businesses, similar to no guarantee, quick handling cycle and online record get to that meet the specific needs of private companies at any phase of their development.
  • MSME registration helps in getting government tenders.
  • Under bank credit, fifteen percent import sponsorship on completely programmed hardware.
  • Compensation of ISO certificate expenditure.
  • It helps in getting low-interest rates.
  • MSME credits don't require a guarantee from organizations to be qualified for it.
  • MSME advances are generally used for short-term requirements by small businesses.


  • It is an online application process with fewer details to complete it.
  • 59 Minutes Loan Scheme offers loans from 10 lakh to 1 Crore so that any small or big businessman can meet loan requirements easily.
  • It is an unsecured business loan.
  • Within 59 minutes, the loan can be approved.
  • Only Personal, Educational and Financial documentation is required for quick process.
  • It is an easy, transparent and quick process as compared to other loans.
  • Rate of Interest for PSB  loans is 8%.
  • This loan is advanced technology backed loans without human intervention until the approval stage.

Documentation required for the ‘59 Minutes Loan’

  • Bank statement of last 6 months in PDF format for all business linked accounts.
  • E-KYC documents.
  • ITR for the last 3 years either in XML or PDF format.
  • The borrower has to provide GST login credentials with GST number.
  • Ownership details of director or owner.
  • Personal and educational details of the loan applicant.
  • Details of the loan required.

Process of availing the Loan

  • Register the account by sign-up through entering a name, e-mail and mobile number. Click on the OTP button and enter the OTP received on mobile. Proceed it.
  • Certain basic questions need to be asking which is to be answered either in ‘Yes’ or ‘No’.
  • The next step is to enter GST details if any along with ITR information where documents of ITR are to be uploaded either in XML or PDF format.
  • Now, upload the bank statements of the last 6 months in PDF format.
  • After this, details of the director/proprietor along with address need to be entered.
  • Select the loan purpose and any existing loan details taken by business need to be provided.
  • Select the bank through which you want to process your loan. The interest varies from bank to bank.
  • A convenience fee of Rs. 1000 plus taxes are to be paid for approval.
  • Download your approval letter.

Wrapping up

The government has taken a great initiative to make India more business friendly, by pointing out 59 min MSME loan a same day approval loan. So, basically, in reality, getting a business loan from the selected public banks will still remain a cumbersome task. This initiative has been taken to promote self-employed business by reducing a queue person to stand outside the bank and loan approval process.

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